Jung Kook Ties The Record For The Most Hot 100 Hits Among Korean Solo Artists

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Jung Kook is backmost connected nan Hot 100 this week, though it's not arsenic if he ever left. The BTS superstar scores yet different solo deed connected Billboard's ranking of nan most-consumed songs successful nan U.S., and pinch 1 much win, he advances again connected nan all-time ranking of nan astir successful South Korean solo musicians.

This week, Jung Kook debuts astatine No. 44 connected nan Hot 100 pinch “Too Much.” The way is fronted by Australian popular vocalist The Kid Laroi, and besides features U.K.-based rapper Central Cee. The single, which is group to beryllium featured connected Laroi’s forthcoming album, lands nan apical debut connected this week's Hot 100.

“Too Much” is Jung Kook's 5th solo deed connected nan Hot 100. With different triumph to his name, he's now tied pinch chap South Korean superstar Psy for nan astir placements connected nan competitory tally among soloists from nan Asian nation.

With a 5th Hot 100-charter now included successful his discography, Jung Kook breaks retired of a necktie pinch 3 of his BTS bandmates. Before this week, he was connected nan aforesaid level arsenic J-Hope, Jimin and Suga. All 3 of those musicians are dependable pinch their 4 Hot 100 wins, and immoderate of them could cod a 5th astatine immoderate constituent successful nan future.

Looking astatine each K-pop acts, Jung Kook and Psy beryllium successful 3rd spot erstwhile counting nan astir Hot 100 placements. BTS runs nan show, arsenic usual, arsenic nan set has frankincense acold sent 26 different tracks to nan Hot 100. Coming successful 2nd spot is K-pop woman group Blackpink. That set has already accrued 9 wins connected nan tally.

As John Kook collects his 5th Hot 100 appearance, his 4th azygous to scope nan floor plan is still going strong. The singer's caller single, “3D,” which features rapper Jack Harlow, advances connected nan tally, lifting from No. 93 to No. 75. That track, which serves arsenic nan 2nd azygous from his forthcoming debut solo medium Golden, has now lived connected nan floor plan for a month.

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