Las Vegas Raiders fire Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler amid 3-5 start and will appoint ex-Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce as interim head coach

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The Las Vegas Raiders person fired caput coach Josh McDaniels and wide head Dave Ziegler pursuing nan team's 3-5 start.

Raiders linebacker coach Antonio Pierce, a erstwhile New York Giants star, will reportedly return complete nan squad connected an interim basis, according to ESPN. 

'After overmuch thought astir what nan Raiders request to move forward, I person decided to portion ways pinch Josh and Dave,' proprietor Mark Davis said successful a statement. 'I want to convey them some for their difficult activity and wish them and their families thing but nan best.' 

Locker room morale appeared to beryllium astatine an all-time debased pinch nan Raiders pursuing Monday's nonaccomplishment to nan Lions successful Detroit. When asked really to amended nan offense, moving backmost Josh Jacobs said: 'I don't know, it ain't my job.'

And now, it's not McDaniels' job, either.  

The Las Vegas Raiders person reportedly fired caput coach Josh McDaniels

Las Vegas Raiders backmost Jimmy Garoppolo (10) grimaces successful symptom aft getting sacked

General head Dave Ziegler was besides fto spell by Las Vegas Raiders proprietor Mark Davis 

In 2 seasons pinch nan Raiders, McDaniels went conscionable 9-16.  

And McDaniels didn't triumph pinch Denver successful his first go-round arsenic a caput coach, either, going conscionable 11-17 successful 2 seasons. 

McDaniels was antecedently viewed arsenic 1 of nan brighter violative minds successful nan crippled pinch his galore years moving pinch Tom Brady connected nan Patriots and his activity this play helping to create rookie Mac Jones.

But his first acquisition arsenic caput coach fell isolated quickly successful Denver pursuing a 6-0 commencement successful 2009. Denver vanished 8-8 that play and McDaniels was fired pinch a 3-9 grounds successful 2010, losing 17 of his last 22 games arsenic coach.

McDaniels was besides fined $50,000 by nan NFL for not reporting that nan team’s head of video operations videotaped a San Francisco 49ers walkthrough believe earlier nan teams played a crippled successful 2010 successful London. The investigation wished that McDaniels did not cognize astir nan taping successful beforehand and declined to position it but he was punished for not instantly reporting nan infraction to nan league.

Both Ziegler (right) and McDaniels were fired

While respective erstwhile assistants to Bill Belichick successful New England person gotten caput coaching jobs, nan occurrence complaint of those coaches isn’t high.

The 7 coaches — McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Bill O’Brien, Matt Patricia, Brian Flores and Joe Judge — person mixed for a .410 winning percent and 5 playoff berths successful 27 seasons they began arsenic caput coach. O’Brien had 4 of those playoff seasons successful Houston pinch Mangini having nan different pinch nan Jets.

Beyond nan losses, McDaniels has made a bid of decisions that person backfired, peculiarly aft starting backmost Jimmy Garoppolo was mislaid to a backmost wounded 2 weeks ago.

McDaniel decided to spell pinch Brian Hoyer, a backmost who hasn't won a crippled arsenic a starter successful 7 years, complete rookie Aidan O'Connell. As a result, Hoyer racked up a dismal 37.1 backmost rating, and nan Raiders still don't cognize much astir O'Connell and whether he has a existent future.

Garoppolo returned connected Monday night, but Las Vegas still mislaid nonetheless.

As nan Raiders astatine 3-5 watch different play apt gaffe away, their 2 champion players - and 2 of nan champion astatine their positions successful nan NFL - are watching their highest years descent correct on retired of sight.

Raiders proprietor Mark Davis is erstwhile again looking for a caller coach successful Las Vegas 

Davante Adams and Maxx Crosby could person been cardinal pieces for a title contender elsewhere, but are alternatively stuck successful Las Vegas pinch a Raiders squad that will apt miss nan playoffs for nan 19th clip successful 21 years.

Both remained connected nan roster Tuesday aft nan league's waste and acquisition deadline.

Adams has voiced his displeasure since nan offseason but he has been observant not to blasted nan coaches.

He had imaginable touchdowns wiped retired successful Monday night's 26-14 nonaccomplishment to nan Detroit Lions connected errant passes Garoppolo. One was underthrown successful nan extremity area and nan different 2 were overthrows aft Adams sewage wide open.

After nan past overthrow successful which Adams utilized a superb move to get open, he went to nan sideline, slammed his helmet and said a fewer prime words.

Adams didn't person specified vexation successful his 8 seasons successful Green Bay catching passes from Aaron Rodgers arsenic he developed into 1 of nan NFL's apical receivers. He besides was outstanding successful his first play successful Las Vegas pinch 100 receptions for 1,516 yards and 14 touchdowns, but this play nan subpar backmost play by Garoppolo and backups Brian Hoyer and Aidan O'Connell has often made Adams irrelevant successful games.

Adams, who turns 31 connected Christmas Eve, has only 1 100-yard crippled this season, a 13-catch, 172-yard capacity successful Week 3 against nan Pittsburgh Steelers.

Adams voiced his displeasure since nan offseason but has been observant not to blasted coaches

Crosby, whose centrifugal ne'er stops running, has spent his full five-year profession pinch nan Raiders. He often has been ascendant and against nan Lions forced and recovered a fumble and had a tackle for loss.

The Raiders defense has improved this play and kept nan discourtesy successful nan game, but Las Vegas has scored astatine slightest 20 points conscionable erstwhile successful their past 9 games.

Crosby, 26, has made nary concealed he's sick of nan losing and aches to play successful late-season games that matter. He did that 2 years agone erstwhile nan Raiders made nan playoffs, but that was nan only time.

'We've conscionable sewage to play better,' Crosby said. 'As a team, we're not playing bully capable correct now.'

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