Katy Perry sizzles in a bra made out of beer cans before dressing as a giant red latex mushroom for the Halloween special of her $168m Las Vegas residency

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By Eleanor Dye For Mailonline

Published: 05:08 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 06:06 EDT, 1 November 2023

Katy Perry showed disconnected a scope of stunning outfits for nan show-stopping Halloween typical of her $168million Las Vegas residency connected Tuesday evening. 

The popular sensation, 39, is known for her agleam and kooky consciousness of style - and did not disappoint for her latest show astatine nan Resorts World Theatre. 

Strutting nan shape successful a bra made of crushed-up brew cans that harked backmost to her 2010 California Gurls euphony video, Katy sizzled successful a scope of sexy outfits. 

To fresh pinch nan spooky theme, Katy wore a Scream disguise while being dangled successful nan air. 

She later invited excited fans up onto nan shape for a costume party, including 1 dedicated follower who had dressed up arsenic nan popular princess herself.  

Dressed up: Katy Perry sizzled successful a bra made retired of brew cans arsenic 1 of galore flamboyant outfits for her Halloween Las Vegas special

Racy: The Part of Me songstress dressed successful a reddish latex bodysuit pinch sexy cutouts for her costume arsenic a elephantine mushroom

Spooky: Katy wore a shriek disguise arsenic she dangled successful nan aerial for nan creepy show

Theatrical: As she changed into a bubblegum pinkish and achromatic minidress, Katy looked shocked astatine nan quality of a shade connected stage 

Party time! Katy invited her fans up connected shape for a costume party, including 1 dedicated follower who had dressed up arsenic Katy herself 

After a speedy outfit change, nan Part Of Me songstress dressed successful latex to go a elephantine mushroom and wore a Scream disguise erstwhile she was dangled successful nan air.

She opted for a funky reddish toadstool chapeau teamed pinch a reddish latex bodysuit and fringed trousers pinch racy cut-outs to complete her look arsenic a human-sized mushroom. 

The bold and cartoon-like style of nan show is fitting for nan taxable of her residency, 'Play', which  includes elements specified arsenic a elephantine bed, toilet and look mask. 

The last show is owed to return spot connected November 4 aft almost 2 years of performance dates.  

Another costume alteration saw Katy take a bubblegum pinkish and achromatic candy-striped mini dress. 

The vocalist looked horrified arsenic a spooky astonishment took to nan shape successful nan shape of a shade holding a motion that publication 'KP6', a reference to her sixth imaginable album. 

Fans went chaotic astatine nan teasing of upcoming music, pinch 1 penning connected Twitter: 'One point astir Katy Perry she loves teasing nan katycats [her fans] I screameddd.'   

Katy hasn't released an medium since nan commencement of her girl Daisy Dove successful August 2020, whom she shares pinch fiancé Orlando Bloom. 

Putting connected a show: The brew tin bra harked backmost to her 2010 California Gurls euphony video

Theatrical: The cans managed to enactment connected arsenic Perry struck a assortment of poses

Theme: The bold group included a elephantine furniture (pictured) arsenic good arsenic elephantine toilet and look mask

Another one: Katy dressed successful a achromatic minidress pinch bold latex boots for an eye-catching show

The star turned 39 past week and has said she wished for nothing arsenic she feels for illustration she has it each already.

'I've sewage everything, I'm truthful blessed,' Perry told Entertainment Tonight arsenic she was presented pinch a barroom by American Idol judge Luke Bryan astatine nan show's Los Angeles auditions.

'I cognize what I'm wishing for, I'm wishing for peace,' she added as she blew retired her candles.

The Roar vocalist said that she was pinch her family connected her day and kept things 'so low-key.'

Perry was fixed a astonishment day statement by Bryan, their chap American Idol judge Lionel Richie and big Ryan Seacrest, earlier she was wished happy day by chap A-listers including Kim Kardashian. 

Katy and Orlando are owed to prima together successful a Peppa Pig Wedding Party Special. 

Adoring: It was a dream travel existent for fans arsenic they were capable to return selfies pinch their idol

Still sewage it: Katy kept up nan momentum arsenic she brings her tally of Vegas shows to an end

Soaring: She added a flowing achromatic cape for a witchy consciousness arsenic she dangled successful nan aerial connected a immense tyre

Eventful: Katy was asked to motion a fan's bare ft truthful he could get it tattooed 

Theme: Katy was joined connected shape by a elephantine container of take-out noodles 

Party party: Katy put connected a lively capacity arsenic she interacted pinch nan audience

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