Justice Samuel Alito's home flew upside down US flag symbolizing MAGA's 'Stop The Steal' as Supreme Court weighed 2020 election case

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  • A photograph has emerged of nan upside down emblem extracurricular his location successful January 2021
  • It raises superior questions complete his impartiality successful related ongoing cases 

By Isabelle Stanley For Dailymail.Com and Ap

Published: 22:16 EDT, 16 May 2024 | Updated: 22:27 EDT, 16 May 2024

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's location displayed an upside-down American flag, symbolizing MAGA's 'Stop The Steal' campaign, days aft Donald Trump supporters stormed nan Capitol. 

The inverted emblem has been utilized arsenic a motion of support for erstwhile President Donald Trump's mendacious claims that nan 2020 election was stolen from him. 

A photograph shows nan upside-down emblem flying extracurricular nan Justice's location connected January 17 2021, days aft Trump supporters stormed nan U.S. Capitol connected January 6, according to a new study successful The New York Times.

Dozens of nan rioters connected January 6 carried likewise inverted flags and chanted slogans for illustration 'Stop nan Steal.'

The study raises concerns astir Alito's impartiality arsenic nan ultimate tribunal considers 2 awesome cases related to nan attack, including charges faced by nan rioters and whether Trump has immunity from prosecution connected predetermination interference charges.

An upside-down American flag, a awesome associated pinch erstwhile President Donald Trump's mendacious claims of predetermination fraud, was displayed extracurricular nan location of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito successful January 2021

Judicial experts said nan emblem intelligibly violates morals rules group to debar moreover nan quality of bias.

At nan clip nan emblem was flying, nan tribunal was still considering whether to return up cases complete nan 2020 election. 

It yet rejected them complete dissent from 3 blimpish justices, including Alito, who was appointed by Republican President George W. Bush. 

He wrote that nan court's information of nan cases would person nary effect connected nan 2020 predetermination but 'would supply invaluable guidance for early elections.'

Alito, for his part, acknowledged nan beingness of nan emblem astatine his location successful Alexandria, Virginia, but said it was placed location by his wife.

'I had nary engagement whatsoever successful nan flying of nan flag,' Alito said successful an emailed connection to nan newspaper. 'It was concisely placed by Mrs. Alito successful consequence to a neighbor's usage of objectionable and personally insulting connection connected gait signs.'

Martha-Ann Alito had been successful a conflict pinch different family successful nan vicinity complete an anti-Trump motion connected their lawn, and neighbors besides interpreted nan emblem arsenic a governmental statement, nan Times reported. It isn´t clear really agelong nan emblem was flying.

Judicial morals codes attraction connected nan request for judges to beryllium independent, avoiding governmental statements aliases opinions connected matters they could beryllium called connected to decide. 

The inverted emblem (file photo) has been utilized arsenic a motion of support for erstwhile President Donald Trump 's mendacious claims that nan 2020 predetermination was stolen from him

The Supreme Court had agelong gone without its own code of ethics, but adopted 1 successful November 2023 successful nan look of sustained disapproval complete undisclosed trips and gifts from able benefactors to immoderate justices. The codification lacks a intends of enforcement, however.

Amanda Frost, a rule professor astatine nan University of Virginia, told nan newspaper that flying nan emblem upside down is 'the balanced of putting a `Stop nan Steal´ motion successful your yard, which is simply a problem if you´re deciding election-related cases.'

Even if it was placed by his spouse aliases personification other surviving successful nan home, 'he shouldn´t person it successful his gait arsenic his connection to nan world,' she said.

The Supreme Court has warned its ain labor astir nationalist displays indicating partisan leanings, nan newspaper reported. The tribunal did not respond to questions astir whether those rules use to justices.

The U.S. Flag Code states that nan American emblem is not to beryllium flown upside down 'except arsenic a awesome of dire distress successful lawsuit of utmost threat to life aliases property.' 

It has been utilized arsenic a protestation awesome connected some nan near and nan correct connected a scope of issues complete nan decades. It took disconnected arsenic a awesome of Trump's 'Stop nan Steal' run arsenic he dispersed mendacious claims that nan predetermination he mislaid to President Joe Biden had been stolen.

It comes arsenic different blimpish justice, Clarence Thomas, has ignored calls to recuse himself from cases related to nan 2020 predetermination over his wife, Ginni Thomas´, support for Trump and arsenic nationalist trust successful nan Supreme Court is astatine its lowest constituent successful astatine slightest 50 years. 

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