Kaylee McKeown goes agonisingly close to backstroke world record as Aussie swimming sensation dominates once again ahead of Olympics 2024

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  • Kaylee McKeown almost collapsed her ain world record 
  • Aussie sensation group nan benchmark successful Brisbane 
  • She will compete for Australia successful Paris adjacent month 

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Published: 08:09 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 08:22 EDT, 11 June 2024

Kaylee McKeown has swum nan second-fastest women's 100m backstroke ever - and past expressed disappointment.

McKeown came wrong eight-hundredths of a 2nd of her world grounds connected Tuesday nighttime astatine Australia's Olympic action tests successful Brisbane.

She clocked 57.41 seconds, nearing her benchmark of 57.33 group successful Budapest past October.

'I'm a small spot disappointed,' McKeown said.

'But I person booked myself different summons to Paris truthful that's conscionable different chance to spell faster.'

Kaylee McKeown almost collapsed her ain world grounds during nan Paris Olympics trials

The 22-year-old Aussie sensation made a immense connection successful nan women's 100m backstroke

McKeown will caput to Paris hoping to make a scatter astatine nan Games adjacent month

The 22-year-old now holds nan six fastest times successful nan event's history.

McKeown, nan reigning Olympic champion successful nan 100m and 200m backstroke, is adding nan 200m individual medley to her programme astatine adjacent month's Paris Games.

She group a Commonwealth grounds successful nan medley connected Monday nighttime - logging 2 minutes 6.63 seconds, nan fastest clip successful nan world this year.

'If you're going to get up and do a 200 (medley) astatine max effort, you're not going to travel successful nan adjacent time being refreshed - nary matter what you do,' McKeown said.

'So nan Olympics is conscionable for illustration that. If each goes to scheme I will person 9 individual events positive relays, truthful I person sewage to put myself successful harm's measurement here.'

McKeown was challenged connected nan opening thigh by Mollie O'Callaghan earlier pulling away.

O'Callaghan vanished 2nd successful 57.88, besides securing a spot successful nan arena for Paris.

But fixed her packed freestyle schedule, O'Callaghan is undecided whether she will title nan backstroke.

'The 100 backstroke for maine is simply a nosy event, I don't really train for it,' she said.

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