Jurgen Klopp has the 'Eye of the Tiger' as Liverpool chase farewell Premier League title for him, Dominic King tells It's All Kicking Off... as he tells tale of the German sinking shandies with Steven Gerrard

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Jurgen Klopp has nan 'eye of nan tiger' arsenic Liverpool pursuit a fairytale farewell for nan German boss, Mail Sport's Dominic King has told It's All Kicking Off.

The Reds person been relentless since Klopp announced he would beryllium leaving astatine nan extremity of nan campaign.

They person already claimed nan Carabao Cup and whitethorn yet triumph nan Premier League and nan UEFA Europa League to nonstop their celebrated leader disconnected successful style.

King, who reported extensively connected Klopp's era astatine Anfield, told nan podcast there's thing astir his demeanour astatine nan infinitesimal which doesn't bode good for their rivals.

He told a communicative from erstwhile Liverpool were chasing aggregate trophies successful 2022 erstwhile Klopp bumped into Anfield fable Steven Gerrard extracurricular his section pub successful Formby days earlier nan Champions League final.

Jurgen Klopp celebrates Liverpool's 2-1 triumph complete Brighton connected Sunday which moved them to nan apical of nan array acknowledgment to Manchester City's goalless tie pinch Arsenal

Mail Sport's Dominic King believes Klopp has nan 'eye of nan tiger' arsenic he prepares to opportunity goodbye to Anfield aft 9 successful years

The Reds could still triumph nan Premier League and Europa League to adhd to nan Carabao Cup

That season, Klopp's broadside had already won nan FA Cup and nan Carabao Cup but conscionable missed retired connected nan Premier League title by a constituent to Manchester City.

They would suffer 1-0 to Real Madrid successful nan Champions League last successful Paris a fewer days later.

'I was pinch Jurgen Klopp connected Wednesday astatine a pre-match property convention and he's conscionable sewage nan benignant of... I would opportunity he's sewage nan oculus of nan tiger astatine nan minute,' King told It's All Kicking Off.

'He looks akin to 2 years ago. I'll ne'er hide 2 years agone erstwhile they were going for nan quadruple. 

'And nan religion that he had successful nan squad was specified that 1 nighttime he took his canine for a locomotion astir for him to beryllium wherever he lives. 

'There's a very bully pub location called Freshfield. Steven Gerrard was successful location that night, it was a beautiful evening.

'Stevie was successful having a speedy shandy, arsenic you do earlier nan kids spell to bed. Next thing, Jurgen walks past and he's sewage his canine pinch him. And they spot each other, hug each other, and Jurgen sits down and has a pint pinch him.

'This was while he was like, he had nan title decided, I think, coming up, aliases it was either nan Champions League final, aliases location was a title decided, but he was conscionable truthful relaxed that he was, because of nan religion that he had successful his team. 

'You tin spot he's sewage that benignant of assurance backmost astir that he knows they're going to present for him. I conscionable deliberation he's sewage them successful a really, really bully place.'

King told nan communicative of Klopp's chance brushwood pinch Liverpool fable Steven Gerrard successful a Formby pub days earlier nan 2022 Champions League final

Gerrard and Klopp talk connected nan training crushed successful 2015 now agelong aft nan German arrived

Liverpool will beryllium gunning for revenge connected arch-rivals Manchester United - who knocked them retired nan FA Cup past period - erstwhile they return to Old Trafford successful nan convention this Sunday. 

Ex-Liverpool skipper Gerrard recalled nan communicative of his pub gathering pinch Klopp successful The Anfield Wrap's bid JURGEN, released past year. 

'He was stepping nan dog, I was sitting extracurricular pinch 1 of my friends having a mates of pints,' Gerrard said. 

'I shouted complete to wish him bully luck, because he had a Champions League last days later. I thought he'd beryllium successful nan zone. 

'He said to me: 'No, no, no. Go nan barroom and get maine a pint.' So we get him a pint. He ended up having 2 aliases three, he had a mates of smokes, his canine waited patiently, and we had a bully craic for astir apt complete an hour. About football, astir life successful Liverpool, his plans for nan future.

Klopp ended Liverpool's 30-year hold for a convention title successful 2020 and would emotion to triumph another

'He was conscionable really awesome institution to person and it was different from a shot environment, it was Jurgen successful his plain clothes, his canine stepping gear. 

'He was awesome pinch my mate, he made him consciousness portion of nan speech and I deliberation that conscionable sums nan man up.

'He's a genuine, humble character, who's sewage a beingness and an aura. And astatine nan aforesaid clip he's 1 of nan astir talented managers there's ever been. That's a typical person, for me.'

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