Lando Norris celebrated his first Grand Prix win with an all-nighter in Miami with mate Max Verstappen and golf at Augusta... as JONATHAN McEVOY explains why the Brit believes he won't be waiting long to toast a second

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Lando Norris loves nan haters. We cognize it because he is reference – and relishing – each tweet that has accused him of being cocky aft his first triumph expansive prix triumph successful Miami.

That nighttime he partied pinch friend Max Verstappen and America’s starring sporting hedonists. He didn’t slumber that night, anterior to a information astatine Augusta National. He birdied nan par-three 12th, insisting he hadn’t overdone nan revelry.

Another information amid nan azaleas and past immoderate R&R. In further news, his Lamborghini Miura – worthy minimally £1million – spluttered to a halt successful Monaco. Passersby spotted him – his fame extended by his maiden triumph, he reasoned – and helpfully pushed him to a successful jump start. Meanwhile, he has ordered a replica of his winning silverware, which he says will spell successful an Ikea cabinet.

All nan supra is believable, different than for nan Ikea bit.

But online he has attracted disapproval for promising to return nan conflict to Red Bull and triumph again. In fact, he much than matched pal Verstappen for gait successful Miami (even anterior to nan Dutchman damaging his car) and frankincense has logic for optimism. Many saturated neutrals will dream he is right.

British prima Lando Norris won his first expansive prix pinch McLaren successful Miami earlier this month

He celebrated his triumph pinch his adjacent friend and reigning world champion Max Verstappen

Norris besides headed to Augusta National to observe his triumph pinch a information of golf

‘I went done each nan comments “liking” each nan bad ones,’ said Norris, picking an example: ‘“This feline has 1 won title and his ego has gone done nan roof.” I was like, “Yes, it has.”

‘You can’t please everyone. And if I americium not confident, group are like, “You person sewage nary religion successful nan team.”

‘And past nan infinitesimal I opportunity we tin triumph much races – which I had already said astatine nan opening of nan twelvemonth – group are like, “Calm down, hotshot.”

‘But I americium besides speaking connected behalf of nan squad that I represent. I americium not saying I tin do thing now, that I americium unbeatable, and I tin do each of this.

‘Mechanics and engineers want to publication what I say. I understand that now much than I utilized to a mates of years ago.

‘Winning motivates them much and maine having assurance successful them does nan same.

‘I cognize it is amended for maine and amended for my team.

‘I don’t attraction if group reference it for illustration it aliases not. I americium only going to opportunity what benefits maine nan astir and what benefits nan squad nan most.’

That’s his argument, and you tin for illustration it aliases not.

Who will switch Hamilton? 

Lewis Hamilton wants Italian teen Kimi Antonelli to switch him astatine Mercedes adjacent year. ‘I’d return connected a youngster,’ he said astatine Imola, erstwhile asked if 29-year-old Carlos Sainz aliases nan 17-year-old was nan amended of nan 2 realistic candidates.

Carlos Sainz’s post-Ferrari destination is cardinal to nan driver market. If Toto Wolff wants younker successful nan Silver Arrow, Sainz would beryllium successful request astatine Williams. The converse would beryllium truthful if Wolff prefers F2’s Antonelli.

Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton could move seats adjacent year, pinch nan Brit already confirmed to beryllium joining Ferrari

But Hamilton has suggested that taking connected a youngster for illustration Kimi Antonelli (pictured) could beryllium a amended action for Mercedes

The Trump effect 

A postscript to Donald Trump’s sojourn to nan caller Miami Grand Prix.

He carried his Make America Great Again cap, which prompted erstwhile Alpine squad main Otmar Szafnauer – who grew up successful Detroit and who lives successful Oxford – to callback that a friend of his to committee caps that read: ‘Make America Great Britain Again.’

My order’s in.

McLaren's ode to Senna

A circuit of nan McLaren Technology Centre nan different day. I’d seen earlier astir of nan 300 trophies successful nan cabinets adjacent to nan canteen.

Surely Ron Dennis, successful his time arsenic nan king of nan place, had a much convoluted sanction for nan communal eating spot than ‘canteen’. A ‘digestive rehabilitation centre’, aliases immoderate akin tongue-twister.

What I hadn’t seen successful situ earlier was nan awesome statue of Ayrton Senna, who died astatine Imola 30 years ago. Sculpted from 160kg of earthy bronze by British creator Paul Oz to people nan 25th day of nan Brazilian’s death, it catches him precisely life-size, reclining successful his seat, correct ft to nan floor, left-hand high, pelting done Eau Rouge.

Of Spa’s celebrated corner, Senna said: ‘If you return distant Eau Rouge, you return distant nan logic I do this.’

Williams bent connected to prima man Albon 

What he hopes will beryllium a pivotal infinitesimal for Williams’ caller squad main James Vowles: nan re-signing of prima driver Alex Albon this week.

The British-born Thai was coveted by Red Bull, but he has chosen to put his religion successful Williams, arsenic they person their millions successful him connected a multi-year deal.

Albon is important to nan Vowles project. James told maine earlier successful an airdrome lounge – nan champion spot for F1 rumors – that he was assured that he had Albon’s buy-in.

That’s been borne retired and demonstrates nan contented of him (Vowles) ensuring that erstwhile nan squad embarrassingly had only 1 functioning car successful Melbourne aft Albon’s smash successful believe that it was his de facto No 1 driver who raced it alternatively than his (for once) blameless team-mate Logan Sargeant.

Vowles had his oculus connected nan bigger picture: keeping clasp of his main man.

Alex Albon has committed his early to Williams - a awesome coup for his team

Goodie bags spell missing 

It seems a fewer goodie bags intended for those who played a portion successful organising Sir Stirling Moss’s unforgettable memorial work astatine Westminster Abbey past week were pilfered by different guests.

Not each bully news for nan pilferers. An point successful each container was monogrammed. So ‘A Thief’ whitethorn beryllium lumbered, for example, pinch an unfitting ‘DB’ for Derek Bell, who led immoderate prayers during nan service.

My generous position is that guests thought nan bags were a goodbye gift for all.

I americium happy to enactment arsenic a conduit for those who wish to return nan loot.

As for me, not guilty, M’Lud.

Bring nan noise!

Stefano Domenicali has raised nan imaginable of louder engines for 2030. A bully thought from nan main executive. F1 needs nan astir ear-splitting sound imaginable, which was nan lawsuit until nan V8s made measurement for nan hybrid era.

Eddie Jordan took imaginable sponsors, who were quavering complete whether to manus complete thousands of pounds, down to nan pits to bull an earful of what Ferrari’s erstwhile president Luca di Montezemolo called ‘music’.

We’ll see, successful owed course, what synthetic substance tin bring to nan chorus.

Stefano Domenicali (pictured) has raised nan imaginable of louder engines successful nan future

'AskMeAnything'... aliases not

Silence, brilliant astatine work. Somebody astatine nan FIA thought it mightiness beryllium a bully thought to motorboat a ‘AskMeAnything’ entreaty connected X/Twitter. ‘Drop your questions successful and we’ll reply nan champion ones,’ they promised.

Now, possibly they thought they would beryllium inundated pinch queries astir Angola’s grassroots karting improvement aliases a caller missive sent by nan MENA region and ACTAC sub-region.

But no. A swathe were much on nan lines of, ‘Why are you each a bunch of corrupt Red Bull sympathisers? And, ‘When are you going to rectify nan robbery that was nan 2021 world championship?’

Well, that worked retired well.

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