Kobbie Mainoo 'needs a run in the team', insists Paul Scholes, as he hails Manchester United youngster as the 'real deal' and says none of the midfielder's team-mates 'sense danger' like he does

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  • Paul Scholes wants Kobbie Mainoo to beryllium a regular starter for Manchester United
  • Scholes believes Mainoo is nan 'real deal' and tin bring equilibrium to nan midfield
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By Sam Brookes For Mailonline

Published: 16:48 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 16:48 EST, 29 November 2023

Paul Scholes has called for teenage midfielder Kobbie Mainoo to beryllium a imperishable fixture successful Manchester United's starting XI moving forward.

Mainoo caught nan oculus erstwhile he made his first Premier League commencement successful a 3-0 triumph against Everton connected Sunday, but was only utilized arsenic a second-half substitute successful United's 3-3 tie pinch Galatasaray.

The Red Devils struggled to incorporate Galatasaray successful a frantic end-to-end contest, and Scholes believes Mainoo must now beryllium fixed a starting domiciled arsenic he offers nan squad much power erstwhile he is playing.

'I deliberation Mainoo needs a tally successful nan team. And from what we saw astatine Everton connected Sunday, I deliberation now it’s clip to springiness him a chance,' Scholes told TNT Sports aft nan pulsating draw.

'This backmost four, they request protecting. No 1 senses threat arsenic overmuch arsenic this young lad. 

Paul Scholes has called for Kobbie Mainoo (right) to beryllium a regular starter for Man United

Scholes believes Mainoo spots threat good and tin thief United power matches better

'On Sunday, successful a dispute atmosphere, he looked nan existent deal. I don’t spot anyone other being capable to protect nan backmost 4 for illustration he tin do.'

Scholes's request to spot much of Mainoo came aft chap pundit Owen Hargreaves questioned nan existent equilibrium of nan squad successful nan mediate of nan park.

Speaking aft nan crippled pinch erstwhile United team-mates Scholes and Rio Ferdinand, Hargreaves said: 'I deliberation nan equilibrium successful midfield has been an rumor each season. There's nary protection successful there. 

'Rio, if I was doing that, you would person moaned astatine maine each game. "Why are you going up there? Why are you successful nan box? Why are you shooting? We're 2-0 up". The midfield equilibrium has been an rumor each play and that's thing they've sewage to fix.'

Scholes concurred, but suggested that Mainoo could supply that equilibrium arsenic he suits nan holding midfielder domiciled much than Sofyan Amrabat and Casemiro.

'He can't look to get it right,' Scholes added arsenic he assessed Erik 10 Hag's midfield options.

Sofyan Amrabat has struggled to person since joining connected indebtedness from Fiorentina successful nan summer

Scholes thinks Erik 10 Hag is still trying to find nan correct equilibrium successful his United midfield

'I think, ideally, he's a very attacking head and he'd for illustration to conscionable play 1 holding midfield player, and nan remainder of them spell guardant which is what he did astatine Ajax. 

'But that 1 subordinate they person successful there, Amrabat, Mainoo perchance mightiness beryllium tin of doing that, of controlling games of football. We've seen glimpses of it again coming erstwhile he came on. He came connected astatine a very difficult clip tonight, but he looks a man who could power games of shot to me. 

'I'm not judge Casemiro's that type unless he's sewage nan correct players astir him. I deliberation Owen's right, getting nan equilibrium of nan team, it's been a large problem for him. 

'Can he play nan one, tin he play nan 2 (holding midfielders)? He's struggled to really find a measurement of winning games and being ascendant successful games.'


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