Jonny May admits he is grateful he can retire from England 'on his own terms' after initial Rugby World Cup snub before his late call-up - as winger reflects on his 'special and amazing' career which saw 36 tries in 78 Tests

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  • The Gloucester helping retires 10 years aft his debut against Argentina successful 2013
  • May missed retired successful nan first call-up but joined nan campy aft Watson's injury 
  • 33-year-old named his last effort astatine Twickenham arsenic 1 of his astir memorable 

By Tamara Prenn For Mailonline

Published: 10:28 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 10:39 EDT, 1 November 2023

Jonny May says he has 'made peace' pinch his determination to discontinue from Test rugby and shared his gratitude astatine being capable to 'walk distant connected his ain terms' successful a caller interview. 

The England world announced his determination to locomotion distant from Steve Borthwick's broadside connected Tuesday 10 years aft making his debut against Argentina successful 2013. 

The 33-year-old scored 36 tries successful his 78 world appearances, and was capable to spell retired pinch a bang arsenic portion of nan Red Roses' World Cup broadside - contempt initially missing out. 

May was called up aft Anthony Watson dropped retired of nan squad up of nan title due to a calf injury, and went connected to characteristic successful England's excavation wins against Argentina, Japan, and Samoa, arsenic good arsenic their quarter-final triumph against Fiji. 

The Gloucester helping pulled connected an England garment for nan last clip against South Africa successful nan semi-final, which saw his broadside suffer by a heartbreaking solitary constituent to nan eventual champions. 

Jonny May has announced his Test rugby status aft gaining 78 England caps successful 10 years

Although initially snubbed, May made his measurement to France aft Anthony Watson picked up a calf wounded earlier nan tournament

But nan expertise to compete successful 1 last title capped an awesome profession for May, who admitted he was 'ready' to measurement backmost from this facet of nan game. 

'I conscionable consciousness for illustration I americium astatine bid pinch really my world profession has gone,' May told Sky Sports. 'I americium nan incorrect broadside of 30 now and to get to a 3rd World Cup is astonishing and nan squad feels for illustration it is successful a awesome place.

'It conscionable felt for illustration I americium fresh to move connected from nan world game.

'As overmuch arsenic I person loved it and it has been a immense portion of my life and my career, I americium conscionable fresh to measurement down now.'

'It would person been a shame to discontinue aft not making a squad and location was decidedly immoderate reliable times and immoderate reliable conversations pinch Steve (Borthwick) arsenic good astir selection.

'I americium gladsome I hung successful location and we did person a bully World Cup disconnected nan backmost of a challenging Summer Series.

'To get to a semi-final and put successful nan capacity we did against South Africa and get so, truthful close, I consciousness for illustration we person done ourselves proud and I americium surely proud of nan boys arsenic well.

'It was worthy hanging astir for and I consciousness very grateful to beryllium capable to locomotion distant connected my position aft a World Cup. That is very lucky, not galore players get to do that.'  

May retires arsenic nan second-highest try-scorer successful England's history, and he saved clip to laud his last one, completed against Fiji astatine Twickenham successful August successful beforehand of a location crowd. 

England were disappointment by eventual back-to-back champions South Africa successful nan semi-final

May shared that he had a number of conversations pinch Steve Borthwick upon rejoining side

The helping scored his last extremity successful beforehand of a location crowd astatine Twickenham against Fiji successful August

'So galore typical and astonishing experiences. Thirty-six tries, location person been immoderate typical ones wrong that,' May said. 'My first 1 against New Zealand to my past 1 astatine Twickenham successful beforehand of my new-born boy and my wife.

'I really can't pick, but I americium conscionable successful specified a bully spot pinch it successful position of emotion very, very grateful and thankful and conscionable affirmative astir everything to do pinch my England career. I wouldn't alteration immoderate of it.

'To make this 3rd World Cup, I wouldn't person said that aft nan past 1 if I americium honorable pinch you.

'To execute 78 caps, particularly connected nan wing, it is reliable going to bent successful there.'

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