Long lost continent of Argoland is FOUND: 3,100-mile chunk of land was thought to have broken off from western Australia 155million years ago and slipped under Earth's crust

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Scientists person recovered grounds of a mislaid continent that drifted distant from nan onshore wide that became Australia 155million years ago.

Geologists agelong assumed that Argoland should beryllium owed to a monolithic void successful Western Australia, but until now nan grounds was only circumstantial.

A squad astatine Utrecht University successful nan Netherlands reconstructed nan history of Argoland, finding nan 3,100-mile portion of onshore had travelled to South Asia and now sits much than 18,000ft beneath nan aboveground of nan Indian Ocean. 

Magnetic and structural geological evidence on nan section seafloor suggested that nan elephantine part separated done nan shifting of tectonic plates that dress up nan Earth's crust earlier drifting northbound and westbound toward Southeast Asia.

Scientists person recovered grounds of a mislaid continent that drifted distant from nan onshore wide that became Australia 155million years ago

By reconstructing nan mislaid continent's history, nan squad wished it drifted up to South Asia

Eldert Advokaat, of nan section of world sciences astatine Utrecht University, said: 'The business successful Southeast Asia is very different from places for illustration Africa and South America, wherever a continent collapsed neatly into 2 pieces. Argoland splintered into galore different shards. 

'That obstructed our position of nan continent's journey.' 

Researchers utilized a machine reconstruction based connected existing geological grounds to overgarment a image of really Argoland collapsed into aggregate pieces, settling astir modern-day Indonesia and Myanmar.

Rather than a azygous onshore mass, they recovered galore smaller bits that pieced themselves together complete millions of years.

By settling this mystery, geologists person filled successful a important knowledge gap, adding caller discourse to nan assemblage of grounds connected really mountains, islands and undersea earth science took shape.

The continent of Argoland collapsed disconnected of Australia millions of years agone and migrated northwest, but until now its last location was unknown.

Argoland's beingness was implied by a void successful Western Australia called nan Argo Abyssal Plain. The fragments of Argoland were recovered successful present-day Southeast Asia

By reviewing nan architecture of known southeast Asian and northwest Australian tectonic 'mega-units,' nan squad pieced together scattered remnants of what erstwhile comprised Argoland and projected really they drifted truthful acold from their original site.

During nan precocious Jurassic play 164million to 145million years ago, nan monolithic landmass of Pangaea collapsed up into 2 supercontinents, Laurasia and Gondwana. The break was not a cleanable one, though. 

At this time, it seems that Argoland was already divided into aggregate continental fragments and sections of nan seafloor. 

The islands of Argoland's evident destination do not look to beryllium atop thing resembling nan theoretical continent. The only bits of ancient continental crust successful nan region were overmuch older, pinch radiologic making love placing them astatine astir 205million years old.

A squad astatine Utrecht University reconstructed nan history of Argoland, uncovering nan 3,100-mile portion of onshore had travelled to South Asia and now sits much than 18,000ft beneath nan aboveground of nan Indian Ocean 

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A caller exemplary predicts nan Pacific Ocean will vanish 300million years from now, bringing nan continents together to shape a caller supercontinent called Amasia located astir nan North Pole. 

One anticipation was that nan continent had slipped beneath a subduction area - areas wherever 1 tectonic sheet meets different and slips underneath its neighbour. 

At these junctions, rocky seafloors will rejoin nan mantle beneath nan Earth's crust, wherever they are melted backmost into magma to go crust astatine immoderate constituent successful nan future.

Given nan property mismatch betwixt nan Argo Abyssal Plain and these imaginable fragments, researchers suspected nan fragments mightiness not person travel from Argoland. 

They could person migrated location agelong earlier Argoland slipped beneath a subduction zone.

Based connected nan team's reconstruction, complete nan millions of years betwixt past and now, these fragments migrated crossed nan Indian Ocean. 

Although nan geologists constitute that nan fragments are 'intensely deformed,' they still exist. 

They settled into areas now covered by jungle successful Myanmar connected mainland Asia and respective islands successful nan Indonesian archipelago.

The researchers statement immoderate limitations of their reconstruction. 

Many of nan estimated geological ages of tectonic sheet sections are based connected aged data, truthful they opportunity modern measurements whitethorn beryllium much precise.

 'The dense vegetation screen and seas successful nan area we reconstructed analyzable our correlations, and they whitethorn not ever beryllium correct,' nan researchers added.

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