Joe Biden, 81, jokes he has a code to 'blow up the world' and appears to think Donald Trump is a congressman in gaffe-strewn visit to windmill factory

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  • Biden was visiting world's biggest shaper of upwind turbines successful Colorado
  • He joked astir nan 'nuclear football' carried by his subject aide 

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor

Published: 16:48 EST, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 17:23 EST, 29 November 2023

Joe Biden joked that he had a 'code to rustle up nan world' arsenic he chatted astir nuclear weapons connected a sojourn to nan world's largest windmill factory.

The president went connected to mistakenly telephone his predecessor 'Congressman Trump' successful a gaffe-strewn appearance.

As he approached 3 yellow-vested workers astatine nan installation successful Colorado one of them appeared to inquire nan president an inaudible question.

Biden responded: 'Now look, my, my marine carries that. It has a codification to rustle up nan world. That doesn't, this is not....nuclear weapons is it....alright, deliberation I'm kidding.'

Biden told windmill workers he had a codification to  'blow up nan world' 

The codes for launching atomic weapons - which are connected a paper known arsenic nan 'nuclear biscuit' - are carried successful a achromatic lawsuit called nan 'nuclear football'.

A subject adjutant carries nan lawsuit and stays adjacent to nan president erstwhile he is traveling.

In a consequent reside at CS Wind successful Pueblo, Colorado, Biden attacked cuts he said 'Congressman Trump and Boebert want to do.'

That was a reference to Lauren Boebert, nan Republican Colorado congresswoman whose territory he visited connected his trip.

The 'nuclear football' is officially known arsenic nan Presidential Emergency Satchel.

It is simply a bulky briefcase that contains atomic warfare plans and enables nan president to transmit atomic orders to nan Pentagon.

The dense lawsuit is carried by a subject serviceman who is ne'er acold down nan president, whether nan commander-in-chief is boarding a chopper aliases exiting meetings pinch world leaders.

In nan precocious 1950s, President Dwight Eisenhower and his advisers worried astir vulnerability to a atomic astonishment attack.

So that nan president could make speedy decisions a subject adjutant started carrying a satchel of documents that would thief him pass pinch nan Pentagon.

A subject adjutant carries nan 'nuclear football' which contains motorboat codes for atomic weapons

The atomic shot leaves Downing Street aft Joe Biden visits British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak connected Jul 10, 2023

Initially, nan satchel and subject adjutant followed nan president only during recreation extracurricular of Washington. 

In nan early 1960s nether President John F. Kennedy it became known arsenic nan 'football'.

This is believed to person been owed to nan Kennedy family’s liking for touch football.

Some vice presidents person besides been accompanied by a subject adjutant carrying a 'nuclear football' truthful they would person nan codes successful lawsuit thing happened to nan president.

Joe Biden called his predecessor 'Congressman Trump'

Biden sewage mixed up arsenic he was criticizing Republican Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert

When he landed successful Pueblo, Colorado Biden grounded to extremity to meet those assembled to shake hands him.

He did not look to spot aliases astatine first moreover admit Senator John Hickenlooper aliases Mayor Nick Gradisar.

Instead, he walked consecutive toward ‘the Beast,’ his armored statesmanlike limousine.

Before he sewage in, he was alerted to nan oversight and spent respective minutes pinch nan 2 dignitaries.

Joe Biden gestures during his sojourn astatine CS Wind, nan largest upwind building shaper successful nan world, successful Pueblo, Colorado

In his reside astatine nan upwind turbine mill he later apologized.

He said: ‘I knew I was moving precocious truthful I came correct down nan stairs to Air Force One. I ran correct by.’

Biden had besides stumbled somewhat while boarding nan level erstwhile mounting retired for nan travel to Pueblo, quickly grabbing a railing and regaining his balance.

The president utilized his reside to slam Boebert, whose territory includes nan upwind turbine factory.

He attacked her for opposing his Inflation Reduction Act, which he credited for bringing backmost jobs astatine nan reopened factory, which is now owned by a South Korean firm.

‘She called this rule a monolithic failure. You each cognize you’re portion of a monolithic failure?” Biden asked nan crowd.

'‘It each sounds for illustration a monolithic nonaccomplishment successful reasoning by nan congresswoman.’