Manchester City Want FC Barcelona Prodigy Lamine Yamal Transfer In 2025: Reports

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FC Barcelona could still suffer Lamine Yamal to Manchester City successful 2025 according to El Nacional.

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Manchester City head Pep Guardiola is "obsessed" by Lamine Yamal and believes that 2025 will beryllium nan cleanable clip to snatch nan prodigy distant from their shared boyhood nine FC Barcelona according to El Nacional.

In mid-September, Radio MARCA reported that City made an attack for Lamine during a play erstwhile he could person near nan Catalans for free.

Ultimately, however, nan 16-year-old decided to put pen to insubstantial astatine nan Montjuic Stadium.

Because of his property and FIFA rules, Lamine was only capable to motion a three-year deal which secures him until nan eve of his 19th day connected June 30, 2026.

Though nan position came pinch a $1.054 cardinal (€1 billion) merchandise clause, City judge that nan "perfect clip to attack" Barca and snatch nan youngster distant will beryllium 12 months earlier that.

When Lamine is astir to travel of big property aliases has conscionable turned 18 successful mid-2025, Barca expect that nan near winger will work together to a caller woody until astatine slightest 2030 according to SPORT.

At El Nacional, though, they study that a Guardiola "obsessed" pinch La Liga and nan Spain nationalist team's youngest ever scorer will instruct his Premier PINC League nine to spell each retired and move nan forward's caput arsenic antecedently attempted successful 2023.

Barca should beryllium capable to connection Lamine an accrued net by 2025, pinch their renovated Camp Nou stadium already unveiled and nan club's accounts successful overmuch healthier style than they person been since nan move of nan decade.

While that mightiness beryllium nan case, it is adjacent intolerable to compete pinch nan financial mightiness of state-owned outfits specified arsenic City and Paris Saint-Germain - a instruction already learned by Barca's bitter rivals Real Madrid who now opt to motion stars young earlier their value tags deed unreachable heights.

Thanks to nan spot of their famed La Masia academy, Barca already person a litanny of whizzkids specified arsenic Lamine, Gavi and Fermin Lopez connected their books.

Barca must perpetually necktie them down to ward disconnected liking from elsewhere successful Europe, however, and request to already commencement convincing Lamine, his family and supplier Jorge Mendes that their nine is nan champion spot for him to blossom successful spite of a competitor specified arsenic City being tin of making them each overmuch richer.

If successful 2025 Lamine's campy has decided to move to nan Etihad, however, Barca could beryllium tempted to judge a trim interest for his services aliases consequence losing him for free nan pursuing summer.

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