Joe Biden's felon son Hunter is joining White House meetings and official calls with top aides in the aftermath of his dad's disastrous debate performance

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  • Hunter Biden has sat successful connected White House meetings this week, NBC reported 
  • 'What nan hellhole is happening?' immoderate elder unit has said 
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By Nikki Schwab, Chief Campaign Correspondent For Dailymail.Com In Washington, D.C.

Published: 17:22 EDT, 2 July 2024 | Updated: 07:46 EDT, 3 July 2024

Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings this week aft spending nan play astatine Camp David pinch his dada connected nan heels of President Joe Biden's disastrous statement performance.

NBC News reported Tuesday connected Hunter's beingness connected calls and successful meetings connected nan White House field arsenic nan 81-year-old president's governmental early hangs successful nan balance. 

Hunter was convicted past period connected felony weapon charges and is still nether indictment for taxation crimes though 'popped into' a mates of meetings, 1 root said. 

'What nan hellhole is happening?' has been nan guidance of immoderate elder staff, different root told nan network.

Hunter's addiction to ace cocaine and his overseas business dealings person been a years-long governmental headache for his father, yet Biden has kept his only surviving boy close. 

Hunter Biden has joined White House meetings this week NBC reported Tuesday, aft spending nan play astatine Camp David pinch his dada connected nan heels of President Joe Biden 's disastrous statement performance

Hunter Biden (left) is seen returning to nan White House Monday evening alongside (from left) boy Beau, President Joe Biden, Melissa Cohen and first woman Jill Biden 

The president rushed to Delaware past period to hug Hunter connected nan tarmac hours aft a assemblage decided he was blameworthy of lying astir his sobriety erstwhile buying a gun. 

The first son, his woman Melissa Cohen and babe Beau past jetted disconnected location to California. 

Hunter reappeared pinch his begetter arsenic they disembarked Marine One Monday evening astatine Fort McNair. 

The Biden family posed for a photoshoot pinch famed manner photographer Annie Leibovitz astatine Camp David complete nan weekend, arsenic they pushed nan 81-year-old president to clasp nan people successful his embattled reelection bid.

During Tuesday's property briefing, White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre pointed to nan upcoming Fourth of July vacation to explicate Hunter being alongside his dada and sitting successful astatine slightest 1 White House meeting.

'This is simply a vacation week, Fourth of July,' Jean-Pierre said. 

'He spent clip pinch his family, arsenic you each cognize and reported, astatine Camp David. Hunter came backmost pinch him and walked pinch him into that meeting, that reside prep, and he ended up spending clip pinch his dada and his family that night. That is fundamentally what happened,' she continued. 

White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed Hunter Biden sat successful connected a reside prep gathering Monday nighttime pinch President Joe Biden, explaining that nan first boy is hanging astir because 'this is simply a vacation week' 

Democrats are successful disarray aft President Joe Biden's disastrous statement capacity Thursday nighttime against erstwhile President Donald Trump successful Atlanta. His family huddled astatine Camp David complete nan play and encouraged nan 81-year-old to enactment successful nan 2024 race

Biden said for little than 5 minutes Monday nighttime connected nan Supreme Court's statesmanlike immunity determination - a triumph for rival, erstwhile President Donald Trump - and past walked retired of nan Cross Hall without taking questions. 

When Jean-Pierre was pressed connected whether Hunter was sitting successful connected meetings pinch elder advisers, she reiterated that nan first boy was connected manus for Monday's reside prep. 

'Anything other coming retired of that repoting I can't speak to,' she said. 

NBC's reporting said that Hunter was progressive successful respective meetings and calls. 

'But I tin opportunity that, you know, he's adjacent to his family, which is not unusual,' Jean-Pierre said of nan president. 'They were together astatine Camp David. They came backmost together. You're gonna spot a batch much family this week.'  

The president and first woman will big nan accepted Fourth of July gathering connected nan South Lawn Thursday. 

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