Man City's 4-4 draw with Chelsea leaves door open for title rivals with two points separating the top four... free-scoring Liverpool and Spurs face the champions next - so can Arsenal take advantage with their run-in?

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Chelsea and Manchester City ensured nan Premier League signed disconnected for nan world break successful style pinch melodramatic 4-4 tie astatine Stamford Bridge connected Sunday.

The consequence keeps Man City astatine nan apical of nan Premier League arsenic Pep Guardiola’s broadside activity a 4th consecutive title.

Cole Palmer’s stoppage clip punishment against his erstwhile club gave a consciousness that Chelsea are connected nan up nether Mauricio Pochettino pursuing their 4-1 triumph complete Tottenham astatine nan commencement of nan week.

However, Palmer’s onslaught whitethorn besides person been greeted by cheers by Man City’s closest challengers, pinch nan tie preventing nan defending champions from going 3 points clear astatine nan summit.

Liverpool and Arsenal are conscionable a constituent awkward of their Treble winners pinch almost a 3rd of nan play having been played, while Tottenham are 2 points disconnected nan leaders contempt suffering successive defeats.

Mail Sport takes a look astatine whether nan title title has been opened up pinch City having institution astatine nan apical of nan table.

Man City led 3 times against Chelsea but yet were forced to settee for a point

Pep Guardiola's broadside were denied triumph aft conceding a precocious punishment astatine Stamford Bridge

Ex-Man City prima Cole Palmer's precocious spot footwear intends nan apical 4 are separated by 2 points

Man City

Sunday's consequence remarkably was nan first clip successful Guardiola's 882 matches arsenic a head that 1 of his teams person scored and conceded 4 goals successful nan aforesaid game.

It besides marked only nan 5th clip Man City person shipped 4 goals successful a Premier League lucifer since he took charge. 

Leicester managed nan feat successful some 2016 and 2020, while Everton and Liverpool besides put 4 past Man City successful 2017 and 2018 respectively. The tie pinch Chelsea was notable for Man City's deficiency of control, pinch nan expectation the Citizens would return complaint aft taking nan lead. 

They had nan opportunity to do truthful connected 3 occasions, only for Chelsea to level nan lucifer again.

Thiago Silva's first half leveller and Palmer's precocious punishment had travel conscionable minutes aft City had taken nan lead, reflecting their inability to return nan sting retired of nan crippled astatine Stamford Bridge. Neither nan introductions of Jack Grealish aliases Mateo Kovacic successful nan 2nd half were capable to calm proceedings.

Guardiola played down suggestions his squad were astatine responsibility for failing to time off Stamford Bridge pinch each 3 points, arsenic he pointed to Chelsea's spending successful nan transportation marketplace for building a awesome squad and insisted Pochettino's broadside should beryllium fixed 'credit'.

However, nan City head did concede his squad had not managed nan crippled perfectly successful moments.

'What they [Chelsea] person done successful nan marketplace is to do this. They will beryllium location this play and for judge successful early seasons because they are built for that,' Guardiola said post-match.

Pep Guardiola's broadside showed vulnerability aft conceding 4 times against Chelsea connected Sunday successful a thrilling 4-4 draw

Man City were uncharacteristically incapable to clasp power of nan lucifer against Chelsea

'If you expect everyone to travel present and triumph 0-7 past you are wrong. Do you cognize what Chelsea person done (to build this team)? In nan past it was City, City, City who person done that.

'Look astatine what Chelsea person done to create that awesome team? So it's normal. I couldn't person expected a different type of game, but we were adjacent and possibly we didn't negociate perfectly successful immoderate moments - but it's football.

'Always I springiness in installments to nan opponent. They played really good. Everyone wants to hit america because you cognize what happened successful nan past is simply a lot.'

While nan City leader played down nan consequence successful public, he whitethorn privately person much concerns to ponder complete nan world break.

Man City's adjacent 5 games

  • Liverpool (H)
  • Tottenham (H)
  • Aston Villa (A)
  • Luton (H)
  • Crystal Palace (H)

City person shown fallibility successful 2 large distant matches this season, pinch an underwhelming showing successful their nonaccomplishment against Arsenal a marked opposition to erstwhile they claimed captious wins complete nan Gunners past play to stamp their authority connected nan title race. 

Guardiola will surely dream to person Kevin De Bruyne backmost successful nan squad pinch nan midfielder having been absent since August. The Belgian prima is still a fewer weeks disconnected returning to afloat training. 

He besides has protect headaches pinch John Stones and now Nathan Ake absent done injury.

The evident positive broadside for City is that they are already apical of nan array astatine this early shape of nan season, having been known for their precocious surges successful caller campaigns. 

The adjacent 3 Premier League fixtures could supply a trial pinch 2nd placed Liverpool, Tottenham and high-flying Aston Villa coming up ahead of nan engaged Christmas period.

All 3 sides will return encouragement from nan occurrence Chelsea had successful attacking Man City and will beryllium looking to replicate their blueprint successful nan coming games. 


Could a Manchester City and Liverpool title title beryllium backmost connected nan cards? Jurgen Klopp's broadside are presently City's nearest challengers, albeit Liverpool are only supra Arsenal connected extremity difference.

The Reds would move to nan apical of nan array should they hit Man City astatine nan Etihad erstwhile nan Premier League resumes aft nan world break pinch a Saturday lunchtime kick-off - overmuch to Jurgen Klopp's annoyance.

Former Liverpool centre backmost Jamie Carragher, while naming Man City arsenic title favourites, believes nan acquisition of Klopp successful nan title title should springiness them dream they tin situation again for nan title. 

'Why shouldn't Liverpool spell to Man City and judge they are successful this title race,' Carragher said connected Sky Sports.

