JPMorgan’s $365 Million Epstein Victims Settlement Won’t Teach Banks A Lesson

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Operational consequence is nan imaginable nonaccomplishment to net owed to people, processes, technology, and ... [+] outer events.


In nan past 4 months, JPMorgan has agreed to salary $365 cardinal successful settling lawsuits surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s activity trafficking operations. Only precocious did JPMorgan notify nan U.S. Department of Treasury that location had been complete $1 cardinal successful transactions astatine nan slope related to Epstein’s quality trafficking making love backmost 16 years. As erstwhile Congresswoman Jackie Speier sadly wrote, Epstein’s “15-year customer narration pinch JPMorgan Chase JPM exceeded nan ages of immoderate of his victims.” This is simply a slope that invests millions of dollars successful blase technological systems to value financial derivatives and to measurement nan value-at-risk of its multi-billion-dollar superior markets portfolios. Yet, we are to judge that it did not person nan systems to spot irregularities successful Epstein’s financial transactions for sixteen years.

Earlier this summer, Deutsche Bank besides agreed to salary $75 cardinal successful suit settlements, since aft JPMorgan nary longer wanted Epstein, he became a client. Somehow, nary 1 astatine Deutsche Bank thought to inquire why Epstein was yet nary longer invited astatine JPMorgan?

It would beryllium awesome to deliberation that JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank executives, and those of different large banks, person learned their instruction astir not allowing activity traffickers to beryllium their clients. Unfortunately, while $440 cardinal is simply a batch of money for mean mortals, it is not, for multi-trillion-dollar banks. Recidivism astatine banks is high. Until legislators attraction capable to creation laws that tin adjacent banks down for facilitating quality trafficking, slope executives and their shareholders will proceed to spot profits supra people.

Banks Lose Millions Annually Due To Operational Risk

Banks suffer millions of dollars each twelvemonth owed to failing, aliases refusing, to identify, measure, power aliases show operational consequence exposures. Operational consequence comprises a threat to an institution’s net and liquidity owed to problems pinch people, processes (such arsenic cognize your customer and detecting anti-money laundering), technology/systems, and outer events (i.e., 3rd statement vendors, civilian unrest, terrorism, and earthy disasters.)

Operational consequence is simply a important root of consequence for banks and often plays a very important domiciled successful nan origin of banking crises. And it surely played a large portion successful nan 2007-2009 financial situation arsenic exemplified by cases of soul and outer fraud, complete dependence connected models, and deficiency of owed diligence successful lending and securitization underwriting.

In comparison to different sectors of nan economy, banks many times look much often successful lists of apical norm violators and salary overmuch larger fines. From 2000 - August 2023, American banks and overseas slope operations (FBOs) operating successful nan U.S. person had fines aliases settlements totaling complete a 4th of a trillion dollars.

Banks successful nan U.S. person spent complete a 4th of a trillion dollars connected numerous, important ... [+] violations.

Data from Violations Tracker.

Updated Operational Risk Bank Rules Should Be Welcome

Operational consequence identification, measurement, control, and guidance has agelong been nan astir neglected portion of wide consequence guidance astatine banks. Until nan Basel Committee connected Banking Supervision included operational consequence successful Basel II successful 2006, banks globally tended to specify operational consequence successful different ways, moreover successful nan aforesaid institution. Not having a azygous determination crossed an endeavor past makes it very difficult to decently identify, measure, and power operational risk.

Even erstwhile operational consequence was included successful Basel II, it was nan slightest robust portion of Pillar I, successful comparison to in installments and marketplace risks. Additionally, successful conscionable astir each jurisdiction, banks spent importantly much clip trying to comply pinch in installments and marketplace consequence measurements, while operational consequence received a batch little attention. Moreover, allowing nan largest banks nan elasticity to usage models to measurement operational consequence has besides meant that it is very difficult for marketplace participants to understand nan grade of operational consequence banks person and really it is being mitigated, if astatine all, successful immoderate cases. Improving nan capacity of operational consequence models would alteration slope consequence mangers to amended place violations of anti-money laundering and quality trafficking processes.

At nan extremity of July, U.S. slope regulators projected changes successful really large banks successful nan U.S. would beryllium required to measurement operational risk. Since slope regulators gave nan manufacture complete 120 days to comment, nan process is moving arsenic it was designed to do so. Despite really beneficial updated Basel III’s operational consequence measurements could be, slope lobbyists person launched a full-scale battle connected slope regulators’ proposal. They reason that slope rules will trim lending; ne'er mind that banks tin trim their consequence without reducing lending to in installments worthy companies and individuals. Bank lobbyists do not mention really it is that banks support violating processes and laws without overmuch consequence. Imagine really overmuch much banks could lend to nan existent economy, if they respected operational consequence guidance and did not look nan different measurement nan adjacent clip different Epstein shows up connected their customer lists.

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