Kelly Osbourne carries son Sidney as she enjoys day of retail therapy with mother Sharon in Beverly Hills

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Kelly Osbourne and her family enjoyed a time of unit therapy connected Monday. 

The star, 39, held her boy Sidney while shopping astatine Saks Fifth Avenue successful Beverly Hills pinch her mother Sharon Osbourne, 71.

Kelly - who recently attended nan Grammys pinch her partner Sid Wilson- was looking cool and casual for her time of shopping, pinch a achromatic beanie containing her violet locks and a brace of edgy sunglasses shielding her eyes.

She donned a achromatic long-sleeve top, jeans, and carried a woven leather purse. Her feet were slipped into cosy achromatic socks and trendy loafers.

Her mother Sharon was looking oh-so chic successful a pick turtleneck, achromatic trousers, and golden concatenation purse slung complete her shoulder.

Kelly Osbourne went shopping astatine Saks Fifth Avenue pinch her mother Sharon and boy Sidney successful Beverly Hills connected Monday 

She wore sunglasses, golden earrings, and carried a shopping container from designer Celine.

Kelly shares her boy pinch her partner, Slipknot musician Sid Wilson. 

Osbourne and Sid initially met successful 1999 erstwhile Slipknot played during nan Ozzfest festival, which was founded by her parents.

The brace yet reconnected years later, and a root confirmed that they were officially making love successful January of 2022.

A root said to People at nan clip and told nan media outlet that nan media characteristic and nan musician were 'very happy together.'

Osbourne went connected to corroborate that she was pregnant that May, and she gave commencement to a boy named Sidney, two, later that year.

Last year, during an quality connected Scheana Shay's podcast, Kelly admitted she 'went a small excessively far' losing her babe weight.  

She told Shay — who is besides a mother-of-one — that she went 'on a mission' to shed nan gestation pounds but mislaid much than she'd needed to.

Kelly carried her one-year-old boy against her waist arsenic she returned nan car pinch his stroller by her side

'[I was] connected a ngo aft having nan babe to suffer each [my] babe weight,' she said.

'Then I was like, "Well, I mislaid each nan babe weight. Let's spot really acold I tin spell pinch it." And past went a small excessively far.'

Kelly has had lifelong conflict pinch weight which antecedently drove her to activity surgical intervention.

In 2020, nan tv characteristic revealed that she had softly undergone gastric sleeve room 2 years before, starring to a jaw-dropping 85lb weight loss.

Kelly was looking cool and casual for her time of shopping, pinch a achromatic beanie containing her violet locks and a brace of edgy sunglasses shielding her eyes

She besides antecedently admitted to having injections to alteration nan style of her face, and make her jaw look 'skinnier,' aft suffering pinch TMJ (temporomandibular associated dysfunction).

Kelly isn't nan only personnel of her family who went done a assemblage translator this year.

Her mom Sharon precocious mislaid 42 pounds pinch nan thief of nan weight nonaccomplishment and glucosuria supplier Ozempic.

The supplier is besides known arsenic Wegovy — nan marque sanction for semaglutide, which useful successful nan encephalon to make users consciousness full.

Kelly shares her boy pinch her partner, Slipknot musician Sid Wilson; pictured astatine nan 66th Grammys 

In an question and reply pinch, nan erstwhile X Factor judge weighed successful connected nan effect her weight nonaccomplishment has had connected her health.

She said: 'I'm excessively gaunt, and I can't put immoderate weight on. I want to because I consciousness I'm excessively skinny. I'm nether 100 lbs, and I don't want to be.'

The prima added nan warning, 'Be observant what you wish for.'

In an question and reply pinch Piers Morgan successful September, Sharon said astir really nan supplier affected her: '[There were] astir 2 3 weeks wherever I felt nauseous nan full time. You get very thirsty and you don't eat.'

She besides discussed nan taxable arsenic she appeared connected Good Morning Britain.

Sharon told hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway: 'It does what it says connected nan packet, it perfectly does. But my only fearfulness is that it is put successful nan correct hands. I don't deliberation it's for teenagers astatine all.'