Mark Hanson, Bricoleur Vineyards owner, is accused of raping and abusing his younger sister over six-year period when they were kids

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The proprietor of a Northern California winery has been accused of intersexual battle by his younger sister.

Mark Hanson, 63, who runs nan high-end Bricoleur Vineyards in Sonoma County, is accused of rape and incest complete a play of six years successful nan 1970s by Hilary McKean - his younger sister, erstwhile they were some still children - claims nan accused strenuously denies and says are an effort to extort him. 

McKean, 60, who is now a trauma counsellor and lives successful Montana has elaborate nan alleged maltreatment in a suit revenge successful San Francisco County Superior Court successful which she specifications examples of assault, choking and forced masturbation.

She claims her relative besides displayed 'odd behavior' including 'touching her feet pinch his hands and penis, and sucking connected her toes against her will'. 

The suit was primitively revenge successful March but Hanson's sanction remained sealed until past period erstwhile a judge ruled he could beryllium freely named arsenic a defendant.

Mark Hanson, 63, has been accused of intersexual battle by his younger sister Hilary McKean, 60

McKean, 60, alleges nan assaults occurred for six years during their puerility successful nan 1970s

Hanson owns Bricoleur Vineyards pinch his wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter, Sarah Hanson Citron. 

His sister, McKean, alleges nan maltreatment began successful 1971 erstwhile she was conscionable 8 years old. The family had moved into a caller location wherever her chamber and that of her brother's were group isolated from their parents and younger sister.

Although nan 'public-facing relationship' pinch her relative appeared normal pinch nan brace playing together, riding bikes and building forts pinch different kids successful nan neighborhood, it was wrong nan family location McKean alleges nan trauma occurred. 

McKean claims Hanson would participate her room astatine nighttime and maltreatment her complete a play of six years, until she was 14-years-old and he was 17.

Bricoleur Vineyards is simply a small, family-owned winery successful Sonoma County successful Northern California

Bricoleur is group connected 39 acres complete pinch oliva groves, roseate gardens, ponds, bocce courts, peach and nectarine trees, moreover a pumpkin patch

McKean and Hanson are half-siblings and stock a biologic mother. 

In nan lawsuit, McKean alleges she repressed her memories of nan assaults, but that they near lingering psychological and beingness scars leaving her pinch terrible anxiety, depression, nightmares and 'tissue, musculus and organ harm and bruising.'

The suit includes elaborate claims, alleging Hanson raped, performed oral sex, forced her to masturbate and choked his sister.

She says what began arsenic alleged beingness maltreatment turned into 'domination and power and unit mixed up pinch sexuality,' according to nan lawsuit. 

McKean says she repressed each memories of nan assaults which surfaced again successful 2022.

She is bringing nan suit nether California laws which let intersexual battle victims to return ineligible action wrong 5 years of nan clip they recognize harm was inflicted upon them.

Hanson is  a salient personnel of nan business organization and good known successful nan area

McKean alleges her relative operated 'with malice, oppression and fraud. His behaviour was bad and was done pinch a willful, knowing and conscious disregard of nan authorities and information of his sister,' nan suit states.

'He intentionally concealed his malicious and oppressive behaviour and threatened his sister. She was acrophobic he would termination her. His behaviour was truthful vile, guidelines and contemptible that it would beryllium looked down connected and despised by reasonable people,' nan suit reads.

McKean told nan San Francisco Chronicle: 'I deliberation there's a batch of unit to sphere your family estimation and not talk astir these things.

'I don't really deliberation that holding connected to these secrets is patient for anyone. It's not patient for me, and it's not patient wrong our society. We person to beryllium capable to talk astir what happened to us.'

She alleges: 'I was conscionable terrified each nighttime wishing that he wouldn't travel into my bedroom.'

McKean claims nan maltreatment only stopped erstwhile Hanson was successful his elder twelvemonth of precocious schoolhouse and began making love a woman earlier yet leaving nan family location to study astatine Santa Clara University.

'I changed a batch erstwhile I was group free,' she told nan Chronicle. 

During nan intervening years, McKean worked successful PR, married, had 2 children and later divorced. 

She was 'superficially friendly' pinch her relative but claims nan memories abruptly came flooding backmost successful nan outpouring of 2022.

Prominent California winery proprietor is accused of raping and abusing his younger sister complete six-year play erstwhile they were children and teenagers 

'It was for illustration a doorway opened and they came pouring retired of a closet wherever they had been locked up,' she claims. 

'All nan things I ne'er fto myself consciousness from early puerility … All those feelings came backmost and they conscionable multiplied by nan years I ne'er fto myself consciousness those things. It took maine a while to activity done that. I'm still connected a treatment journey.'

California rule allows nan victims of intersexual battle victims 5 years to return ineligible action pinch nan timepiece only starting opening 'once nan subsister understands what happened and understands and feels harmed by nan behavior.'

McKean is seeking unspecified civilian damages, citing symptoms including PTSD, depression, flashbacks, worry and a nonaccomplishment of self-esteem.

By coming forward, she claims she intends to activity justness for her younger aforesaid and hopes coming guardant mightiness thief others woody pinch repressed trauma.

'In immoderate measurement that maine speaking my truth moreover makes 1 small woman aliases 1 female who's hiding repressed memories travel guardant and speak, past together we alteration nan system, because I deliberation there's tremendous unit connected women to not talk astir these things,' she said.

'I consciousness for illustration we should beryllium capable to opportunity what happened to us. That it should beryllium allowed. And for immoderate logic it doesn't consciousness that way.'

Her brother, Hanson, has denied nan allegations saying they are 'invented memories'.

'Hilary has fabricated and invented specifications pinch nan sole volition of portraying maine successful nan astir damaging measurement successful an effort to extort important money from me,' he said successful a statement.

'While my girl concentrates connected defeating cancer, I americium besides occupied moving our associated family business successful her absence. This speaks straight to my sister's deficiency of character, compassion, and her information for money.

'It is difficult to judge that an individual who led specified a agelong and successful master profession arsenic my sister Hilary, who often said astir female empowerment, would person kept events of nan magnitude of these allegations suppressed for 5 decades.

'Conveniently, these invented "memories" person "surfaced" to return advantage of nan state's statute of limitations,' Hanson said, describing his sister arsenic personification who pursued 'unconventional' therapies for ongoing intelligence wellness issues, mocking her self-portrayal arsenic a belief healer and clairvoyant. 

His sister, McKean, alleges really nan maltreatment began successful 1971 erstwhile she was conscionable eight- years-old. The family had moved into a caller location wherever her chamber and that of her brother's were group isolated from their parents and younger sister

On her ain website, McKean describes herself arsenic 'an knowledgeable intuitive coach, maestro Life Force Energy Healer and levels of nan aura reader'.

'I understand nan symptom of being locked into lies. I cognize really difficult it is to measurement guardant and beryllium seen, erstwhile you’ve been programmed to make everything look perfect, to fresh in, to beryllium conscionable for illustration everyone else,' she writes successful her online bio. 

Referring to his sister's website, Hanon said: 'Perhaps she invented her mendacious allegations successful that aura, but that is each they are: fabricated claims pinch nary ground successful fact.

'The allegations are mendacious and achy to maine and to my family. I americium assured they will not past successful nan courtroom. I will not let her falsehoods to tarnish my bully sanction and our family reputation.'

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