Loudon County high school students walk out of class over transgender bathrooms as furious kids demand male and female-only spaces due to 'massive safety risk'

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A group of precocious schoolhouse students walked retired of their schoolroom successful Loudoun County, Virginia, connected Wednesday successful protestation astatine nan district's argumentation connected transgender bathrooms.

Loudoun County Public Schools, which saw disfigured scenes astatine committee meetings pursuing a May 2021 intersexual battle by a boy successful nan girls' bathroom, adopted nan trans bath argumentation successful August 2021.

The policy, officially termed 8040, was approved 7-2, and allows transgender students to usage nan bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

On Wednesday, a group of students astatine Woodgrove High School successful Purcellville marched retired of people successful protestation astatine 8040, arguing it made them consciousness unsafe. It was unclear why nan protestation was staged now.

'It's a monolithic information risk, and they [LCPS] don't do thing astir it,' said 1 female student.

One female student (pictured) told WJLA that having male-born students utilizing nan girls' bathrooms was a 'massive information risk'

Students walked retired connected Wednesday, demanding nan revocation of Policy 8040, which allows trans students to usage nan bath of their choice

Around 50-100 students walked retired of people connected Wednesday day successful protestation astatine nan policy

She told 7News they were tired of 'being wholly ignored' by nan schoolhouse district.

'We definitive these concerns and they disregard america and constitute america disconnected arsenic right-wing crazies.

'We're not crazy. We conscionable don't want to beryllium successful threat connected a regular ground successful this building. I deliberation it's group yet stepping up and conscionable being sick of it. We're sick of being present and conscionable being wholly ignored.'

The student said she felt her concerns were wide shared.

'I stopped utilizing them [the bathrooms] because I don't cognize what's going to hap to maine successful there,' she said.

'And group tin beryllium like, 'Oh, well, that's paranoid'.

'I'm telling you correct now half nan women successful this building consciousness nan aforesaid way. We don't usage nan bathrooms. We clasp our pee until we can't. I mean, location are girls successful PE who still get changed successful nan bath stalls successful location because they're acrophobic of who mightiness waltz in.'

Students unfurled posters demanding nan 2021 argumentation beryllium revoked

A antheral student said he did not want to stock nan locker room pinch students who were calved female.

'I would for illustration to beryllium capable erstwhile I get disconnected shot believe and spell put my pads distant and alteration not consciousness uncomfortable pinch different genders successful location watching me,' he told 7News.

'I consciousness that girls consciousness nan aforesaid measurement astir nan situation. How would you consciousness if you were a female changing pinch a male?'

Another antheral student agreed.

'In nan locker rooms successful nan greeting it's an penetration of privacy, arsenic I said because erstwhile men and natural-born males are successful our locker rooms and they are showering successful nan morning, natural-born females tin locomotion successful location arsenic they please,' he said.

'And that is not OK. And it goes against what we judge in.'

One antheral student (pictured) said he wanted to beryllium capable to relax and ablution successful nan men's changing rooms emotion comfortable

Another antheral student (pictured) said he felt allowing female-born students into nan antheral locker rooms was 'an penetration of privacy'

An big counterprotestor said that she was location to support 'all nan children'

The students were met pinch a mini group of counterprotestors - including adults - who said they felt group should beryllium capable to usage nan bath of their choice.

'I'm present to support each of nan children,' said 1 adult. 'No matter who they are. Yours, mine, each of them.'

The students said much wanted to subordinate their protest, but were warned by their teachers not to.

DailyMail.com approached Woodgrove High and Loudoun County Public Schools for comment, but has not heard back. 

Loudoun County has go nan epicenter of rows complete transgender bathrooms, aft nan May 2021 attack.

The 14-year-old boy, wearing a skirt but not believed to beryllium transgender, was moved to different schoolhouse - and past attacked different girl.

The begetter of nan May 2021 unfortunate erupted successful anger erstwhile nan schoolhouse committee publically denied nan incident during a regular meeting, and constabulary were called.

Further outrage was sparked by nan National School Boards Association, which wrote to nan Attorney General, Merrick Garland, amid nan play and based on immoderate convulsive threats against schoolhouse officials 'could beryllium nan balanced to a shape of home terrorism'.

Glenn Youngkin run to beryllium Virginia's politician saw him capitalize connected wide anger astatine nan incident, and erstwhile elected instantly authorized a probe of Loudoun schools - 1 of his first acts successful office.

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