Man United fans spot Alejandro Garnacho wearing bizarre new squad number during photoshoot to promote the Red Devils' home kit for the 2024-25 season

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  • Alejandro Garnacho was spotted wearing a bizarre caller squad number 
  • The number is presently taken up by 1 of his Manchester United team-mates 
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By Kieran Lynch

Published: 05:00 EDT, 3 July 2024 | Updated: 05:02 EDT, 3 July 2024

Manchester United fans person spotted Alejandro Garnacho wearing a bizarre caller squad number during a photoshoot to beforehand their caller location kit.

The 20-year-old wonderkid wears nan No 17 garment for some nan Red Devils and Argentina. 

Garnacho took centre shape to beforehand United's 2024-25 location kit, alongside chap youngsters Rasmus Hojlund and Kobbie Mainoo.

The travel replicated their ceremony from erstwhile Garnacho scored astatine Old Trafford against West Ham successful February, wherever they sat adjacent to each different connected nan advertizing hoardings. 

United posted a short video of nan photoshoot connected societal media, and fans were speedy to constituent retired that Garnacho was wearing nan No 6 connected his shorts. 

Manchester United fans person spotted Alejandro Garnacho pinch nan number six connected his shorts during a photoshoot to beforehand their caller location kit for nan 2024-25 season

Rasmus Hojlund, Garnacho and Kobbie Mainoo replicated their ceremony against West Ham successful February for nan promotion of nan caller kit

Fans person been near successful disorder astatine Garnacho's squad number connected his shorts, which is usually reserved for defenders aliases protect midfielders

The No 6 garment is typically utilized for defenders aliases protect midfielders, and is presently taken by Lisandro Martinez astatine Old Trafford. 

So fans were near amazed to spot Garnacho pinch nan squad number, moreover if it was conscionable for nan photoshoot pinch nary confirmation of immoderate alteration to his existent No 17 shirt.

One instrumentality put a laughing emoji while asking: 'What is that Garnacho number.'

Another instrumentality raised nan aforesaid mobility asking why he has nan No 6 connected his shorts, while different protagonist jokingly suggested that mightiness beryllium his caller squad number. 

United's charismatic website still lists Garnacho arsenic nan No 17, though location person been calls successful nan past for him to get nan No 7 - presently taken by Mason Mount. 

It is worthy noting that clubs often usage placeholders - not a player's charismatic number - erstwhile producing kit videos.

But if Garnacho was to return nan No 6, it wouldn't beryllium nan only bizarre garment number prime successful Premier League history.     

William Gallas was handed nan number 10 garment upon presence astatine Arsenal successful 2006 - though Arsene Wenger explained this by stating he didn't want an attacker to person nan unit of wearing nan number fixed that Dennis Bergkamp had conscionable left.

It would look improbable for Garnacho to switch Lisandro Martinez arsenic United's No 6

Alejandro Garnacho presently wears nan No 17 garment astatine Manchester United

One past unusual squad number prime saw William Gallas return connected nan No 10 astatine Arsenal

Steve Sidwell (left) and Khalid Boulahrouz some concisely had nan No 9 garment astatine Chelsea

Chelsea erstwhile gave their number 9 garment to Khalid Boulahrouz - a defender - and Steve Sidwell, while striker Wilfried Bony took nan number 2 garment astatine Swansea.

Lower down nan shot pyramid, Dutch fable Edgar Davids erstwhile took connected nan No 1 garment astatine Barnet.

Though nan weirdest kit number belongs to Ivan Zamorano, who took connected a garment which publication '1+8' aft his No 9 garment was taken by Brazil fable Ronaldo astatine Inter Milan. 

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