'They are nan 1 squad who person really pushed Man City complete these past fewer years. It is simply a caller Liverpool squad but they could still beryllium Man City's biggest challengers because they've sewage players and a head who has been location before.' 

Liverpool surely look up of schedule having completed an overhaul of their midfield successful nan summer, pinch Dominik Szoboszlai successful peculiar starring since arriving from RB Leipzig for £60m. 

Liverpool look successful good shape under Jurgen Klopp up of their travel to look Man City this month

Mohammed Salah's awesome shape and a rebuilt midfield are awesome boosts for Liverpool

Liverpool's adjacent 5 games

Man City (A)

Fulham (H)

Sheffield United (A)

Crystal Palace (A)

Man United (H)

Supporters will besides beryllium keen to item really their only conclusion of nan Premier League play came successful hugely arguable circumstances against Tottenham, erstwhile that Luis Diaz extremity was wrongly ruled out.

Liverpool's showing pinch nine-men successful nan lucifer should a resilience they lacked past season, besides highlighted by a memorable distant triumph pinch 10-men against Newcastle successful August.

With Mohammed Salah flying and extent successful nan Darwin Nunez, Diogo Jota, Cody Gakpo and Diaz, location is nary mobility that Klopp's broadside person nan firepower to equine a challenge.

Liverpool person won each six of their location matches this season, but their distant shape will beryllium a trial of their credentials. 

Having been beaten 8 times connected nan roadworthy past season, a affirmative consequence astatine nan Etihad could item their capacity of challenging for nan title this clip around.

Recent slip-ups against Brighton and Luton person suggested location still could beryllium immoderate bumps connected nan road, which typically teams cannot spend erstwhile chasing Man City.


The Gunners saw their astonishment title situation suffer a precocious play illness past season, aft a run which rightfully saw Mikel Arteta's squad person plaudits.

A emergence successful expectations person led to Arsenal's commencement to this play emotion somewhat underplayed, possibly owed to nan spotlight sparkling connected their North London rivals Tottenham early on.

There has been a position that Arsenal's performances person not been arsenic eye-catching arsenic past play but results are what matters. 

Arteta's broadside person ticked disconnected a bid of awesome tests truthful acold this season, including notably ending their Man City hoodoo pinch Gabriel Martinelli's deflected onslaught giving them a 1-0 triumph successful October.

Mikel Arteta's broadside person enjoyed a beardown commencement to backmost up their declare to beryllium title contenders

Arsenal person shown resilience and travel done respective awesome tests truthful acold this season 

Arsenal's adjacent 5 games

  • Brentford (A)
  • Wolves (H)
  • Luton (A)
  • Aston Villa (A)
  • Brighton (H)

Arsenal person besides seen disconnected Manchester United astatine location and person drawn doubly against Tottenham and Chelsea, impressively battling backmost from 2-0 down successful nan latter.

The conclusion astatine Newcastle that near Arteta raging astatine nan officials is their only conclusion their season, pinch Arsenal good placed 12 games in.

Having played respective of their closest rivals already, nan fixture database heading into nan New Year could connection Arsenal nan chance to rack up immoderate points and perchance move to nan apical of nan table.

Brentford, Wolves and Luton will supply tests successful their adjacent 3 matches. 

The Gunners should beryllium aiming to return maximum points up of a testing distant travel to Aston Villa, wherever their erstwhile head Unai Emery has turned Villa Park into a wall pinch 13 consecutive Premier League location wins.

The travel to nan Midlands and a pre-Christmas travel to Anfield connected December 23 are nan guidelines retired fixtures complete nan adjacent 2 months.


Spurs had been mounting nan gait heading into nan past world break, pinch their awesome commencement to nan play reflected by Ange Postecoglou's receiving 3 consecutive head of nan period awards.

James Maddison had admitted nan past world break had travel astatine an 'annoying time' aft Spurs went apical of nan array successful October. The business could not beryllium much different now.

Tottenham will person to lick their wounds successful much ways than 1 complete this break, aft their unbeaten commencement came to a shuddering halt pinch a 4-1 conclusion against Chelsea connected Monday, earlier nan precocious illness to a 2-1 nonaccomplishment astatine Wolves.

The Chelsea conclusion already looks for illustration it could beryllium a landmark consequence successful Tottenham's season, pinch the injuries sustained by Maddison and Micky van de Ven ruling 2 of their cardinal players retired until nan New Year.

Tottenham person suffered a nightmare week pinch successive defeats and a increasing wounded list

The nonaccomplishment of Micky van de Ven and James Maddison person dented Tottenham's awesome start

Tottenham's adjacent 5 games

  • Aston Villa (H)
  • Man City (A)
  • West Ham (H)
  • Newcastle (H)
  • Nottingham Forest (A)

Defeat astatine Wolves exposed nan lack of extent beyond Postecoglou's starting eleven, pinch nan nonaccomplishment of Maddison reducing their productivity and a cardinal protect business of Eric Dier and Ben Davies looking acold from secure.

If Spurs are to equine an improbable title bid, Postecoglou will request to caregiver his broadside done to January erstwhile they tin commencement to invited backmost prima names and perchance adhd overmuch needed extent successful nan transportation window.

That task looks easier said than done, pinch Aston Villa and Manchester City their adjacent opponents erstwhile nan Premier League returns.

Defeat against Aston Villa would spot Spurs driblet beneath their opponents and retired of nan Champions League places, conscionable a matter of weeks aft topping nan table.

A derby against West Ham and Newcastle should supply 2 further tests, earlier a travel to nan City Ground to look Nottingham Forest.

A title situation appeared a faint imaginable moreover if Tottenham had their afloat starting eleven fit, but pinch injuries a scrap for nan apical 4 looks their likeliest guidance of their season.  


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