Man United's win-rate has DROPPED from 73% to 56% since their Carabao Cup triumph in February... from a blunter attack, leakier defence and injuries galore - how have the Red Devils regressed under Erik ten Hag?

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Tonight Manchester United will renew hostilities pinch Newcastle United, evoking memories of nan teams' Carabao Cup last gathering backmost successful February. 

In beforehand of an 87,000-strong crowd that day, goals from Casemiro and Marcus Rashford handing Manchester United victory. 

Erik 10 Hag had his first trophy since taking complete and United fans were convinced that they yet had a man that could pave a trophy laden way backmost to home and European supremacy. 

Up to and including that last Manchester United had a tally of 40 games, pinch 20 times and six defeats. Fast guardant to their Carabao Cup 4th information reunion astatine Old Trafford coming and since Wembley it has been 36 games played, 20 wins and 13 defeats. 

Times - and moods - person changed. 

Erik 10 Hag has overseen a illness successful shape since Man United won nan Carabao Cup this year

United won their first trophy since 2017 pinch triumph complete Newcastle successful nan Carabao Cup final 

Pinpointing nan nonstop reason, aliases reasons, down nan 17 per cent driblet successful triumph complaint is not easy.

Injuries surely person not helped. 

Lisandro Martinez suffered a season-ending wounded astatine nan backmost extremity of past word against Sevilla, and United would spell connected to suffer 7-0 astatine Liverpool nan week aft he went down. 

He started nan opening of this play intelligibly still emotion nan effects of that rumor and he is now sidelined again. Losing nan man affectionately nicknamed arsenic 'The Butcher' from nan backline, on pinch a prolonged absence for near backmost Luke Shaw, has made United overmuch softer successful defence. 

A alteration successful goalkeeper, pinch up and down shape for Andre Onana since he succeeded David de Gea successful goal, did small to stem nan tide, either. 

Rashford's shape has nosedived since his 30-goal run - he scored conscionable 5 goals successful nan full tally successful pursuing his Carabao Cup last game.

Add successful a kit farce astir it being excessively tight, Mason Mount falling into nan abyss arsenic nan caller prima man, and Manchester United players fearing Ten Hag's abrupt attack is affecting squad harmony and you person a cocktail of trouble.

'At Manchester United, each crippled involves precocious stakes,' Ten Hag writes successful tonight's matchday programme.

Players person trim disappointment figures arsenic they struggle to people and besides look leaky successful defence

Jadon Sancho has been exiled from Manchester United’s squad aft publically disagreeing pinch his manager’s nationalist statements, different rumor that has been hanging complete nan first team

'Every azygous day, location is unit connected everybody progressive pinch this club, but those demands and standards are a situation which we must ever meet head-on.

'While this has not been nan commencement to nan play that we had each hoped for, I americium definite that we person nan talent and cognition arsenic a corporate to move successful nan correct direction.


Marcus Rashford - 847 minutes - 1 PL extremity - 1 PL assist

Rasmus Hojlund -  493 minutes - 0 PL goals - 0 PL assists

Antony - 407 minutes - 0 PL goals - 0 PL assists

Alejandro Garnacho -  244 minutes - 0 PL goals - 0 PL assists

Anthony Martial - 221 minutes - 0 PL goals - 0 PL assists

Jadon Sancho - 76 minutes - 0 PL goals - 0 PL assists

'I judge that it is only a matter of clip earlier we are showing our existent selves. It will come, I americium certain.'

It's a defiant connection but really Ten Hag tin beryllium 'certain' that things will move astir fixed nan grounds connected nan transportation has not, for a number of months now, backed it up, is rather something.  

Just return goals scored arsenic a metric to comparison nan 2 teams tonight. 

This play unsocial successful nan league, Newcastle person scored 26 goals. Manchester United, by contrast, person 11. 

United person besides conceded 5 much (16) than Newcastle and truthful are leakier astatine nan backmost and blunter up front. Losing their measurement should travel arsenic small surprise. 

'There is nary constituent successful emotion sorry for ourselves astatine this infinitesimal successful time,' Ten Hag adds successful his programme notes.

'Nobody astatine this nine enjoys defeat, peculiarly successful a Manchester derby for illustration past Sunday, but everything we person achieved together truthful acold has been built connected looking forward, which intends we person to move connected quickly from what happens, whether it is affirmative aliases negative.

'We person ne'er spent excessively agelong enjoying our victories, truthful we will not walk excessively overmuch clip reasoning astir our losses. We must ever look forward, together. I proceed to judge successful these players and americium assured we will amended aft a difficult commencement to nan season.'

Marcus Rashford's business pinch Rasmus Hojlund (right) is still a activity successful advancement and he is uncovering it difficult to transportation nan load for illustration he did truthful successfully past play erstwhile he scored 30 goals

United presently beryllium eighth successful nan Premier League having mislaid 5 of their opening 10 matches and are extracurricular nan Champions League knock-out qualification places. Defeat to Newcastle coming would extinguish 1 of their only realistic routes to a trophy this season.

And things are tense correct now, arsenic it often becomes erstwhile nan winning stops.  

Ten Hag has built a no-nonsense estimation since arriving astatine Old Trafford successful nan summertime of 2022 - and has had issues pinch a number of players since his appointment, astir precocious banished £73m star Jadon Sancho.

The hardline Dutchman has been applauded for nan measurement he has ruthlessly dealt pinch a number of issues involving precocious floor plan members of his squad complete nan past 18 months.

However, Mail Sport has learned that figures wrong nan United squad judge Ten Hag's handling of definite individuals has had a antagonistic effect connected squad togetherness.

United players person had kit woes, having not worn nan charismatic location socks since nan 2nd crippled of nan season, wherever they mislaid 2-0 to Tottenham. Alejandro Garnacho (left) sports nan charismatic socks while Bruno Fernandes (right) wears a replica type during Sunday's derby

Andre Onana had issues pinch his jersey nan but has now switched to a looser, replica version

Both sides are expected to make changes but United must usage this title arsenic a measurement to daze life backmost into their ailing play - and for each their faults since winning it astatine Wembley that is not beyond nan realms of possibility. 

'I'm going to spell for Manchester United,' Jamie Carragher told nan EFL erstwhile asked for who he thinks goes through. 

'I cognize United person sewage a batch of injuries astatine nan moment, but I deliberation if they tin get a fewer backmost for that, they've still sewage a deeper squad than Newcastle.

'I deliberation some teams will make changes, but I deliberation location advantage and I deliberation Manchester United will conscionable get through.' 

With Middlesbrough and Port Vale 2 of nan teams already through, United must consciousness nan opportunity and kickstart a caller tally that takes them each nan measurement backmost to Wembley. 


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