Man United 'should KEEP Erik ten Hag' even if they suffer defeat to Man City in the Emirates FA Cup final, says DION DUBLIN... as ex-striker insists Red Devils have a '50/50 chance' against Pep Guardiola's champions

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Former Manchester United striker Dion Dublin believes nan Red Devils should not sack under-pressure head Erik 10 Hag, moreover if they suffer Sunday's Emirates FA Cup last rivals against Manchester City.

Amid a turbulent season, United faltered to decorativeness eighth successful nan Premier League, their lowest decorativeness successful nan top-flight since nan 1989-90 season. Amid wounded woes and a deficiency of form, nan Red Devils could now besides miss retired connected qualifying for Europe for nan first clip since nan 2013-14 season. 

Questions person been mounting complete Ten Hag's early astatine nan club, pinch Mail Sport antecedently reporting that Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his activity squad will not portion ways pinch nan Dutchman earlier Saturday's final, but person been conducting a reappraisal of nan United manager's suitability.

'I personally I for illustration Mr Ten Hag. I for illustration him. I've interviewed him 3 times for BBC Football Focus. And he's been he's been brilliant,' Dublin said to Mail Sport, while speaking on The Race to nan Emirates FA Cup Challenge. 

'He knows what he wants to achieve. Has he sewage nan tools? Yes. Are they performing to nan level that he needs? And they want to execute to? Possibly not.

Dion Dublin (pictured) believes Man United should not portion ways pinch head Erik 10 Hag

Dublin lauded Erik 10 Hag (centre) for his tenacity and 'stubbornness' and urged nan nine not to sack him

'Does he request to add? Yes. I judge they support him. I deliberation they should support him. I deliberation he's sewage nan correct philosophy. I for illustration that he's stubborn connected nan overseas occasion. He doesn't perceive to nan fans.'

After months of speculation complete his early astatine nan club, Dublin, who besides believes United person a 50/50 changeable astatine beating City connected Saturday, lauded Ten Hag for his tenacity and urged Ratcliffe and his activity squad not to portion ways pinch nan Dutchman. 

'He doesn't get bogged down pinch what he thinks he shouldn't beryllium doing, truthful he stays connected broadside pinch nan property and stays connected broadside pinch nan planes,' Dublin said. 

'He's doing it for nan bully of Manchester United and being successful. And I for illustration him and I deliberation they should support him.'

Man United travel into Saturday's crippled arsenic 2nd favourites to their metropolis rivals, who past play claimed their 4th consecutive Premier League title. 

While nan likelihood are against United to triumph astatine Wembley, a triumph could spell immoderate measurement successful bolstering Ten Hag's lawsuit to enactment successful nan basking spot and simultaneously spot United suffice for a spot successful adjacent season's Europa Conference League. 

For Dublin, who featured successful Aston Villa's FA Cup last against Chelsea successful 2000, United still person a 50/50 changeable to conclusion City connected Saturday. 

Questions person been mounting complete whether United's caller co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe (right) will portion institution pinch nan Dutch head astatine nan extremity of nan season

But Dublin stated that Ten Hag (pictured) 'had nan correct philosophy' to transportation United forward

Dublin stated that United's players and guidance are 'not wherever they want to beryllium arsenic a club' pursuing an indifferent season

The Red Devils now look nan imaginable of missing retired connected European shot adjacent play if they are incapable to hit Manchester City successful Saturday's Emirates FA Cup final

Dublin told Mail Sport that he thinks United person a 50/50 chance to hit Man City successful nan Emirates FA Cup final

'I deliberation if you said to immoderate of nan Man United staff, players and fans, they'll opportunity '[it's been a] mediocre season. 

'It is simply a mediocre season, because they should beryllium successful nan apical 2 each nan time. That's what they person group their standards on. It's been an indifferent season,' he said.

'They are not wherever they want to beryllium arsenic players, arsenic a shot nine and arsenic fans. Having been fortunate capable to person played successful a Cup last erstwhile it becomes this important, erstwhile you're stepping retired connected nan transportation astatine nan Emirates FA Cup Final everything changes. 

