Man United's kit farce! Erik ten Hag's stars moan that their tops and socks are TOO TIGHT - and are now wearing replica items of adidas' kit during matches

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  • Manchester United players person complained their kit is excessively tight for them
  • Adidas are looking into a solution aft complaints from immoderate of United's stars
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By Mike Keegan For The Daily Mail

Published: 17:00 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 19:55 EDT, 31 October 2023

Manchester United players are wearing replica items of kit during matches arsenic nan adidas cogwheel is excessively tight for them, Mail Sport tin reveal.

The kitwear institution are now looking into a solution aft complaints from immoderate of Erik 10 Hag’s team, who person not worn nan charismatic location socks since nan 2nd crippled of nan season.

United goalkeeper, caller £47.1million signing Andre Onana, has besides had issues pinch his jersey. 

Onana had been wearing nan garment specifically designed for players, pinch a person fresh than those made disposable to fans — but according to sources recovered it excessively tight and has now switched to a looser, replica version.

United’s 2-1 triumph complete Sheffield United connected October 21 is thought to person been nan last straw for nan Cameroon international, who asked to alteration his apical from past on.

Several Man United players person complained that nan charismatic adidas kit is is excessively tight for them

United players person not worn nan charismatic location socks since nan 2nd crippled of nan season, wherever they mislaid 2-0 to Tottenham. Alejandro Garnacho (left) sports nan charismatic socks while Bruno Fernandes (right) wears a replica type during nan Manchester derby

The charismatic location socks for this play costs £20 connected United's charismatic store

However, United players person been wearing adidas-branded £13 socks pinch their location strip

Last year, erstwhile David de Gea was successful goal, complaints were made that nan kit was excessively baggy.

However, Onana has a larger framework than nan flimsy Spaniard and it appears nan consequent adjustments person backfired.

Players person besides complained to Ten Hag and nan club’s kit unit that nan socks are excessively tight connected their calves. 

Some players trim holes successful nan backmost of their socks but nan move to fan-issue socks has been utilized arsenic a impermanent solution since nan 2-0 conclusion at Tottenham Hotspur connected August 19.

United's authentic location kit will group punters backmost astatine slightest £82.50 from nan club's charismatic store

But United's stars person been wearing nan £60 replica type during matches owed to its fit

Andre Onana had issues pinch his jersey nan but has now switched to a looser, replica version

At galore clubs, socks now lucifer a sleeve, pinch nary ft section. Instead, footballers often usage ankle socks which they consciousness springiness greater support and grip.

Both United and adidas declined to comment. The German patient expect to person resolved nan issues complete nan adjacent period erstwhile they person completed what 1 root described arsenic ‘light amendments’.

After Sunday’s 3-0 derby trouncing astatine nan hands of rivals City, United return to Old Trafford connected Wednesday to look Newcastle successful nan Carabao Cup.


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