'Killer' yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong 'turned her phone off around the time boyfriend's cyclist ex was murdered': Victim had been sending Armstrong's boyfriend photos just before her death

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Accused Texas love triangle slayer Kaitlin Armstrong turned her telephone disconnected astatine nan clip constabulary judge she was stalking and sidesplitting unfortunate Moriah 'Mo' Wilson, a constabulary forensic master testified Monday successful an Austin courtroom.

Armstrong, 35, whose faces execution charges successful her proceedings that began Oct. 30, made world headlines aft she fled Austin, Texas to Costa Rica to debar being charged pinch Wilson's execution past year. She precocious tried to flight from custody conscionable days earlier her proceedings began.

The alleged murderess, who cops opportunity spent hours connected nan time of nan execution pursuing her fellow and Wilson while they were retired connected nan municipality together, turned her telephone disconnected from astir 7:30 p.m. to 9:47 p.m. connected May 11, 2022, according to Fox News.

Wilson, who had dated Armstrong's fellow months before, was killed astir 9:20 pm, constabulary person antecedently testified.  

The past matter Wilson sent earlier she was murdered was besides revealed. 

'Just dropped immoderate in. Let maine cognize if these will work,' Wilson texted successful reference to immoderate photos she added to a Google difficult drive, according to Fox News. 

Moriah Wilson, known arsenic Mo, (left) and Colin Strickland (right) met because they were some members of nan master cycling community. Strickland was making love Armstrong astatine nan time, but nan 2 collapsed up for astir 2 months successful autumn 2021. During that time, Strickland testified he dated Wilson and later sewage backmost together pinch Wilson

Colin Strickland testified successful Armstrong's execution proceedings complete respective days, describing his narration pinch Armstrong arsenic tumultuous. The erstwhile cyclist lashed retired astatine members of nan media, assaulting respective photographers while exiting nan courtroom

While a fugitive, authorities opportunity Armstrong sewage a chemoreceptor job, brow assistance and changed her hairsbreadth colour to debar being recognized. This photograph supra reflects really nan yoga coach looked earlier becoming a execution suspect

Wilson sent nan snaps to Colin Strickland, Armstrong's fellow who knew Wilson because they were some stars successful nan cycling community. 

Strickland and Wilson had been successful intersexual narration successful precocious 2021 erstwhile Armstrong and Strickland had surgery up concisely earlier getting backmost together. 

A matter connection shown successful tribunal Monday betwixt Armstrong and a friend showed nan erstwhile yoga coach went connected picnic to Mexico unsocial while Strickland celebrated his day pinch Wilson during that break up.

'Well coming is his birthday. He's astatine location pinch a 24-year-old who whitethorn aliases whitethorn not person moved to Austin, and I'm successful Tulum solo. Mostly practicing, sound healing, meditating. Teaching some. Heading to massage now past Temezcal ceremonial for a detox and rebirth,' Armstrong texted Nov. 7, 2021 to a friend.

While nan integer trove connected Armstrong's telephone was limited, jurors besides saw a photograph of a 'scantily clad' female wearing only a bra and shorts aliases pants. 

Cyclist Moriah 'Mo' Wilson, had meal pinch Armstrong's fellow nan nighttime she was changeable and killed, prosecutors said.

The yoga coach is pictured earlier nan onslaught (left) and aft fleeing nan state (right). Police said she underwent integrative surgery, said to beryllium a chemoreceptor job, a brow lift, and her hairsbreadth dyed brownish while connected nan run

Armstrong's 2012 achromatic Jeep Grand Cherokee was spotted driving extracurricular nan Austin location of Wilson's friend, wherever nan cyclist was murdered

It's unclear who nan image is of, however, earlier successful this trial, Strickland testified  Armstrong hacked into his phone and sewage a clasp of sexy pic Wilson had texted him. 

Strickland told jurors he and Wilson met up connected May 11 since Wilson was successful municipality preparing for a title successful Texas. 

The pair, who he said were conscionable friends astatine nan clip of nan killing, went for a aquatics and later to a edifice for burgers and drinks.

He besides admitted he did not show his live-in woman he was having meal pinch Wilson to debar having a conflict. 

He saved Wilson connected his telephone nether a different name, 'Christine Walls.' 

After meal connected nan nighttime of nan murder, Strickland dropped Wilson disconnected astatine a friend's flat wherever she was staying.

Bombshell surveillance video showing Armstrong's achromatic Jeep circling nan artifact wherever nan duo was eating and astatine nan flat wherever Wilson was staying has besides been seen by nan jury.

In 1 clip, Armstrong's SUV tin been seen arriving, followed by weapon shots and bloodcurdling screams from Wilson. 

In caller days, investigators from nan Austin Police Department took to nan witnesser guidelines to opportunity Armstrong's conveyance GPS puts her astatine nan segment of nan crime, however, defense lawyers pushed backmost that location is nary grounds to show Armstrong was nan 1 driving nan achromatic Jeep.

Additionally, Armstrong's DNA was recovered connected Wilson's motorcycle which was extracurricular nan flat wherever nan shooting happened. Investigators did not opportunity if nan DNA was humor aliases immoderate different bodily fluid. 

Armstrong entered Costa Rica utilizing her sister's passports successful nan days aft an apprehension warrant was issued for her successful Austin, Texas. She was arrested weeks later

Armstrong is seen present arriving astatine George Bush Intercontinental Airport successful Houston arsenic she was brought backmost from Costa Rica

Austin constabulary issued an apprehension warrant for Armstrong wrong days of Wilson's murder, nevertheless nan yoga coach fled nan state utilizing her sister's passport-- flying from Austin to New York and later to Costa Rica. 

Jurors who will determine if Armstrong goes to situation besides heard grounds astir nan integrative room Armstrong underwent while she was connected nan run.

Armstrong paid $6,350 for a nose job, a brow assistance and filler to her lips and eyes to change her quality while she was a fugitive. She besides darkened her hair.

In Costa Rica, she utilized respective aliases, including 'Ari' and 'Allison' while staying astatine Don Jon's Lodge successful nan beachside municipality of Santa Teresa.

In July, US Marshals traveled to nan Central American state wherever they tracked her down. Costa Rican officials arrested Armstrong for entering nan state pinch a passport that wasn't hers. 

A fewer days earlier her proceedings started, she tried to tally distant again during a sojourn to a doctor's office. 

Officials person disclosed Armstrong faked a limb wounded successful bid to beryllium transported without limb irons, which is section protocol. She was seen vigorously moving retired successful nan days earlier he grounded 2nd escape. 

She is facing abstracted felony charges for nan botched jailhouse break. Armstrong could walk up to 99 years successful situation if convicted. Prosecutors are not pursuing nan decease penalty.  

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