LinkedIn Reaches 1 Billion Members, Expands AI Features On Site

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LinkedIn, nan work-oriented societal network, now has much than 1 cardinal members, nan tract said Wednesday, arsenic it announced caller artificial intelligence features it plans to make disposable for paying subscribers.

Among nan caller features disposable to immoderate of LinkedIn’s premium subscribers is AI-powered suggestions ... [+] to a user's floor plan to make them much competitory for a job.

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Key Facts

LinkedIn will now connection immoderate of its premium subscribers nan expertise to usage nan caller AI characteristic to velocity up nan occupation hunt process—rather than looking astatine individual occupation postings, nan caller characteristic will usage accusation connected users’ feeds and propose opportunities based connected nan accusation successful their profile, nan institution announced Wednesday.

The tract will besides propose to premium users really to constitute their floor plan successful a measurement that includes nan user’s profession inheritance and make recommendations for changes to a users’ floor plan to make them much competitory for a job.

In addition, LinkedIn will now make messaging suggestions for really users tin prosecute pinch imaginable hiring managers by taking into relationship nan hiring manager’s profile, nan occupation explanation and nan institution of interest.

LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, follows successful nan footsteps of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok that person each reached nan 1 cardinal personification mark.

Key Background

LinkedIn was founded 20 years agone and has go a location for employers and labor looking to quickly and professionally pass and find occupation opportunities. Today, immoderate LinkedIn users utilize nan tract utilizing its free tier while others salary for premium subscriptions. Users who are eligible for LinkedIn’s caller AI features are those who subscribe to nan platform's $39.99-a-month tier, Reuters reported. LinkedIn’s announcement follows different societal networks that person employed AI features successful caller months. Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has continuously been expanding its AI capabilities. Last month, nan institution announced an precocious conversational adjunct for Messenger, Instagram and Facebook. The characteristic mirrors Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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