Major development in case of ex-fighter pilot Daniel Duggan battling US extradition - with his fate now in the hands of Australia's Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus

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By Zak Wheeler For Daily Mail Australia and Jack Gramenz In Sydney For Australian Associated Press

Published: 02:59 EDT, 24 May 2024 | Updated: 03:25 EDT, 24 May 2024

Australia's Attorney-General will now determine if an ex-fighter aviator from nan US will beryllium extradited backmost to his location state for his alleged domiciled successful helping train nan Chinese subject aft a Sydney tribunal ruling.

Former apical weapon Daniel Duggan, 55, tin beryllium shipped backmost to nan US to guidelines trial, Magistrate Daniel Reiss ruled at Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court connected Friday. 

Mr Duggan's barrister, Bret Walker SC, told nan tribunal that his customer could not legally equine a defence and would not title nan ruling, 9News reports.

The erstwhile aviator has spent 19 months successful solitary confinement successful a maximum-security situation and will now await extradition nether a impermanent surrender warrant.

His wife, Saffrine, was joined by their children and different supporters extracurricular nan tribunal to advocator for Mr Duggan's contiguous release. 

Former apical weapon Daniel Duggan, 55, tin beryllium extradited to nan US, a Sydney tribunal ruled Friday

Mr Duggan's wife, Saffrine, and their children were joined by different supporters outside Downing Centre Local Court connected Friday calling for his release 

Mrs Duggan said that her location has been commandeered by officials and her requests for Legal Aid rejected while her hubby has been preparing his defence. 

'This deliberate torture has to extremity today,' Mrs Duggan said extracurricular court.

'They person done everything successful their powerfulness to make this difficult for my family, to effort and break Dan and to break us, but we will conflict nary matter what.

'We respectfully inquire nan attorney-general to return different look ... and to bring my hubby home.'

Mr Duggan was arrested successful Australia astatine nan petition of nan US aft he was accused of breaching arms trafficking laws by providing subject training to Chinese pilots.

Mr Duggan allegedly provided his services successful South Africa from 2010 done to 2012 and received $100,000 for doing so.

He has 15 days to use for a reappraisal successful nan Federal Court, different it falls to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to find whether he should beryllium surrendered to nan US.

Asked by Magistrate Reiss if Friday's proceeding would beryllium contested, Mr Walker told nan court: 'Not really, no.'

Mr Reiss noted nan position from Duggan's lawyers had 'streamlined nan considerations significantly'.

The Magistrate reminded those successful nan attendance connected Friday astir contempt of tribunal arsenic 1 man likened nan proceedings to a 'kangaroo court'.

Mr Duggan's family has based on that his charges are trumped up and politically motivated.

Mrs Duggan claims to person been rejected by Legal Aid and that nan charges against her hubby are trumped up and politically motivated

A petition pinch 25,000 signatures addressed to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus calls for an extremity to Mr Duggan's extradition

Lawyer Bernard Collaery asked for him to beryllium held astatine Lithgow to beryllium person to his family. 

Outside court, Mr Collaery described nan court's determination arsenic an administrative measurement that would beryllium followed by a lengthy submission to Mr Dreyfus.

'This was not an introspection of nan evidence, this was not a mini-trial of matters that are to beryllium decided elsewhere,' he said.

In April Mr Duggan unsuccessfully tried to postpone nan hearings aft claiming to person spent $800,000 successful ineligible bills. 

While successful situation he wrote a missive stating to person ne'er surgery nan rule since nan Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and US Naval Central Intelligence Service some knew what he was doing astatine nan time. 

More than 25,000 group person signed a petition calling connected Mr Dreyfus to merchandise Mr Duggan from situation and extremity his extradition. 

Greens legislator David Shoebridge offered to array nan petition successful parliament. 

Mr Shoebridge said nan state needs to 'show immoderate guts' and 'make it clear that being an Australian national matters'.

A spokesperson for nan attorney-general said nan authorities did not remark connected extradition matters.

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