Kylian Mbappe's camp 'are having DOUBTS over Real Madrid's offer - even though it would make him the best-paid player at the club ' - as PSG wait for decision on his future

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  • Kylian Mbappe is yet to perpetrate his early to either PSG aliases Real Madrid 
  • Mbappe's squad are having doubts complete nan woody offered by nan LaLiga giants
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By Charlotte Daly For Mailonline

Published: 05:01 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 05:02 EST, 13 February 2024

Kylian Mbappe is yet to perpetrate his early to either Paris Saint-Germain aliases Real Madrid, pinch nan striker's squad reportedly having doubts complete nan woody offered by nan LaLiga giants. 

The French world has been heavy linked pinch a move distant from nan Parc des Princes and Real Madrid has been touted arsenic his astir apt destination. However, PSG are keen to support clasp of their superstar and necktie him to a caller deal.

Reports earlier successful nan week had suggested that a woody betwixt Mbappe and Real Madrid had been agreed, but consequent developments propose nan striker is still sitting connected nan fence. 

According to The Athletic, Mbappe has known nan conditions Madrid are consenting to connection him since nan commencement of January. However, his squad are not convinced by nan woody nan LaLiga giants person tabled. 

It is believed Madrid's connection was little than what was offered during nan club's erstwhile negotiations complete a transportation from PSG successful May 2022. Although, nan caller woody would still spot nan striker go nan highest-paid subordinate successful Madrid's squad. 

Kylian Mbappe is yet to perpetrate his early to either Paris Saint-Germain aliases Real Madrid

The striker's squad are reportedly having doubts complete nan woody offered by nan LaLiga giants

Fayza Lamari (L) who is some his mother and his agent, had stepped down arsenic his supplier precocious past twelvemonth but returned to correspond him aft FIFA relaxed their rules connected agents

According to nan Athletics' sources, Mbappe was offered a €130million (£110m; $140m signing prize and a net of €26m per twelvemonth successful 2022 erstwhile they began negotiating. 

Meanwhile, PSG presented Mbappe pinch a scope of contracts including semipermanent and short-term deals complete nan past mates of months to encourage nan 25-year-old to widen his enactment successful France. 

The projected deals would spot Mbappe stay connected nan aforesaid net he is connected now - which is said to be €75million aft tax, earlier immoderate bonuses, according to The Athletic's sources. 

Madrid tin not lucifer PSG's connection but nan club's president Florentino Perez reportedly remains assured he tin convince Mbappe to subordinate nan nine connected nan net provided successful their existent offer. 

Mbappe is presently being advised by his mother Fayza Lamari. She has go his supplier erstwhile again aft newspapers successful Spain had reported precocious past twelvemonth that she had to extremity representing her boy because of FIFA's regulations connected agents. 

While those rules person subsequently been 'relaxed' Lamari precocious stepped backmost into her position arsenic his agent and will apt play a immense domiciled successful nan adjacent measurement of his footballing journey. 

The striker's mother is good known for playing difficult shot erstwhile it comes to transportation business, with Lamari having also antecedently played hardball pinch her boy complete his wages.

Mbappe has been free to discuss pinch different clubs since January 1 aft entering nan last six months of his PSG contract. However, nine president Nasser Al-Khelaifi besides openly stated that he wanted nan winger to stay.   

Speaking to RMC, Al-Khelaifi said: 'Look, I'm not hiding anything. For judge I want Mbappe to stay. For maine he is nan champion successful nan world and for maine nan champion nine for Kylian is Paris.'

Saudi Arabian broadside Al-Hilal besides made an effort to motion Mbappe during nan 2023 summertime transportation window, offering nan striker a £173.2m-per-year woody to move to nan Middle East.

But, it seems arsenic though Real is excessively overmuch of an enticing action for Mbappe fixed nan truth he has turned down different clubs and returned to nan negotiating array aft antecedently rejecting them. 

Equally, winning some individual and squad honours is different entreaty for nan forward, who believes his champion chance of winning nan Champions League could beryllium pinch Real Madrid.

However, Ancelotti's broadside are struggling to lucifer nan connection tabled by Paris Saint-Germain 

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has made it clear nan nine want to support clasp of Mbappe 

In May 2022, Mbappe agreed a statement hold to enactment pinch his hometown nine until 2025