Kaitlin Armstrong trial: Jury of six men and eight women selected in case of 'killer' yoga teacher accused of murdering her love rival

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  • Opening statements will statesman tomorrow successful nan proceedings of Kaitlin Armstrong 
  • She is accused of murdering Moriah 'Mo' Wilson successful Austin successful May 2022 
  • Armstrong fled to Costa Rica past twelvemonth to debar arrest; she was caught successful July
  • Earlier this month, she tried to flight jailhouse guards during a sojourn to a doctor 

By Jen Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:40 EDT, 31 October 2023 | Updated: 14:59 EDT, 31 October 2023

A assemblage of 8 women and six men person been selected successful nan trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, nan Texas yoga coach accused of murdering her emotion rival past going connected nan tally successful May past year. 

Opening statements will statesman tomorrow astatine nan Travis County Criminal Courthouse. 

Armstrong, 36, has pleaded not blameworthy to murder. She is accused of shooting dormant Moriah 'Mo' Wilson successful May past twelvemonth aft Wilson returned location from a meal pinch Armstrong's boyfriend, Colin Strickland. 

Armstrong is accused of murdering pro-cyclist Moriah Wilson successful Austin successful May 2022, allegedly retired of jealousy complete her romance pinch Armstrong's fellow Colin Strickland

Wilson was described by her chap cyclists arsenic being 'all ray and laughter'. She was a prima successful nan cycling connection dubbed 'the winningest female successful America'

Armstrong was initially questioned by constabulary but was released connected a paperwork technicality because an serviceman filled retired her day of commencement incorrectly connected a form. 

Once free, she fled - first to New York past to Costa Rica, wherever she managed to walk 43 days evading nan authorities. 

She moreover underwent facial integrative room to change her appearance. 

The dramatics didn't extremity erstwhile she was successful custody. On October 11, arsenic she approached trial, Armstrong tried to fly again during a sojourn to a doctor's agency successful Austin. 

She had convinced jailhouse guards to return her for a master appointment, claiming she'd sustained a limb wounded while exercising successful custody.

While being led backmost to nan constabulary conveyance from nan doctor's office, Armstrong made a tally for it. 

A bystander filmed her sprinting towards a obstruction successful her achromatic and achromatic striped inmate jumpsuit earlier being tackled by a guard. 

US Marshals launched a monolithic manhunt for Armstrong aft she fled 

Prosecutors opportunity she murdered Wilson successful a suspicious rage aft discovering that she had been pinch Strickland. 

Strickland, who went into hiding aft nan execution while Armstrong remained connected nan run, had hidden their rendezvous from his girlfriend.

He and Wilson antecedently dated and had a communal emotion of cycling. 

The proceedings successful Austin is expected to past astatine slightest 2 weeks. A camera will beryllium allowed wrong for opening statements and closing arguments, but nan long of nan proceedings and mostly of nan grounds will not beryllium filmed, televised aliases livestreamed. 

If convicted, Armstrong faces nan remainder of her life successful prison.  

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