Man arrested over the murder of Brighton footballer Jorelyn Carabali's brother after shooting DJ four times in the face in a Colombian nightclub - with criminal investigation ongoing

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  • Brighton footballer Jorelyn Carabali's relative was changeable dormant successful a Colombian club
  • Prosecutors person announced a man has been arrested pinch a probe ongoing 
  • The man remanded successful custody has been named as Luis Felipe Ramirez Ocampo

By Daniel Davis For Mailonline

Published: 14:46 EST, 13 November 2023 | Updated: 14:46 EST, 13 November 2023

A man has been arrested complete nan execution of Brighton footballer Jorelyn Carabali's brother.

Prosecutors confirmed nan fishy had been remanded successful custody pending an ongoing criminal probe. The man was named as Luis Felipe Ramirez Ocampo. 

Paulo Andres Carabali, 23, was changeable astatine a nine successful nan Colombian metropolis of Cali successful August.

The DJ had been talking pinch his partner erstwhile he was changeable six times by an individual alleged to person near nan nine moments earlier to look for a weapon earlier returning.

Four of nan bullets struck Carabali successful nan face.

A man has been arrested complete nan execution of Brighton footballer Jorelyn Carabali's brother

Carabali joined Women's Super League nine Brighton from Brazilian broadside Atletico Mineiro

Confirming nan arrest, Cali prosecution main Sandra Eugenia Gonzalez Mina said: 'The suspected slayer of nan relative of our Colombian world footballer Jorelyn Carabali has been sent to situation pending a general ongoing investigation.'

She added: 'Thanks to nan activity of constabulary and prosecutors, nan personality of nan man who allegedly assassinated Jorelyn's relative has been established.

'The unfortunate was changeable six times, 4 successful nan face.

'The grounds gathered truthful acold points to nan alleged aggressor having a statement successful nan disco that nighttime pinch nan victim, arsenic good arsenic a twelvemonth ago, and leaving nan nightclub to get a firearm earlier returning and shooting him.' 

She provided nary further specifications connected a imaginable motive for nan murder. 

Defender Jorelyn joined Brighton successful September from Atletico Mineiro successful Brazil and revealed she was connected a level erstwhile she discovered her related had been murdered.

Jorelyn (right) was connected a grounded level erstwhile she discovered her relative had been murdered

She urged for 'justice' and weeks on, a man named as Luis Felipe Ramirez Ocampo is successful custody

Speaking to Colombian media successful August, she said: 'We were 5 minutes distant from take-off erstwhile I sewage a telephone from my brother's girlfriend, which I recovered strange. In nan mediate of her pain, she shouted: "They've killed Paulo."

'I was truthful stunned from nan effect I didn't understand astatine first what she was saying. She repeated it again and I threw nan telephone and began to scream.'

She past added: 'My brother's slayer came to nan area he was successful looking for an argument. My relative didn't want problems, because he was pinch his woman and friends. His friends calmed him down astatine first, but past he carried connected pinch nan row.

'There was a scuffle and nan different man said he didn't conflict pinch his fists. He near and went to get a weapon and came backmost and my brother's woman screamed, "Paulo, run." He did effort to prevention his life, but it was impossible.

'The only point we want now is to spot justness done.'


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