Man is found with gun loaded with 21 bullets at Philadelphia Airport - the SECOND time he's caught with a firearm at the same TSA checkpoint

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  • A man was caught nan 2nd clip aft carrying a weapon loaded pinch 21 bullets 
  • He was antecedently caught pinch a weapon packed incorrectly astatine nan airport 
  • This year, 40 guns person been seized astatine nan Philadelphia airport

By Dolores Chang For Dailymail.Com

Published: 09:06 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 09:06 EDT, 1 November 2023

A man was recovered pinch a loaded weapon containing 21 bullets astatine Philadelphia International Airport connected Saturday - nan 2nd clip he has been caught pinch a firearm astatine nan aforesaid checkpoint. 

Transportation Security Administration officers caught nan unnamed man aft they recovered a 9mm weapon successful his gym bag. 

The weapon was loaded pinch 21 bullets, including 1 successful nan chamber, nan TSA said successful a release. 

The man had been antecedently caught pinch his improperly packed weapon astatine nan airdrome - though it's unclear erstwhile nan erstwhile incident happened.  

The TSA said he will erstwhile again look important national financial civilian penalties and will beryllium cited by nan Tinicum Township Police. Gerardo Spero, TSA's Federal Security Director for nan airport, said nan man being caught connected a 2nd gun-related discourtesy astatine nan aforesaid airport is 'absolutely unacceptable.' 

A man was caught by nan TSA pinch a loaded handgun astatine nan Philadelphia airport. It's nan 2nd clip nan unnamed fishy has been charged pinch a gun-related discourtesy astatine nan airport. 

The aforesaid time a 2nd man was caught pinch a .38 caliber handgun successful his carry-on bag

'Getting caught 1 clip is 1 thing, but not learning a instruction from that acquisition is conscionable unforgivable,' Spero added. 

The aforesaid day, TSA caught different unnamed man, a resident of Souderton, pinch a .38 caliber handgun successful his carry-on bag. 

In some cases, nan men were caught arsenic they approached a information checkpoint. The X-ray scanning instrumentality alerted information to their carry-on bags, which required a adjacent inspection. 

The constabulary seized some firearms, which brings nan number of firearms retrieved astatine nan Philadelphia airdrome this twelvemonth to 40, surpassing nan full from 2021. 

The full number of guns collected successful 2021 has reached 44, but Spero noted: 'We still person 2 afloat months to spell successful nan almanac year.' 

'It is disappointing to proceed to spot nan wave successful which travelers are bringing their guns to our checkpoints,' Spero said.

The constabulary seized some firearms, which bring nan number of firearms retrieved astatine nan Philadelphia airdrome this twelvemonth to 40, surpassing nan full from 2021

The TSA said 'there is nary excuse' to bring a weapon to checkpoints astatine airports.  

'The only measurement to alert pinch your firearm is to guarantee it is unloaded, packed successful a hard-sided locked lawsuit and taken to nan hose check-in antagonistic and declared,' nan agency said. 

'The hose will make judge it is transported successful nan belly of nan craft truthful that cipher has entree to it during a flight.

Bringing a weapon to an airdrome checkpoint carries a Federal civilian penalty, nan agency said. 

'Civil penalties for bringing a weapon into a checkpoint tin agelong into thousands of dollars, depending connected mitigating circumstances,' it added. 

Carrying a loaded weapon could consequence successful $1,490 to $2,990 successful civilian penalties, positive a criminal referral. 

It doesn't matter if nan individual has a concealed weapon transportation licence because nan licence 'does not let a firearm to beryllium carried done a checkpoint.' 

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