Marcus Rashford's brother and agent SLAMS podcasts for using the Man United star's name for 'clickbait' after Roy Keane claimed he needed a 'kick up the a***' on Sky Sports' Stick to Football

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  • Marcus Rashford's relative and supplier has taken to societal media to slam ex-pros 
  • He claims that erstwhile players pinch podcasts are utilizing his sanction for clicks 
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By Nick Emms

Published: 12:25 EDT, 4 April 2024 | Updated: 12:51 EDT, 4 April 2024

Marcus Rashford's relative and supplier has taken to societal media to slam ex-pros who person discussed nan Manchester United prima successful their podcasts.

This comes aft Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane discussed Rashford during nan latest section of Stick to Football.

Neville suggested that nan England world is 'not right', while Keane suggested that he needed  a 'kick up nan a***'. 

Ferdinand concluded that Rashford needed to 'look astatine who's astir him', a subtle excavation to his relative and supplier Dwaine Maynard.

Taking to Instagram, Dwaine slammed podcasters arsenic he said: 'I wholly understand podcasts and really they activity but if you person genuine concerns, prime up nan phone.

Dwaine Maynard (left) represents his relative Marcus Rashford (right) arsenic his agent

This comes aft Rio Ferdinand's quality connected 'Stick to Football', wherever they discussed Rashford

'We cognize each different aliases person crossed paths.

'Airing truthful called concerns for nan nationalist to person an sentiment is bad minded and for clickbait successful my eyes.

'The nosy truth is that astir of these shows aliases ex pros person asked for exclusives.'

While it is unclear arsenic to who Rashford's relative was hinting to, nan timing of Ferdinand's apperance connected Stick to Football suggests that it could beryllium towards nan ex-Man Utd cohort astatine Sky.

When discussing Rashford, Neville said: 'Marcus Rashford, I don't cognize really to opportunity this, but to me, there's thing not right.

'He's not right, and it's not conscionable a lawsuit of him not playing well, he doesn't look happy. I'm looking astatine him and thinking, I americium worried astir him.

'We cognize there's been a mates of instances this season, he's travel nether unit and his shape has been bad, but I look astatine him and deliberation that's not right. It's not a lad that's grown up pinch nan state and tone of playing for Manchester United arsenic a kid.'

Keane continued to talk nan Man Utd guardant arsenic he discussed Rashford's family. 

'I wouldn't opportunity I'm worried astir him, but you look astatine him and there's thing amiss,' said Keane. 'The group astir him, whether it beryllium family aliases his manager, who's connected his lawsuit each day.

'Who is giving him an old-fashioned footwear up nan a*** and saying 'Come on, we request much from you'? If you want to beryllium this leader, and you're connected nan large contracts, past location is that responsibility.'

Fredinand concluded by admitting that Rashford must make a determination complete his early this coming summer.

'I deliberation it's a pivotal infinitesimal successful his profession now, he's not a kid anymore,' Ferdinand said.'I deliberation there's a large determination to make, from him. He's sewage to look astatine who's astir him, who are nan outer people? Are they nan correct people?

'Are they enabling him to make excuses for himself down closed doors? Or are they saying, 'look astatine yourself and beryllium accountable for what you are doing'?

'He mightiness request to go, 'you cognize what, I'll get free of them and enactment successful Manchester, aliases I've sewage to time off Manchester and get free of those people'.'


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