Luis Diaz has NOT travelled with the Liverpool squad ahead of tonight's Carabao Cup clash with Bournemouth - with his father's whereabouts still unknown after he was kidnapped by a group of armed men in Colombia

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  • Authorities successful Colombia are still searching for Luis Diaz's father, Luis Manuel 
  • The 26-year-old prima has not travelled pinch nan Liverpool squad up of tonight 
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By Ben Willcocks For Mailonline

Published: 12:41 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:58 EDT, 1 November 2023

Luis Diaz has not travelled pinch nan Liverpool squad up their Carabao Cup conflict pinch Bournemouth connected Wednesday night, arsenic he continues to hold for his father's state aft past week's kidnapping.

Diaz's parents were snatched disconnected nan streets of Colombia by 4 equipped men connected motorcycles past week, and nan footballer was informed of nan ordeal soon earlier Liverpool's 3-0 triumph against Nottingham Forest at Anfield connected Sunday.

Although his mother Cilenis Marulanda was later freed pursuing nan kidnapping, nan whereabouts of his father Luis Manuel is still unknown, pinch Colombia's constabulary and subject forces working together in a bid to bring him location safely. 

Diaz, 26, has remained successful England for 'security reasons', according to reports. 

The Colombian subject has been sent to defender nan separator in an effort to forestall Diaz's begetter from being taken into neighbouring state Venezuela.

Luis Diaz has not travelled pinch nan Liverpool squad to look Bournemouth connected Wednesday night

Diaz's begetter Luis Manuel (above) and mother Cilenis Marulanda were kidnapped successful Colombia past week and nan 26-year-old footballer has since remained successful England for 'security reasons'

The Liverpool star's mother (above successful 2019, near centre) has been rescued aft nan brace were snatched disconnected nan streets of Colombia past week, but his father's whereabouts are still unknown

There is, however, a chance that Diaz's begetter has already been transported done nan dense jungle that separates nan 2 nations. 

Diaz, who will play nary portion successful Liverpool's last-16 conflict astatine nan Vitality Stadium, took to societal media connected Tuesday to impulse group to subordinate a march to request nan safe merchandise of his father.

A reward of astir £40,000 has been offered for accusation astir nan kidnapping

The Instagram station invited nan ‘whole community’ and urged them to ‘bring your candle to ray nan ray of hope', pinch nan image of his begetter accompanied by a caption which read: ‘Free him now’. 

Hundreds of group joined his mother Cilenis and grandfather Alfonso connected Tuesday evening arsenic they took to nan streets of Barrancas to call for an extremity to nan kidnapping.

The 26-year-old winger was not included successful Liverpool's matchday squad against Forest astatine nan weekend, arsenic Liverpool's beforehand 3 of Darwin Nunez, Mohamed Salah and Diogo Jota each scored during nan 3-0 triumph astatine Anfield.

It is understood Diaz is alternatively being looked aft by members of Liverpool unit arsenic he awaits news from backmost home. 

Meanwhile, Diaz's relative Jesus played for Colombian second-division broadside Barranquilla FC nary much than 48 hours aft his parents were abducted.

With his team-mate incapable to return portion successful Liverpool's 3-0 triumph against Nottingham Forest connected Sunday, Diogo Jota dedicated his extremity to nan Colombian by holding up his garment astatine Anfield

Diaz's mother (centre) led a organization march demanding her husband's merchandise connected Tuesday

Hundreds of members of nan section organization joined forces dressed successful achromatic holding balloons

The winger's grandfather Alfonso was coming astatine nan sit-in and held a lighted candle successful prayer

Although nary person to uncovering their missing father, it has emerged that constabulary person identified 2 of nan 4 men progressive successful nan kidnapping.

More specifications of nan kidnapping emerged connected Wednesday arsenic Colombian outlet Semana reported that Diaz's parents were buying watermelons erstwhile they were taken by nan 4 equipped men.

A reward of 200 cardinal Colombian pesos [approximately £40,000] has been offered by nan authorities for accusation since nan merchandise of Diaz's mother.

After facing nan Cherries successful nan Carabao Cup, Liverpool return to Premier League action pinch a travel to Luton Town connected Sunday.


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