Man United Q&A RECAP: Is Erik ten Hag under pressure as players begin to question his tactics, what is the takeover latest and more addressed by Chris Wheeler

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What is nan latest regarding United's agelong wounded list? Can we expect immoderate to beryllium backmost soon?

CHRIS WHEELER: Yes, Casemiro was adjacent for nan derby and could beryllium backmost tonight. Wan-Bissaka is backmost successful afloat training for nan first clip since mid-September truthful we should spot him soon too. Shaw perchance towards nan extremity of nan period and possibly Malacia too.

As I mentioned earlier, it would beryllium a astonishment if Martinez is backmost earlier nan extremity of nan year.

You opportunity agelong wounded list, and intelligibly United person suffered much than astir this season. But we shouldn't exaggerate excessively overmuch - of nan semipermanent absentees, only Martinez and Shaw would locomotion into this team. Wan-Bissaka astatine a push. The absences of Sancho and Antony haven't helped either, but it could person been a batch worse.

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Are location immoderate updates connected Sir Jim Ratcliffe's imaginable finance into nan club?

CHRIS WHEELER: No, it's still being sorted retired down nan scenes. We've reached nan constituent that galore suspected we would - i.e. Joel and Avram Glazer rejecting a afloat waste and accepting finance to salary disconnected nan different siblings - truthful it would beryllium a astonishment if it didn't spell done now.

Ratcliffe's elasticity has sewage him done nan doorway and hopefully he will person power of nan shot cognition sooner alternatively than later. In that sense, it's astir apt an moreover much analyzable woody than simply a 100% waste to Sheikh Jassim truthful we'll person to beryllium diligent unfortunately.

On to nan Newcastle crippled tonight. Ten Hag seldom makes wholesale changes truthful are you expecting different beardown side?

CHRIS WHEELER: Yes, now isn't clip to beryllium taking liberties! The wounded business intends he tin only make truthful galore changes, but Ten Hag would beryllium unwise to tinker excessively much.

The past point United request 3 days aft being embarrassed astatine location successful nan derby is different bad conclusion that would costs them nan only trophy they person won successful nan past six years. They request to attraction connected this crippled and interest astir Fulham later

What has nan guidance been to Rashford's post-derby nighttime retired from wrong nan club?

CHRIS WHEELER: The emotion astatine United is that he showed mediocre judgement and they understand why fans would person a dim position of it.

Unfortunately Ten Hag didn't clasp a property convention earlier tonight's Carabao Cup necktie (he doesn't person to and seldom does) truthful we couldn't inquire him. He dropped Rashford astatine Wolves past play for being 30 seconds precocious for a squad gathering truthful I can't ideate him being very impressed pinch nan subordinate hitting Chinawhite aft different abject capacity successful nan derby.

It was a really bad look, moreover though it was pre-planned for his birthday. I'm not judge if Ten Hag will propulsion Rashford nether nan autobus for illustration he did pinch Sancho astatine Arsenal, but we'll person to hold and see.

Who would beryllium nan imaginable alternatives to Fernandes?

CHRIS WHEELER: Casemiro and Varane person been mentioned but some person had problems pinch wounded aliases suspension. Martinez is different but we'll beryllium fortunate to spot him again successful 2023.

So, yes, it's conscionable extracurricular sound and nary coincidence it has gone up successful measurement aft nan embarrassing defeats to Liverpool and City. It will dice down again.

Several pundits person questioned Bruno Fernandes being nan captain. Is location immoderate chance Ten Hag chooses to switch him? Or is it conscionable extracurricular sound astatine this stage?

CHRIS WHEELER: I don't spot it. Ten Hag stuck his cervix retired to portion Maguire of nan armband and springiness it to Fernandes, who was nan de facto skipper anyway, truthful I don't deliberation he will reverse it anytime soon. He knew what benignant of leader he was getting pinch Fernandes, and went up pinch it anyway. Going backmost connected that now would beryllium embarrassing, not slightest a existent slap successful nan look for 1 of his champion players

 Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United during nan UEFA Champions League lucifer betwixt Manchester United and F.C. Copenhagen astatine Old Trafford connected October 24, 2023 successful Manchester, England. (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images)

Is Gary Neville correct erstwhile he says nan problems tally deeper than conscionable nan manager?

CHRIS WHEELER: Of people he is. Neville bangs connected astir nan Glazers excessively overmuch but he's sewage a bully point.

The full building is incorrect astatine United from nan apical down - absent owners, deficiency of large investment, and nan incorrect group successful cardinal positions. The apical clubs should person champion successful class, and United simply don't.

That said, it wasn't nan Glazers who benched Varane connected Sunday aliases sent connected Mount astatine half-time, leaving nary discernible protect constituent successful midfield. And it wasn't nan owners who near Haaland unmarked for nan 2nd goal. You can't blasted Ten Hag for everything, but he has to stock immoderate of nan responsibility.

What would it return for that to change?

CHRIS WHEELER: The fans turning connected nan head and nan committee is ever seen arsenic a tipping constituent - although, astatine Utd, they turned connected nan committee astir 18 years ago! Chairmen get twitchy trigger fingers and sacrifice nan manager.

At nan moment, Ten Hag still seems to person nan fans connected his side.

He's been booed connected 2 occasions for subbing Hojlund, but that was much of a individual rumor complete 1 subordinate alternatively than fans turning connected nan manager.

United person sewage immoderate winnable games coming up - Fulham, Copenhagen, Luton, Everton - and they request to put a accordant tally together. This 1 measurement foward, 1 stap backmost can't continue. If they are still mid-table and losing 50 per cent of their games approaching nan extremity of nan twelvemonth past nan business could easy change.

What is nan business regarding Ten Hag's position astatine nan club?

CHRIS WHEELER: All nan messages from wrong United are that Ten Hag still has nan club's full backing.

After appointing 5 managers since Sir Alex Ferguson retired and spending £400m successful 18 months nether Ten Hag, you tin spot why they are hopeless for this to activity out.

I don't perceive immoderate siren bells ringing conscionable yet. But we each cognize really quickly things tin unravel for immoderate manager, and peculiarly astatine a nine for illustration United.

What did Gary Neville opportunity nan different day? It eats them alive! So I've learned to ne'er opportunity never. And, let's not forget, United's shot cognition could soon beryllium tally by Sir Jim Ratcliffe. I can't ideate him watching this and being impressed. New owners aliases investors are ever a interest for a head appointed by nan aged regime.

 Erik 10 Hag, Manager of Manchester United, reacts during nan Premier League lucifer betwixt Manchester United and Brentford FC astatine Old Trafford connected October 07, 2023 successful Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

First question: Are location problems successful nan United dressing room?

CHRIS WHEELER: I don't deliberation immoderate dressing-room is ever wholly harmonious, particularly erstwhile you person a commencement for illustration United's this season. I don't deliberation it's anyplace adjacent arsenic bad arsenic it was earlier Ten Hag arrived, though, erstwhile nan ambiance bordered connected toxic.

Certainly, nan players person detected that location hasn't been arsenic overmuch unity arsenic location was past season, and they person been trying to get that back.

Also, 1 of nan reasons Jadon Sancho wasn't happy was that he felt Ten Hag gives preferential curen to Antony, and you get these small issues bubbling away.

When you look astatine Marcus Rashford's assemblage language, and moreover Antony's guidance to being near connected nan chair until precocious successful nan derby, you tin spot that everything isn't rosy. But it seldom is aft 7 defeats successful 14 games. In short, I don't spot signs of a dressing-room meltdown, no.

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