Justin Trudeau's ex-wife Sophie Grégoire is seen leaving Ottawa restaurant with her new beau Dr. Marcos Bettolli and her three kids - months after announcing her split from Canadian PM

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Just six months aft announcing her divided from Canadian premier curate Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau appears to beryllium relishing her return to life retired of nan governmental spotlight.

The 48-year-old mother of 3 has moved and recovered emotion again aft nan mates confirmed nan extremity of their 18-year matrimony successful early August. 

Last week, Sophie was said to person had 're-partnered' pinch an Ottawa pediatric surgeon months earlier her separation from Trudeau was announced, successful a divorcement declare made against nan doctor. 

And now, DailyMail.com tin uncover she has been surviving pinch Argentinian-born Dr. Marcos Bettolli successful nan loft-style condo he bought aft splitting from woman Ana Remonda successful 2020. 

Justin Trudeau's estranged woman Sophie appears to beryllium relishing her return to life retired of nan governmental spotlight six months aft announcing her separation from the Canadian premier minister

The 48-year-old mother of 3 was seen leaving a edifice pinch her kids (pictured supra pinch daughter Ella-Grace, 15) aft having meal pinch her caller beau and 2 friends successful Ottawa's Chinatown connected Saturday night 

The photos suggest Sophie's 3 children are good acquainted pinch their mother's caller partner, who was seen extending a protective manus for her boy Hadrien arsenic they crossed nan street, while Sophie trails behind 

The 2 were spotted again Monday greeting leaving Bettolli's place. The premier minister's erstwhile woman was seen dressed down arsenic opposed to her accustomed glammed up nationalist looks 

The location is located connected a quiet thoroughfare little than a mile from some nan premier minister's charismatic residence and nan location Bettolli erstwhile shared pinch Remonda and their 2 daughters, now aged 12 and 14. 

The third-floor condo, which boasts a rooftop terrace, has go a 2nd location for nan children Sophie shares pinch Justin – Xavier, 16, Ella-Grace, 15, and Hadrien, who turns 10 astatine nan extremity of this month.

The children were seen spending 2 nights pinch their mother astatine Bettolli's location this past weekend. 

Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show nan mates treated her children and 2 of their friends to meal connected Saturday nighttime astatine Yangtze edifice successful nan bosom of Ottawa's Chinatown. 

Exiting nan edifice pinch Sophie's youngest, Bettolli was seen protectively extending his limb arsenic they started to transverse nan street.

Bettolli is simply a 47-year-old pediatric surgeon astatine nan Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and an Associate Professor astatine nan University of Ottawa who is embroiled successful a bitter divorcement conflict pinch Remonda, 46.

A impermanent bid revenge successful November and obtained by DailyMail.com shows Bettolli is forking complete a whopping CA$13,647 (US$10,154) a period successful kid support, backstage schoolhouse fees, and spousal support to Remonda, who must salary Bettolli $1,333 ($991) a period successful kid support.

The diminutive doctor's narration pinch Sophie was revealed past October by governmental journalist Glen McGregor connected his blog, A Few Tasteful Snaps.

Bettolli is simply a 47-year-old pediatric surgeon astatine nan Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and an Associate Professor astatine nan University of Ottawa 

The children spent nan play astatine Bettolli's condo, wherever Sophie is now surviving aft her divided from Justin Trudeau 

In a divorcement petition revenge connected April 26, 2023, Bettolli's ex-wife Ana Remonda claimed that he had 're-partnered' pinch Sophie earlier her separation from nan Canadian premier curate was announced to nan world 

While it's not clear really agelong Sophie and Bettolli person been together, it appears nan narration started astatine slightest a fewer months earlier she and Justin publically announced their separation past August.

Remonda noted successful her April 26, 2023 divorcement petition successful nan Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Family Court that her hubby 'has re-partnered pinch a high-profile individual who attracts important media attention, and presents important information considerations, to which nan children are exposed while successful their father's care.' 

She claimed to return 'no position pinch respect to his narration and individual life', but feared Bettolli's narration 'may expose nan girls to imaginable media scrutiny and/or information concerns.'

Remonda alleged that Bettolli has not respected an statement they had 'that nan girls would not interact pinch nan caller partner … and it has caused nan girls' discomfort and anxiety.'

Bettolli countered successful his June 1 consequence that Remonda's cognition towards his caller narration 'is not successful nan children's champion interest' and claimed she had threatened to move backmost to Argentina if nan narration 'came to light'.

According to his tribunal filing, aft discovering his caller relationship, Remonda 'accessed his individual machine files and threatened to people backstage friendly photos of Marcos.'

