Manase Fainu: Brothers of footy star who was jailed for stabbing a church leader in the back spend a fortune to make an incredible gesture to their mum and dad

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By Shayne Bugden For Daily Mail Australia and James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:06 EDT, 15 April 2024 | Updated: 01:06 EDT, 15 April 2024

The brothers of a footy prima who was jailed for stabbing a younker leader extracurricular a Mormon religion creation person spent a luck to support a vow to bargain their parents their first family home.

Former Manly prima Manase Fainu was sentenced to 8 years successful situation for stabbing religion younker leader Faamanu Levi successful a brawl extracurricular a creation successful Wattle Grove, Sydney precocious astatine nighttime connected October 25, 2019.

The highly touted Sea Eagles subordinate was connected way to gain a monolithic salary, which he was utilizing to thief support his struggling parents and 8 siblings.

Fortunately, Manase's footy-playing brothers - Latu, Sione and Samuela - person stepped up to nan sheet and bought a six-bedroom location for nan family successful Sydney's west.

NRL brothers Sione, Samuela and Latu Fainu (pictured near to right) person bought their parents their first family home

Fourth relative Manase Fainu (pictured pinch dada Chris and mum Lily) is down bars for stabbing a religion leader - and had been supporting his ample family

The location has a large swimming pool, an outdoor entertaining area and a ample backyard for nan grandchildren. 

'It's been a struggle,' mum Lily told News Corp.

'My hubby Chris has worked 2 jobs to support nan kids. We've ever lived connected a tight fund and galore weeks struggled pinch nan bills.'

The family had besides forked retired much than $200,000 connected ineligible fees to thief their boy conflict nan charges. 

'We had to conflict for what we believed in,' said Lily.

'We're leaving a room quiet successful nan location for Manase. He'll beryllium location successful 2 and a half years to bask it pinch us.'

Latu, Sione and Samuela, who each play for nan Tigers and Lily, person made their mother incredibly proud.

'What nan boys person done is truthful lovely,' Lily said. 'We're truthful happy and truthful grateful.

Mother Lily (pictured pinch boy Latu and hubby Chris) is very proud of her sons for nan unthinkable enactment - and says they will support a room spare for Manase erstwhile he returns home

Latu (pictured earlier his move to nan Tigers) has said it has ever been his dream to bargain his mother a house

'And their head Mario … what a awesome power he has been for nan boys.

'I dream this communicative mightiness animate different young kids and show you tin go a homebuyer erstwhile you're young.

'Just for illustration my boys have.'

In 2021, Latu was touted to beryllium nan man to switch playmaker Daly Cherry Evans astatine Manly erstwhile he retired.

When interviewed astir his future, nan past 16-year-old said he planned connected utilizing his money to springiness backmost to his struggling parents. 

'I want to bargain my mum a house. To beryllium capable to do that would beryllium a dream travel true. That's what I want to do,' he told nan Sydney Morning Herald. 

The Burgess brothers Sam, Tom, Luke and George were nan past quartet of siblings to return nan section astatine nan aforesaid clip for South Sydney successful 2013.

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