Jockey is BARRED from racing in the Melbourne Cup carnival after his attempt to do a mate a favour went horribly wrong

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  •  Daniel Moor pulled from racing astatine Melbourne Cup carnival
  •  Jockey suffered concussion successful incident connected Monday
  •  Moor says he was conscionable doing a favour for different jockey

By James Cooney For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 00:44 EDT, 1 November 2023 | Updated: 02:30 EDT, 1 November 2023

Aussie Jockey Daniel Moor has been ruled retired of nan Melbourne Cup carnival aft his effort to thief retired a friend went horribly wrong.

Moor, 39, was concussed successful an incident involving a equine astatine nan Cranbourne jump-outs connected Monday.

Under Racing Victoria's concussion protocols, Moor cannot title for 12 days.

'Another jockey had double-booked himself, I was doing a favour,' Moor told RSN radio.

'The equine was fine, a beautiful, quiet horse, he conscionable anticipated nan jump excessively accelerated retired of nan barriers.

Daniel Moor has been ruled retired of nan Melbourne Cup carnival aft suffering a concussion

The jockey was knocked successful nan caput by a horses caput and cervix while riding

'He came down connected his chemoreceptor and past erstwhile he bopped backmost up his caput and cervix benignant of bopped maine successful nan face.

'I was seeing stars for a fewer minutes location but vanished connected nan proceedings and past sewage disconnected and felt a spot groggy. I deliberation everyone's erring connected nan broadside of be aware and having to do this 12-day stand-down.'

The jockey explained that being struck by nan horse's caput while racing is simply a very communal danger.

'You've conscionable sewage to beryllium speedy capable to get your caput retired of nan measurement and unluckily this clip I wasn't,' he said.

In a connection posted connected societal media, Moor said it was frustrating to beryllium ruled retired of nan carnival. 

'As I consciousness successful bully health, it is (a) very frustrating and disappointing result arsenic we caput into nan Flemington Spring Racing Carnival,' Moor posted connected X (formerly Twitter).

'I do, however, understand and respect nan protocol is successful spot to protect nan wellness and information of not only myself, but chap riders.

Moor says he is disappointed astir being ruled retired but understands nan reasoning

'I americium thankful for nan support from trainers and owners that I person and look guardant to being of work erstwhile I return.

'I besides look guardant to completing a cognitive usability trial successful 12 days' time, pinch a return to title riding arsenic soon arsenic possible.'

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