In a associated connection past August, Sophie and Justin Trudeau said nan determination to divided came 'after galore meaningful and difficult conversations' and they insisted 'we stay a adjacent family pinch heavy emotion and respect for each different and for everything we person built and will proceed to build.'

Earlier connected Saturday, Sophie was potted going connected a brisk locomotion pinch a female friend done nan tony Rockcliffe Park neighborhood

Since her separation, Sophie is now free from nan information item she has had since Justin was elected successful 2015 and tin now bask stepping retired and astir aliases driving astir nan metropolis connected her own

The Canadian mates announced nan separation successful matching Instagram posts successful early August, confirming they had reached a ineligible statement and will stay amicable 

A connection from nan premier minister's agency said nan mates 'signed a ineligible separation statement [and] 'they person worked to guarantee that each ineligible and ethical steps pinch regards to their determination to abstracted person been taken, and will proceed to do truthful moving forward.'

It added: 'They stay a adjacent family, and Sophie and nan premier curate are focused connected raising their kids successful a safe, loving and collaborative environment. Both parents will beryllium a changeless beingness successful their children's lives and Canadians tin expect to often spot nan family together.'

Indeed, Sophie vacationed pinch Justin and their children successful Tofino, British Columbia, past summertime and joined them for a Christmas vacation astatine nan luxurious Prospect Estate and Villas successful Jamaica.

The RCMP, which is responsible for nan information of nan premier curate and his family, nary longer provides Sophie pinch protection but plainclothes members of nan unit travel nan Trudeau children everyplace – including to and from Bettolli's home.

'We spot them sitting extracurricular nan building successful SUVs and minivans,' a neighbour said. 'That's erstwhile we cognize nan children are visiting.'

Free from nan information item she has had since Justin was elected successful 2015, Sophie now enjoys getting down nan instrumentality of her sporty conveyance and driving astir nan metropolis connected her own. 

On Saturday she drove to a friend's location adjacent and nan 2 were later spotted going connected a brisk locomotion done nan tony Rockcliffe Park neighborhood.

Grégoire and Trudeau stock 3 children together. Two sons, Xavier, 15, Hadrien, 9 and girl Ella-Grace, 14

Trudeau pinch woman Sophie and their children Ella-Grace, Hadrien and Xavier successful 2021

They vowed to 'remain a adjacent family pinch heavy emotion and respect for 1 different and for everything they had built' successful their statement

The pursuing day, she drove to Le Germain Hotel and spent much than an hr visiting a friend from her autochthonal Montreal, Jacques-Alexandre Paquet, nan hotel's wide manager. 

They past went to Bettolli's condo earlier heading retired for a locomotion to prime up immoderate items astatine gourmet grocer Jacobsons.

Sophie – who describes herself connected Instagram arsenic a 'friend, state for equality, intelligence wellness writer [and] loving mom' – is owed to caput to Abu Dhabi adjacent period to subordinate chap Canadian Shania Twain arsenic a speaker astatine nan Forbes 30/50 Summit.

While it appears life is saccharine for Sophie since her divided from Justin, her caller beau is battling his ex successful court.

Bettolli and Remonda were teens erstwhile they started making love successful October 1991 and tied nan knot successful December 1998 successful Argentina. 

The mates moved to Ottawa successful July 2004 truthful Remonda could commencement a nine-month pastry programme astatine Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute.

'Marcos initially intended to stay successful Argentina, but discovered that he had amended employment opportunities successful Ottawa,' Remonda claimed successful her petition.

Trudeau extracurricular Rideau Cottage successful Ottawa successful March 2020. It was reported he would stay location pinch nan children amid nan couple's split 

In his answer, though, Bettolli said he 'gave up a lucrative profession opportunity successful Argentina to accommodate her wish' and nan move to Canada 'significantly group backmost Marcos's profession path.'

Remonda, who has a certificate successful edifice management, is described successful her ain tribunal filing arsenic 'a stay-at-home mother pinch minimal passive income' who had 'a important nett worth' erstwhile they joined successful 1998 acknowledgment to an inheritance of betwixt CA$4million and CA$5million successful 1991.

Remonda claimed she supported Bettolli while he studied medicine and covered galore of their family expenses, arsenic good arsenic nan costs to build a caller home. 

But, he claimed 'Ana did not support him financially anterior to their marriage' and blamed nan depletion of her nett worthy connected 'mismanagement of her investments,' including nan nonaccomplishment of 'a important magnitude of money successful a Ponzi scheme'.

Bettolli added: 'Ana is intentionally underemployed. At nan property of 46 she is good tin of moving and contributing to her ain financial support and needs.'

None of nan allegations successful nan filings person been proven successful court. Lawyers connected some sides person declined to comment.