Kanye West and Bianca Censori had a 'HUGE fight' after he refused to listen to her pleas NOT to include anti-Semitic lyrics at his Vultures launch - as her friends accuse him of 'using her' for free promotion

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Kanye West and Bianca Censori had a immense conflict aft she warned him not to make anti-Semitic slurs astatine a listening arena for his caller album, according to insiders, who declare nan rustle retired was nan logic down his wife's nary show astatine his New York arena and after-party past week.

The arguable rapper, 46, was reportedly near fuming connected Thursday nighttime aft nan livestream from Chicago's United Center trim retired erstwhile he spewed nan lyrics: 'And I'm still crazy, bipolar, anti-Semite / And I'm still nan king.'

Bianca, 29, is said to person warned him astir singing nan problematic lyrics from his caller medium Vultures, and arsenic a consequence refused to be nan scheduled events successful New York nan pursuing night.

It comes arsenic those adjacent to nan Australian designer, who precocious made headlines for wearing a clear raincoat pinch thing underneath, fearfulness she is being 'used' by Kanye to beforehand nan divisive caller grounds – a associated task pinch Ty Dolla $ign.

Kanye West and his woman Bianca Censori sewage into a monolithic conflict complete his refusal to not singing anti-Semitic lyrics from his caller album, Vultures, according to reports 

Kanye took to nan shape connected Friday successful NYC astatine nan UBS arena - but Bianca was not location to support her hubby astatine nan event

As a consequence of their spat, Kanye arrived to his medium merchandise after-party astatine The Harbor (pictured) without Bianca. He reportedly near wrong 10 minutes without thanking organizers 

'Their statement Friday was because Kanye mislaid it erstwhile they trim disconnected his opus astatine nan listening arena nan nighttime before, owed to his unacceptable lyrics,' a root adjacent to Bianca told DailyMail.com exclusively.

'Bianca was trying to opportunity that he should not see different anti-Jewish lyric – particularly aft nan backlash he sewage successful Dubai erstwhile nan album's first anti-Semitic lyric surfaced.'

They continued: 'Kanye has been taking retired each of his frustrations complete this connected Bianca because he, literally, has nary 1 other that wants to perceive to his crap.

'He is utilizing her for free promotion, putting her connected nan screen of his album, utilizing her arsenic a exemplary for nan clothing and she is allowing him to person this control.

'She has virtually go a prop, for illustration a remote-control doll, that he tin get to do thing he wants.'

When nan rapper appeared successful New York City connected Friday for an charismatic listening arena astatine UBS Arena, Bianca was not by his side, and she grounded to show up for nan $300-a-ticket after-party astatine Harbor NYC Rooftop nightclub.

The home appeared to rile Kanye who reportedly arrived successful a 'nasty mood' wearing a afloat look disguise and near aft 10 minutes, overmuch to nan vexation of organizers.

'Kanye really screwed complete nan group who threw him nan after-party and he did not look to care,' a abstracted root told DailyMail.com.

Back successful 2021, up of nan merchandise of his 10th workplace medium Donda, he antecedently hosted aggregate listening parties for fans successful Chicago and Atlanta (pictured successful January 2024)

Kanye's medium screen for Vultures featured his wife, Bianca, showing disconnected her backside. A root adjacent to Bianca told DailyMail.com that Kanye was 'using her for free promotion' 

'He showed up respective hours precocious and he did not person Bianca pinch him. He was successful a nasty mood, and was wearing a disguise nan full time.

'Kanye stayed for 10 minutes and past near without thanking anyone who helped to shape nan event. The spot was packed pinch fans that wherever location to spot him and they were playing his caller album.'

The venue is owned by George Karavias, nan laminitis of Dream Hospitality Group, who has hosted bashes for everyone from Rhianna to A$AP Rocky.

The root added: 'Organizers put truthful overmuch into this to make it a phenomenal after-party for Kanye and his crew, only for him to wholly s**t connected them.'

Kanye announced his NYC arena for Vultures earlier this period – sharing a station that publication 'Vultures UBS Arena New York 02 09 24.'

The announcement came 2 months aft he debuted nan first single, Vulture, disconnected nan record, astatine a listening statement successful Dubai. Video footage showed him singing nan 'offensive' lyrics: 'How americium I anti-Semitic? I conscionable f***ed a Jewish b****.'

The lyrics prompted a furious backlash and was moreover condemned by nan American Jewish Committee, among others.

In December, Bianca reportedly pushed her hubby to apologize to nan Jewish organization - arsenic she was 'tired' of having to 'babysit' him and feared his behaviour was putting them successful danger. 

'She told him that his caller behaviour was unacceptable and that he needs to apologize because he was putting them successful threat and mounting a horrible illustration for his children,’ a root told DailyMail.com astatine nan time.

'Bianca is really sick of his attraction seeking and she knows that this is not who he genuinely is, but it is making her look for illustration she is anti-Semitic which is truthful acold from nan truth.

'She has galore Jewish friends who she loves dearly and he knows this.'

Kanye apologized successful Hebrew connected Instagram for immoderate offence cause, claiming he 'deeply regrets' his words  

Kanye acknowledged his behaviour connected Instagram, telling his 19 cardinal followers successful Hebrew: 'I profoundly regret immoderate symptom I whitethorn person caused.'

His apology came aft a drawstring of unhinged and violative outbursts, which included his anti-Semitic lyrics successful Dubai and praising Hitler astatine a listening statement successful Sin City successful December. Bianca was noticeably absent.

During his rant, he stated that 'all nan rich | f*****s' successful nan room person their kids successful 'Zionist schools.'

The root added: 'It is very upsetting to Bianca and he does it anyway. He conscionable waits until she is gone. By nan clip that she finds retired what he's done and said, it is excessively late.

'And now it's astatine nan constituent wherever she is starting to fearfulness for her information - not because of Kanye hurting her aliases thing for illustration that. It is much for illustration she fears that a Jewish extremist could perchance do thing to wounded some of them.'

During Thursday's listening arena successful Chicago, Veeps streaming work trim disconnected nan livestream erstwhile nan lyric 'I americium anti-Semitic' played 

Kanye's anti-Semitic behaviour started successful October 2022 erstwhile nan ex-husband of Kim Kardashian shared a tweet that stated he planned to spell 'death con 3 connected JEWISH PEOPLE.'

Shortly aft nan tweet, nan Praise God rapper told Piers Morgan he only meant to return purpose astatine definite circumstantial Jews, who he felt exploited him.

When nan talk show big contended nan comments were 'as racist arsenic thing you've been through,' nan Gold Digger rapper retorted, 'That's why I said it. I fought occurrence pinch fire.'

In an question and reply pinch right-wing talk show big Alex Jones successful early December, Kanye praised Hitler for his 'redeeming qualities.'