Man United captain Bruno Fernandes writes to fans to admit team HAVEN'T been good enough, reveals he thought he was joining Tottenham - and makes demands as he claims he wants to stay

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Bruno Fernandes admitted Manchester United haven't reached nan 'standard fans deserve' aft penning a heartfelt missive to supporters up of Saturday's FA Cup final.

The Portuguese midfielder besides addressed his early astatine nan nine aft being linked with a imaginable exit pursuing a difficult campaign. 

United's skipper has endured a miserable first play pinch nan armband arsenic Erik 10 Hag's broadside slumped to their lowest-ever Premier League decorativeness successful eighth, crashing retired of nan Champions League astatine nan group shape and grounded to take sides their Carabao Cup title.

However, they person a chance astatine recovering immoderate pridefulness by winning nan FA Cup against derby rivals Manchester City successful a repetition of past season's silverware conflict that was won by Pep Guardiola's side.

Fernandes lifted United's subordinate of nan play grant connected Thursday aft scoring 15 goals successful each competitions, providing 12 assists and creating nan astir chances of immoderate subordinate successful nan Premier League this season.

Bruno Fernandes admitted Manchester United haven't reached nan 'standard fans deserve' aft penning a heartfelt missive up of nan FA Cup final

The Man United skipper besides addressed speculation surrounding his early astatine Old Trafford

Fernandes has revealed he wants to enactment astatine United but admitted his ambitions must 'fit pinch nan expectations of nan club'

Fernandes and his United team-mates are seeking revenge aft being beaten by rivals Man City successful past year's FA Cup final

The 29-year-old has now addressed a number of issues and issued a rallying telephone up of Wembley's play showpiece successful an unfastened missive pinch nan Players Tribune.

Modestly admitting nan problems United person faced, Fernandes began his study of nan club's campaign, stating: 'I want to opportunity a fewer words from nan bosom earlier this FA Cup final. I cognize that it has not been an easy play for you. 

'We person not been up to nan modular that you deserve. We person not ever matched nan support you’ve shown us. As nan captain, I consciousness that much than anyone, and it is not a work that I return for granted.

He continued: 'Frustration. Isn’t that what we each feel? That’s really nan only connection for this season, I think. If you inquire me, aliases if you inquire immoderate United fan, it would beryllium nan same.

'It ne'er afloat clicked for us. We were not accordant enough, and we person to beryllium better. For each other, for nan club, for our fans.'

Meanwhile, United supporters person been fearing Fernandes could beryllium heading towards nan Old Trafford exit doorway this summertime aft antecedently refusing to norm retired a imaginable move.

He revealed he would enactment 'if nan nine wanted him' pursuing United's last location crippled of nan play - a 3-2 triumph complete Newcastle - and has now described playing astatine Old Trafford arsenic his 'ultimate dream'.

Fernandes has sought explanation connected nan club's early ambitions pursuing Sir Jim Ratcliffe's finance and ongoing attempts to overhaul nan club's sporting section but admitted he wants to stay.

The 29-year-old has been 1 of nan Premier League's champion players since moving to United four-years ago

However, nan playmaker besides highlighted nan value of United challenging for apical honours adding: 'I emotion to measurement retired astatine Old Trafford much than thing successful nan world. I don’t want to leave. This has ever been my eventual dream.

'I conscionable want my expectations to fresh pinch nan expectations of nan club. If you spell talk to immoderate fan, they will show you nan aforesaid thing. We want to compete for nan league. We want to beryllium playing Champions League football. We want to beryllium successful cup finals. That is nan standard. That is what I want. That is what you each deserve.

'I conscionable want to support fighting. I want to beryllium here. My family wants to beryllium here,' he said.

Fernandes has wide been regarded arsenic United's champion subordinate since he completed a £47m move from Sporting Lisbon successful 2020 and going connected to make 232 appearances, scoring 79 goals and registering 65 assists successful nan process.

He instantly deed nan crushed moving by scoring 2 goals and providing 2 assists successful his first 5 Premier League outings and quickly becoming 1 of Europe's brightest prospects.

But, Fernandes has now revealed really he primitively thought he was joining Tottenham and was near 'crying successful nan closet' pinch delight aft being told United had agreed a woody for him instead.

Fernandes has endured a difficult first play arsenic Man United skipper aft being fixed nan armband past year

The Portuguese prima revealed really he thought he was joining Tottenham earlier a woody was agreed pinch United successful 2020

'I will ne'er hide wherever I was erstwhile I was fixed nan opportunity to travel present 4 years ago. I was opinionated successful nan closet successful our chamber successful Lisbon.

He added upon being told nan news by his agent: 'I didn’t moreover reply. I started fighting backmost tears. But you cognize nan emotion erstwhile you are trying to clasp it in, truthful nan different personification doesn’t realise you’re crying, and you can’t moreover speak? 

'The erstwhile summer, location were immoderate rumours astir Premier League clubs being willing successful me, but nan only point that was actual was Tottenham. It feels weird to maine now, but astatine nan time, I was excited.'

Manchester United recreation to Wembley connected Saturday arsenic underdogs seeking to avenge past season's FA Cup last conclusion against rivals Man City. 

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