'Everything changes. It's conscionable each astir a 50/50 scrap, who's not going to make mistakes, and who's going to make judge that their crippled is amended than their opponent's game. That is it.

'It's a 50/50 game. Take retired nan stats. Take retired nan form. It doesn't matter. Take retired that Man City are amended than Man United - that's a fact, they are. Nobody tin kick pinch that fact. However, erstwhile you locomotion retired connected nan transportation complete nan achromatic statement level pegging.'

Emirates person collaborated pinch nan Football Association up of this weekend's last to situation 4 pairs of fans to return connected The Race to nan Emirates FA Cup Final.

United secured a spot successful nan Emirates FA Cup last aft they hit Coventry City connected penalties

They'll return connected Premier League champions Man City, however, Dublin insisted nan Red Devils tin hit their metropolis rivals 

Supporters were tasked pinch travelling from their favourite team's stadium to nan Emirates airdrome check-in table astatine a adjacent airdrome successful nan fastest time, encountering respective challenges on nan way. 

Legendary footballing quartet, Ray Parlour, Shay Given, Wes Brown and Dublin, posed questions to nan fans during nan challenge. They besides offered words of encouragement arsenic nan participants on nan way, arsenic they worked to triumph a scope of breathtaking prizes, vacation to Dubai courtesy of Emirates and tickets to nan Emirates FA Cup Final astatine Wembley.

Dublin met 2 lifelong Aston Villa fans extracurricular Villa Park and pointed them towards their first challenge. Speaking connected his domiciled successful nan challenge, nan erstwhile Aston Villa striker stated it was typical to stock stories and memories from his playing profession pinch those who person supported him.

'My small portion has been great. It's been awesome fun,' he told Mail Sport. 'And there's thing amended for personification successful my position, who's very luckily played nan crippled and had fans watching maine play, to beryllium capable to springiness backmost a small spot to group that person supported you and watched you play, watched you suffer and watched you miss chances, to put a grin connected their look and springiness them thing that they'll ne'er forget.'

Dublin enjoyed a distinguished profession arsenic a master footballer, winning 2 Premier League titles during his Manchester United during a two-year spell astatine nan club. 

Dublin met 2 lifelong Aston Villa fans arsenic portion of The Race to nan Emirates FA Cup challenge 

The ex-Aston Villa striker delivered words of information to nan participants passim nan challenge 

Dublin (pictured) enjoyed a distinguished career, playing for some Man United and Aston Villa

He'd subsequently move to Coventry City, wherever he'd beryllium crowned nan Premier League's apical scorer, alongside Michael Owen and Chris Sutton, during nan 1997-98 play earlier moving to Aston Villa wherever he scored 57 goals crossed 189 appearances successful each competitions for nan club.

'It's a bigger image thing, to beryllium honest,' he added. 'I deliberation nan handing complete of nan tickets and nan chance to speak to people. Fans don't get a chance to speak to nan aged boys for illustration maine - nan ones that utilized to play - they don't really get a chance. 

'They spot america connected nan pitch. They mightiness spot america getting retired of our cars, aliases arriving and they mightiness get an autograph aliases a picture. But they ne'er get a chance to really speak to america and person a java and a chat. 

'And I deliberation it's bully to walk connected a fewer stories you tin show them astir definite games. They really said to maine connected nan day: "Dion, what astir nan Arsenal game? It was amazing". And I go: "What you didn't cognize astir that was..." And I told them what happened astatine hal-ftime. And they say: "Oh really! Is that why?" You know, and you tin enlighten them connected thing new. So I deliberation that's really important.'

Emirates has challenged fans to recreation from their favourite team's stadium to nan Emirates airdrome check-in table successful nan quickest time. Along nan measurement they met footballing legends, answered fan-focused quizzes and harnessed nan request for speed. Find retired which fans completed nan situation successful nan quickest time, winning tickets to nan Emirates FA Cup Final and a travel to Dubai.

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