Man in his 30s suffers fatal medical emergency at Kings-Pelicans game in Sacramento: 'EMS immediately responded and administered CPR, but efforts were unsuccessful'

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  • The deceased man has not been identified publicly, but is said to beryllium successful his 30s 
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By Alex Raskin Sports News Editor For

Published: 07:14 EST, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 07:25 EST, 5 December 2023

A spectator successful his 30s suffered a fatal aesculapian emergency astatine nan Sacramento Kings' crippled against nan visiting New Orleans Pelicans connected Monday nighttime astatine nan Golden 1 Center.

The calamity occurred during nan first quarter, and though emergency aesculapian unit responded instantly to administer CPR, they were incapable to prevention nan man. 

The Kings person since released a statement.  

'During nan first 4th of nan Kings vs. Pelicans game, a impermanent had a aesculapian emergency,' nan connection begins. 

'EMS instantly responded and administered CPR. Tragically, these efforts were unsuccessful and nan impermanent passed away. The statement offers its deepest condolences to nan guest's family and loved ones.'

The deceased has not been identified publicly, nor has nan quality of his aesculapian emergency

The deceased spectator has not been identified publicly, nor has nan quality of nan aesculapian emergency.

FOX40 News successful Sacramento has since reported that nan individual was successful his 30s.

Players were not told of nan aesculapian emergency until aft nan game.

Following nan 127-117 nonaccomplishment to nan Pelicans, Kings guardant Keegan Murray said he and his teammates were not 'aware… astatine all.'

'As a team, we springiness our condolences,' Murray said. 'Hopefully, nan family is being taken attraction of.'