Mark Wahlberg is roasted for looking miserable on ManningCast for Eagles comeback win over the Chiefs as NFL fans ask if the A-Lister 'is being forced at gun point' to be on the show

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  • Mark Wahlberg looked for illustration he'd alternatively beryllium anyplace other than nan ManningCast
  • Peyton and Eli Manning typically person nosy pinch guests, but that didn't activity here
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By Eric Blum For Dailymail.Com

Published: 01:21 EST, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 01:22 EST, 21 November 2023

Actor Mark Wahlberg was brought onto ESPN2's ManningCast connected Monday to characteristic alongside Peyton and Eli Manning for nan replacement broadcast of nan crippled betwixt nan Philadelphia Eagles and nan Kansas City Chiefs. 

It seemed for illustration an easy task arsenic it was a rematch of past year's Super Bowl and a game betwixt nan 2 champion teams successful nan NFL. 

But Wahlberg, a instrumentality of nan New England Patriots from his autochthonal Boston, delivered very small power into his appearance, looking thoroughly miserable.

The low-energy conception that apt led to viewers changing nan transmission and NFL fans couldn't thief but return to societal media to slate nan A-Lister. 

'Should personification cheque connected Mark Wahlberg? Is he okay?' 1 instrumentality said connected X. 

Mark Wahlberg looked for illustration he wanted to beryllium anyplace other than connected ESPN2's ManningCast

'I situation anyone to springiness little power to an quality than Mark Wahlberg is giving connected tonight’s ManningCast,' different personification connected X posted. 

'Why does people wahlberg look for illustration personification conscionable stole his dog,' a personification asked connected X. 

'Is Mark Wahlberg being forced astatine weapon constituent to beryllium connected Peyton and Eli tonight?' different social-media personification said. 'He looks very upset to beryllium there.'

The Eagles ended up defeating nan Chiefs 21-17 successful a crippled that came down to nan last fewer plays. 

Too bad Wahlberg didn't look to attraction astir thing that happened Monday nighttime connected ESPN's airwaves. 

The triumph represented nan first clip that Jason has beaten his relative Travis successful their NFL careers pinch nan Chiefs pipping nan Eagles successful Super Bowl LVII successful Arizona in February. 

Both sides played retired a physical, scrappy crippled which saw nan Eagles return their first lead successful nan 4th quarter.

NFL fans were speedy to return to societal media to slate nan Hollywood star's lackluster effort 

Philly trailed 17-7 astatine halftime, but a brace of Jalen Hurts rushing touchdowns helped them yet get to a 9-1 grounds arsenic nan hosts were unopen retired successful nan 2nd half.

The 2nd of Hurts' scores - which gave nan Eagles nan 21-17 lead pinch conscionable 6:20 remaining - came aft a 44-yard completion to DeVonta Smith which group nan squad up astatine nan one-yard-line.

Despite scoring a second-quarter touchdown, it was a comparatively quiet nighttime for Travis, whose woman Taylor Swift was not successful attendance arsenic she tours South America.

He vanished nan crippled pinch 7 catches for 44 yards, and besides fumbled nan shot distant successful nan reddish area successful nan 4th quarter, erstwhile Kansas City was trying to widen a 17-14 lead.

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