Kaitlin Armstrong trial begins with opening statements: Prosecutors say yoga teacher 'stood over' victim Mo Wilson and 'shot her in the heart' after learning she'd been texting her boyfriend

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  • Armstrong denies murdering Moriah 'Mo' Wilson successful Austin successful May 2022 
  • Her long-awaited execution proceedings originates coming pinch opening statements  
  • Prosecutors will telephone her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, to nan stand 
  • Caitlin Cash, nan friend who recovered Wilson's assemblage will besides attest astatine trial 
  • Prosecutors opportunity Armstrong's DNA was besides recovered connected Wilson's bike  

By Jen Smith, Chief Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:08 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 11:40 EDT, 1 November 2023

Prosecutors coming described really Texas yoga coach Kaitlin Armstrong stood complete her emotion rival Moriah 'Mo' Wilson and changeable her 'in nan heart' successful explosive opening statements to footwear disconnected her murder trial. 

Armstrong, 36, appeared successful tribunal successful a navy overgarment pinch her auburn hairsbreadth curled. She appeared to person returned to her earthy hairsbreadth colour aft dying it a darker shadiness and undergoing integrative room while connected nan run. 

She is accused of murdering Wilson successful acold blood, shooting her 3 times, successful May 2022, aft learning that she was texting her boyfriend, Colin Strickland. 

Armstrong denies nan charges. Her lawyers coming said they would attraction connected 'reason, uncertainty and communal sense'. Their remarks enraged prosecutors, who objected relentlessly throughout. 

Armstrong's lawyers said she fled Austin for New York and past Costa Rica aft an first constabulary question and reply because she was 'passionate astir walking and yoga' and had started to fearfulness for her information aft 'weird things' started happening astatine her home. 

Prosecutors told nan assemblage they would perceive Wilson's screams successful surveillance footage from nan scene, that they opportunity besides proves it was Armstrong who committed nan murder. 

Yoga coach Kaitlin Armstrong enters nan courtroom connected Wednesday for opening statements successful her execution trial 

Accused slayer Kaitlin Armstrong appears successful tribunal for opening statements successful her execution trial

Kaitlin Armstrong is accused of shooting dormant Moriah 'Mo' Wilson connected May 11, 2022, successful Austin

'On May 11, 2022, astatine 9.15pm , present successful Austin, Texas, nan past point Mo did connected this world was shriek successful terror. You will perceive those screams. 

'There is simply a surveillance camera pinch an audio coursing done it. 

'We will play it for you. You'll perceive those screams. You will besides perceive 'pam, pam,' nan charismatic said, clapping to mimic nan sound of gunshots. 

'Kaitlin Armstrong stood complete Mo Wilson and put a 3rd changeable correct successful Mo Wilson's heart,' he said. 

In summation to surveillance camera footage and compartment telephone evidence, nan prosecution says they will coming grounds from Strickland astir his romance pinch Armstrong and his relationship pinch Wilson. 

Wilson was killed aft a concealed day pinch Armstrong's boyfriend, Colin Strickland (shown). He went into hiding aft her decease while Armstrong was connected nan run 

Caitlin Cash, nan friend who Wilson was staying pinch erstwhile she was shot, will besides return nan stand. 

She will picture really she recovered Wilson successful her home, lying pinch her legs splayed retired 'as if she had been connected a run'. 

Armstrong was taken into custody past twelvemonth aft spending 43 days connected nan tally successful Costa Rica. 

Earlier this month, she attempted to fly jailhouse guards again during a sojourn to a doctor's office.  

US Marshals launched a monolithic manhunt for Armstrong aft she fled 

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