Karen Read and lawyer spotted cuddling up as jury deliberated whether she murdered her cop boyfriend

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Now that’s attorney-client privilege.

Karen Read was spotted cuddling up to her lawyer Alan Jackson extracurricular a high-end Boston steakhouse last week arsenic jurors deliberated complete whether she murdered her Boston bull fellow successful 2022.

The iPhone unrecorded photograph appeared to seizure Jackson, a prima criminal defense lawyer from Los Angeles, wrapping his customer successful an clasp — pinch 1 limb astir her midsection and different tight crossed her thorax — connected June 27 extracurricular Smith & Wollensky successful downtown Beantown.

In nan 1.5-second clip, Read, 44, appeared to grin arsenic Jackson — who wore a wedding ringing passim nan proceedings — grabs her while they watch 2 different group airs for a photograph extracurricular nan restaurant. 

A man resembling Alan Jackson appeared to clasp Karen Read Obtained by New York Post

The Post has verified that nan metadata of nan original photograph shows it was taken successful nan area of nan steakhouse arsenic nan assemblage deliberated. 

“I was eating meal pinch my woman and I happened to look retired and spot them outside, and it looked incorrect and inappropriate truthful I conscionable grabbed nan closest telephone and took a picture,” said nan photographer, who did not want to beryllium named.

“It was conscionable her lawyer kinda I don’t cognize what you would telephone it. It looked inappropriate for an attorney-client type situation.”

The Smith & Wollensky wherever nan threat was taken is not acold from a North End edifice wherever Read and Jackson were earlier photographed eating pinch members of nan ineligible team, and wearing nan aforesaid outfits seen successful nan clasp photograph – a acheronian sleeveless apical connected Read, and a navy bluish T-shirt and bluish jeans connected Jackson.

Karen Read’s proceedings ended successful a hung assemblage connected Monday. Alan Jackson and her ineligible squad called nan mistrial a triumph AP

Before nan embrace, Read was being beckoned to subordinate 2 group for a photo. Those people’s outfits — a bluish collared garment and acheronian shoes connected 1 man, and a rectangular achromatic watch connected nan different — matched nan aforesaid outfits worn by nan others successful nan North End meal photo.

The photograph was publicized connected nan X relationship Masshole Media tally by Kate Peter, who told The Post she was 1 of respective group who obtained nan shot.

Peter has been vocal successful her belief that Read is blameworthy of sidesplitting Officer John O’Keefe, and runs nan relationship arsenic 1 of respective partisan societal media pages that person cropped up successful nan aftermath of nan high-profile investigation. 

O’Keefe was recovered dormant successful a snowbank successful Canton, Massachusetts — extracurricular Boston — successful January 2022. Prosecutors alleged Read deed O’Keefe pinch her Lexus SUV and near him for dormant successful nan acold aft a nighttime of dense drinking. 

The 2 were seen extracurricular of Smith and Wollensky successful downtown Boston Obtained by New York Post
The female resembling Read laughs arsenic Jackson appears to clasp her Obtained by New York Post

Read hired a high-profile ineligible team, including Jackson — a high-flying erstwhile LA County charismatic who went connected to represent big-name clients, including Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. 

Jackson joined Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Lisa Kassabian successful 2011. 

In nan Read case, Jackson based on nan charges were a stitch-up by section cops who were retired to “pin it connected nan girl” and claimed that O’Keefe died during a confrontation pinch his constabulary pals.

Jackson has led galore high-profile cases earlier landing nan sensational Karen Read lawsuit AP

Read’s defense has won legions of supporters, who gathered successful nan hundreds extracurricular tribunal each time to protestation her innocence.

The months-long, live-streamed proceedings was a sensation successful nan Boston area.

Jackson’s statement besides appears to person won complete astatine slightest immoderate members of nan jury.

On Monday, nan judge ruled nan lawsuit a mistrial aft jurors couldn’t work together connected a unanimous verdict. The Norfolk County District Attorney said he plans to retry nan case.

Peter said she uploaded nan photograph to societal media, but because she utilized an Android device, nan image uploaded pinch glitches. 

As a result, Read supporters claimed it was clone aliases AI-generated.

Neither Jackson aliases Read responded to requests for remark from The Post connected Tuesday.

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