Judge rejects effort to dismiss Trump Georgia case on First Amendment grounds

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Breaking down Trump's free reside claims successful Georgia predetermination case 03:28

A Georgia judge connected Thursday denied an effort by erstwhile President Donald Trump and 14 others to disregard nan 2020 election-related lawsuit successful Fulton County, ruling that nan First Amendment does not protect nan defendants from prosecution.

In a 14-page order, Judge Scott McAfee rejected nan statement put distant by nan defendants that nan charges break nan First Amendment's protections of governmental reside and nan correct to petition Congress.

"[F]ree reside — including governmental reside — is not without restriction," McAfee wrote. "These excluded categories see reside integral to criminal conduct, fraud, aliases reside presenting an imminent threat that nan Government tin prevent."

Trump and 18 different co-defendants were indicted past twelvemonth connected authorities charges by a expansive assemblage successful Fulton County, nan culmination of an investigation by District Attorney Fani Willis and her office. Prosecutors alleged nan defendants worked to overturn nan predetermination results successful Georgia aft Trump mislaid nan authorities successful 2020. Trump and astir of nan different defendants person pleaded not blameworthy and denied wrongdoing, while respective others person taken plea deals.

The erstwhile president faces 10 felony charges, aft McAfee dismissed 3 against him successful an earlier decision.

Defense attorneys challenged nan authorities laws underpinning nan charges, saying nan alleged violations were protected governmental speech. McAfee ruled that nan First Amendment's protections do not apply, since nan reside successful mobility is "alleged to person been made successful furtherance of criminal activity."

"Even halfway governmental reside addressing matters of nationalist interest is not impenetrable from prosecution if allegedly utilized to further criminal activity," nan judge wrote.

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