Karine Jean-Pierre reveals it was Biden's choice to stage bumbling press conference on special counsel report and won't say whether full transcripts of the interviews will be released

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  • 'It was nan president's idea,' said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
  • Biden appeared for a hastily-arranged property convention past Thursday
  • He pushed backmost forcefully connected reports of 'diminished faculties' until he flubbed 

By Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:52 EST, 13 February 2024 | Updated: 12:57 EST, 13 February 2024

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that it was President Joe Biden's determination to look earlier journalists past week and take sides himself against a study that he was suffering 'diminished faculties.'

The determination backfired. 

After defending his representation against claims that he couldn't moreover retrieve erstwhile his beloved boy died, he mislaid nan news rhythm by referring to nan Egyptian president arsenic nan 'president of Mexico.'

During her regular briefing Tuesday, Jean-Pierre was asked whose determination it was to appear.

'It was nan president's idea,' she said.

President Joe Biden delivered a furious defense of his intelligence capabilities successful nan Diplomatic Reception Room of nan White House past week, earlier undermining his quality by muddling nan presidents of Egypt and Mexico

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that it had been Biden's ain determination to clasp an evening property conference

The quality highlighted a changeless statement wrong nan White House: How often should an 81-year-old president beryllium exposed to questions from reporters?

Aides often opportunity that Biden is his ain champion messenger, moreover if he has a agelong history of making gaffes.

And past Thursday was an illustration of nan the pros and cons of putting him successful beforehand of cameras. A furious Biden pushed backmost impressively against headlines astir his age, until precisely nan benignant of verbal gaffe that makes nan White House truthful tense astir his appearances.

Jean-Pierre said she would not get into nan backstage decision-making process

'You saw nan president spell out, do this, make a statement, return questions from each of you because he wanted to do it,' she said. 

'I'm not going to get into backstage conversations that nan president has.

'The president is nan president of nan United States. If he says he wants to speak straight to nan American group he's going to do that.'

The contention was triggered past week pinch publication of a typical counsel's study into really classified documents ended up astatine Biden's family location and an agency he utilized aft leaving nan vice presidency.

Robert Hur concluded that Biden should not look charges. But overmuch of his study painted nan president arsenic a befuddled aged man.

President Joe Biden will not beryllium criminally charged pinch stashing classified documents successful his car shed and backstage office 

Department of Justice photographs uncover boxes and boxes of files stored successful unsecure locations, specified arsenic nan car shed of his home.

'He did not retrieve erstwhile he was vice president, forgetting connected nan first time of nan question and reply erstwhile his word ended ("if it was 2013 - erstwhile did I extremity being Vice President?"), and forgetting connected nan 2nd time of nan question and reply erstwhile his word began ("in 2009, americium I still Vice President?"),' his study said.

'He did not remember, moreover wrong respective years, erstwhile his boy Beau died.'

The specifications person propelled Biden's precocious years backmost into nan spotlight astatine a clip erstwhile he is moving for a 2nd word successful nan White House, a word that would return him to nan property of 86.

Republicans are demanding that transcripts from interviews pinch nan typical counsel and his squad beryllium made public.

Jean-Pierre said nan White House counsel's agency was looking astatine nan question.

Special Counsel Robert Hur spent a twelvemonth investigating files recovered astatine President Joe Biden's location and erstwhile office. He said Biden's position arsenic president meant he could not beryllium prosecuted

The study specifications lapses successful Biden's memory, some successful conversations pinch his ghostwriter and pinch investigators. The conclusion is that jurors whitethorn person though he made an guiltless mistake

'I conscionable don't person thing to stock pinch you astatine this time. It is not a nary and it is not a yes,' she said.

'We are looking astatine this. There's processes, there's protocols.'

Last week, Ian Sams, spokesperson for nan counsel's office, did not norm retired releasing transcripts redacted to exclude classified material.

'I don’t person immoderate announcement connected releasing thing today, but it’s a reasonable mobility and location were classified worldly and we person to activity done each that,' he said. 

He besides said Hur had stepped measurement beyond nan remit of nan investigation and ignored Department of Justice guidelines.

'The Justice Department has its ain benignant of manual of procedures,' he said. 'And ... you're not expected to benignant of knock unindicted behaviour erstwhile you're making these determinations.'  

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