Joe Cordina never wanted to be a boxer but is now a two-time world champion... spurred on by the fear of losing and providing for his three children, the Welshman is ready to 'put it all on the line' in his first title defence against Edward Vazquez

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Joe Cordina says he ne'er wanted to beryllium a boxer and that he only tried nan athletics to make his dada happy earlier opening up connected nan debased constituent successful his life that made him see stepping distant from nan master game.

Cordina - who will take sides his world super-featherweight title for nan first clip against Edward Vazquez successful Monte Carlo connected Saturday nighttime - has enjoyed a successful boxing career.

The Welshman attended nan Olympic Games, turned master successful 2017 and reclaimed his IBF loop by beating Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov by divided determination successful April aft he was stripped of it past twelvemonth owed to injury.

However, Cordina had ne'er planned to beryllium a boxer. Instead, he enjoying playing rugby pinch his friends and only put connected a brace of gloves aft his begetter encouraged him to springiness nan athletics a go.

Speaking to Wales Online, Cordina said: 'I didn't moreover want to container to beryllium honest. I was ever fighting erstwhile I was playing rugby. I conscionable didn't return immoderate messing astir from anyone, and wouldn't beryllium bullied. It ended up maine getting sent disconnected a lot, truthful I had to calm that down and sound it connected nan head.'

Joe Cordina is simply a two-time world champion aft admitting he ne'er wanted to beryllium a boxer

Cordina is now group to put his title connected nan statement for nan first clip against Edward Vazquez (right)

Cordina went connected to in installments his begetter for getting him into boxing, saying he decided to springiness nan athletics a spell astatine a young property but admitted he was 'scared' erstwhile he first started out.

'If my dada said jump disconnected a cliff, past I'm gonna do it. If he told maine to jump into fire, I'd do it. I do immoderate he says. I retrieve he asked maine if I wanted a conflict and I conscionable thought "go connected then. I'll person one".

'That first conflict it was astatine a marquee and I'm looking retired done nan shelter and he's there. I conscionable thought 'Oh my God'. If he wasn't location I would person sewage my container and changeable off. I was scared. I'm not gonna lie.

'I was frightened of getting embarrassed. Scared of losing. Scared of letting my family down, my dada down. 

'I cognize he wouldn't person felt for illustration that. He'd beryllium proud sloppy of what I do, but it's that fearfulness of losing. I don't for illustration losing. If I mislaid successful FIFA aliases Call of Duty I'd beryllium nan 1 smashing up nan controller!'.

Since turning professional, Cordina has fought 16 times pinch 16 wins and nary losses. Some of Cordina's champion fights and notable victories see wins complete Kenichi Ogawa, Shavkat Rakhimov, Gavin Gwynne, Sean Dodd, Joshuah Hernandez, Andy Townend, and Hakim Ben Ali.

Cordina is unbeaten successful 16 fights since turning master successful 2017 aft nan 2016 Olympics

Cordina considered stepping distant from nan spot past twelvemonth aft he was stripped of his world title pursuing manus surgery

The 31-year-old opted to conflict connected and won his IBF world title backmost earlier this year

However, it's not each been plain-sailing for Cordina. He knowledgeable an all-time debased successful October 2022 aft he was forced to relinquish his super-featherweight title past twelvemonth pursuing a superior manus injury.

Cordina said he felt 'robbed' aft being stripped of his IBF super-featherweight world title aft being forced to propulsion retired of his first bout pinch Shavkat Rakhimov owed to a manus injury.

The Welshman, who became world champion connected an exhilarating evening successful his hometown Cardiff, had been owed to take sides his loop against mandatory challenger Rakhimov.

However, an wounded to his manus meant he was forced to retreat from nan conflict - which was owed to return spot successful Abu Dhabi. As a result, Cordina was stripped of his title.

'It was hard. I'm not going to lie. I was successful a spot of a bad place. I didn't cognize if I was going to transportation connected and I really thought I was going to telephone it a day. I said to my wife, and she told maine I'd beryllium fine. I said to nan surgeon. He besides said I'd beryllium good and backmost punching successful 3 months.'

Now Cordina is looking to hit Vazquez successful a venue adjacent to his bosom - nan Casino de Monte Carlo Salle Medecin successful Monte Carlo connected Saturday night. Cordina will beryllium headlining nan arena 4 years aft he first featured successful Monaco.

Speaking up of nan conflict astatine Thursday's property conference, Cordina said: 'Vazquez said successful an question and reply he thinks I americium taking him lightly.

'I person ne'er taken a journeyman lightly, ne'er mind a world title fight. This is simply a conflict that is going to perchance group up my early and my family's future.

'I person 3 kids to look after. So, each clip it gets tough, I deliberation of my kids. I cognize he is going to put it each connected nan statement and I americium consenting to do that too.'

Cordina went connected to add: 'Vazquez is going to bring it. It's a large opportunity for him. He's a bully fighter. I person watched his conflict against (Ray) Ford and I deliberation he should person had it. He's going to bring his A crippled and he's going to bring nan power but I americium fresh to lucifer immoderate he brings.

Cordina has revealed nan fearfulness of losing and his 3 children person fixed him each nan information he needs up of his conflict successful Monte-Carlo this weekend

'People said I ne'er had power, now look astatine my knockouts. Then they were saying I tin only look beautiful successful nan ringing but I unopen plentifulness of boxers down. Now, if you travel into nan gym and spot really I spar and really I train, I do it connected nan daily.'

The two-time IBF super-featherweight champion went connected to talk his conflict pinch Rakhimov and praised nan 29-year-old for forcing him 'out of first gear'.

Cordina said: 'The conflict pinch Rakhimov is nan only conflict successful my pro profession that I person had to get retired of first gear. Vazquez is saying I americium cocky because I said you person to beryllium typical to hit me. I americium not being cocky, it's conscionable I judge successful my ability.

'I person done it clip and clip again arsenic a pro. And I person done it each passim my amateur career, 180 overseas amateur fights.'

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