Louisiana woman, 41, is sentenced to 30 years for her role in death of boy, 5, who was found stuffed in a 'Welcome to Las Vegas' suitcase - as judge slams her for 'packaging Cairo like trash': Child's 'killer' mom remains on the run

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The 'spiritual healer' charged successful nan decease of a five-year-old whose assemblage was recovered stuffed successful a suitcase has been sentenced to prison.

Dawn Coleman, 41, received a condemnation of 30 years, pinch 5 years of suspended probation Tuesday. She was charged pinch aiding, inducing aliases causing murder, neglect of a limited resulting successful death, and obstruction of justness in nan execution lawsuit of Cairo Jordan.

Appearing successful Washington Circuit Court successful Salem, Indiana, Coleman pleaded blameworthy arsenic portion of a bargaining agreement.

'You packaged Cairo for illustration trash,' Judge Larry Medlock said. 'He was an guiltless small boy who wanted to beryllium loved.'

A felony execution apprehension warrant was issued for Cairo's mother, Dejaune Andeson, successful November 2022 but she remains astatine large.

Dawn Coleman, 41, pleaded blameworthy to 3 charges including aiding, inducing aliases causing execution Tuesday

She was sentenced to 30 years pinch 5 years suspended probation successful relationship to nan decease of five-year-old Cairo Jordan

Coleman admitted to helping Dejaune Anderson battalion her son's assemblage into a suitcase pinch a 'Las Vegas' decal earlier dumping it successful a wooded area successful Indiana

Anderson has been connected nan tally since past year. She is known to recreation frequently, according to police

Coleman allegedly helped Anderson dispose of her son's assemblage successful April 2022.

As portion of nan plea deal, nan Louisiana female will person to attest against Anderson successful immoderate criminal lawsuit related to Cairo's death.

Coleman told investigators she recovered Anderson connected apical of her boy successful nan trio's Louisville home.

She admitted to helping Anderson fresh Cairo's assemblage successful a suitcase pinch a Las Vegas decal earlier they drove into Washington County and dumped it successful nan woods. 

A mushroom huntsman stumbled upon nan suitcase later that month, not acold from a dead-end road.

Autopsy results showed that Cairo died from vomiting and diarrhea that caused dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance.

Police lifted fingerprints from trash bags nan boy's assemblage was wrapped successful on pinch nan suitcase. They came backmost a lucifer for Anderson.

A period earlier her son's death, Anderson was arrested successful South Carolina for kid endangerment, speeding and failing to extremity for officers.

She led constabulary connected a 30-minute pursuit that ended only erstwhile she ran retired of gas. Coleman, who was successful nan car pinch her, claimed to beryllium her sister.

Coleman billed herself arsenic a belief healer connected societal media and called herself 'Mama Gawd' 

An autopsy revealed that nan young boy died from an electrolyte imbalance caused by dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea

The 41-year-old primitively pleaded not blameworthy to nan charges earlier reaching a bargaining agreement

Around 2 weeks earlier nan find of Cairo's body, Anderson was arrested successful Louisville for shoplifting and battle aft she punched a information serviceman successful nan face.

Days later, nan duo's phones were pinged successful Pekin, Indiana, not acold from nan wooded area wherever nan suitcase was dumped.

Surveillance video captured Anderson's car stopping connected nan roadworthy by nan wooded area. On nan time Cairo's assemblage was found, nan car was seen driving crossed nan span from Indiana to Louisville.

Coleman initially pleaded not blameworthy to nan charges. 

Both women posted extensively to societal media, referencing demons and exorcism.

Anderson moreover reached retired to Fr. Vincent Lampert, leader for nan Archdiocese of Indianapolis, claiming that her boy was possessed.

'I person survived nan decease attacks from my 5-year-old passim nan 5 years he has been alive,' she wrote successful a tweet.

'I person been capable to weaken his powers done our blood. I person his existent sanction and he is 100 years old. Need assistance.'

Before her son's death, Anderson contacted a priest, claiming that her boy was '100 years old' and had launched 'death attacks' against her

In an April 2022 station from Coleman's Facebook page, nan 41-year-old wrote: 'We are catering to evil beings successful children avatars that aren't moreover children'

As portion of nan plea deal, Coleman will person to attest against Anderson successful immoderate criminal lawsuit related to nan five-year-old's death

On Facebook, Coleman billed herself arsenic a healer, referring to herself arsenic 'Mama Gawd' and penning that her 'mission' was to 'support souls.'

On April 8, 2022, 8 days earlier Cairo's assemblage was found, Coleman posted a connection that read: 'Magic is existent curses are existent and location are immoderate very powerful evil beings present that will curse your womb and past some.

'Nothing Is what It seems and we are catering to evil beings successful children avatars that aren't moreover children.'

Cairo would person turned 7 years aged successful October.

Police picture Anderson arsenic 5 feet, 5 inches gangly and 135 pounds.

While she had short, acheronian brownish hairsbreadth successful her past known photo, she often wears wigs and hairsbreadth extensions.

Anderson is known to travel, and successful November of past year, constabulary said she had visited San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Houston.