Las Palmas captain Jonathan Viera 'flies to Dubai without permission as he seeks lucrative UAE switch' after falling out with his manager... just months after snubbing summer move

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  • The 34-year-old is considered nan club's top ever subordinate for his agelong tenure 
  • Interspersed pinch spells abroad, Viera has been astatine Las Palmas since 2005 
  • Player went done family turmoil aft his woman was diagnosed pinch a tumour 

By Tamara Prenn For Mailonline

Published: 12:48 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 12:58 EDT, 1 November 2023

Las Palmas skipper Jonathan Viera is believes to person gone AWOL from nan broadside successful nan bid to unit a lucrative transfer, according to reports successful Spain. 

The subordinate is considered nan top successful nan club's history, having served aggregate tenures successful nan Canary Islands since joining their academy successful 2005. 

Most recently, nan winger signed a five-year statement pinch his boyhood nine successful 2021, but pinch 3 years left, Viera's early astatine Estadio Gran Canaria appears unclear. 

As per AS, nan player's woman Estefania underwent successful room to region a tumour connected her uterus. 

After speaking publically astir his wife's wellness condition, Viera is believed to person hinted that location mightiness not beryllium 'long near for him' successful master shot successful ray of his individual affairs. 

Jonathan Viera (foreground) is believed to person gone AWOL from LaLiga broadside Las Palmas

The subordinate precocious went done individual struggles aft his woman Estefania underwent room for a tumour connected her uterus

But nan 34-year-old has been spending swathes of clip connected nan chair astatine nan Canary Island club

Viera received nan support of his president, Miguel Angel Ramirez, who said that he would endorse nan nine legend's correct to discontinue whenever nan clip came. 

But according to Marca, Viera was connected Wednesday spotted boarding a formation to Dubai - and is rumoured to beryllium looking to unit a move to a nine successful nan United Arab Emirates. 

Viera was fixed compassionate time off and support to alert to sojourn a expert successful Madrid, pinch a planned return connected Monday - but nan nine were unaware of plans for world travel. 

The Spanish outlet reported that though Viera snubbed a 'multimillion-dollar' move to Dubai complete nan summer, roiling tensions wrong nan club, and pinch caput coach Garcia Pimienta successful particular, he is keen to restart talks. 

Pimienta has overlooked Viera a number of times this season, but unopen down rumours of a feud past week arsenic he threw his support down nan subordinate arsenic news collapsed astir his wife's wellness issues. 

'First of all, Jony has passed for immoderate analyzable moment,' Pimienta said. 'He knows that he has our afloat support and now nan astir important point is nan wellness of his wife. I'm judge they will move guardant and pinch nan support of each of us, everything will spell well.'

But nan coach remained adamant that Viera would only make it backmost into nan matchday squad erstwhile Pimienta deemed him worthy of nan call-up. 

Viera is considered a nine icon astatine nan institution he first joined arsenic a younker subordinate successful 2005

Las Palmas caput coach Garcia Pimienta has claimed that nan skipper is 'just different player'

'I consciousness bad saying this, but Jonathan Viera, for illustration nan rest, is conscionable different subordinate connected nan squad. When he considers that he is nan champion for nan squad, for illustration nan rest, he will participate nan call, participate and thief america for sure. 

'The only point that matters to maine is that (Las Palmas avoids relegation), it doesn't matter to maine precisely if personification says that they are leaving, that they are staying, if they want to time off because they don't person minutes and want to play.' 

Las Palmas presently beryllium 10th successful LaLiga pursuing a triumph against Almeria connected Saturday. 

They will adjacent look third-place Atletico Madrid connected Friday.     


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