Maniac hijacks Georgia commuter bus with 17 on board, fatally shoots hostage during wild police chase

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A rider was changeable and killed aft a gunman hijacked a commuter autobus successful downtown Atlanta pinch 17 group connected committee and held a weapon to nan autobus driver’s head, according to police.

Atlanta constabulary received 3 abstracted 911 calls opening 4:30 p.m. that a man was holding hostages connected a Gwinnett County Transit autobus adjacent 45 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard and that shots had been fired.

Responding officers saw 39-year-old Joseph Grier holding a weapon to nan autobus driver’s caput arsenic nan fishy forced him to commencement driving, sparking a chaotic constabulary chase.

Joseph Grier, 39, held a weapon to nan autobus driver’s caput successful nan tense constabulary pursuit connected Tuesday evening. AP

The autobus collapsed into respective cars arsenic it wove successful and retired of traffic, including a Gwinnett County patrol cruiser, while Georgia State Patrol cruisers pursued.

Aerial footage showed nan autobus barreling down nan road arsenic different panicked drivers tried to get retired of nan way.

Grier fatally changeable a hostage connected nan bus, according to police. AP

At 1 point, each lanes of nan interstate were unopen down arsenic officers employed respective different strategies to effort to extremity nan bus.

In a hopeless effort to extremity nan bus, constabulary appeared to effort a “PIT” maneuver that was unsuccessful, 11alive reported. 

The autobus was yet abnormal pinch nan usage of spike strips, cops said.

It came to a extremity astir 20 miles distant successful Tucker disconnected Hugh Howell Road betwixt Deer Ridge Drive and Rosser Road.

Passengers could beryllium seen exiting nan autobus pinch their hands successful nan air. First responders instantly began performing CPR connected a unfortunate whom Greer had changeable during nan mayhem.  

The autobus took disconnected from downtown Atlanta astir 4:30 p.m. WSBTV

The victim, who has not been identified, was rushed to a section hospital, wherever they died, constabulary said. 

Greer was taken into custody and charges are pending.

Dennis Durham told WSBTV he was coming retired of Gusto connected Hugh Howell successful Tucker erstwhile a car successful beforehand of him abruptly went successful reverse to effort to debar nan autobus and slammed into nan beforehand of his vehicle.

“Here comes nan autobus correct successful beforehand of america and conscionable knocked done a batch of these cars and made them deed each other,” Durham said. “I saw truthful galore constabulary cars successful truthful galore different areas my caput was swimming.”

One man told nan outlet that his woman was 1 of nan passengers connected nan bus. Greer appeared to beryllium mentally ill, she said.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said Greer has 19 anterior arrests, including for possession of a handgun.

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