Joan Laporta had a one-man battle with the buffet, Jude Bellingham is following in Zinedine Zidane's footsteps and Sevilla has unearthed a hidden gem... 10 THINGS WE LEARNED from LaLiga

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Joan Laporta had a one-man conflict pinch nan buffet connected Sunday nighttime arsenic Barcelona turned successful different atrocious show against Granada.

The erstwhile nighttime Real Madrid blew distant Girona's title situation pinch Vinicius and Jude Bellingham proving unstoppable connected nan night. 

Meanwhile, Diego Simeone's Atletico slipped successful nan convention and Sevilla's find of nan season, Isaac Romero, eased their relegation fears pinch different goal. 

Here are nan 10 things we learned from Spain this weekend.

Real Madrid stormed to a 4-0 triumph complete Girona successful their apical of nan array conflict connected Saturday

Meanwhile, Barcelona president Joan Laporta watched connected arsenic his squad drew pinch Granada

The finger-food of blasted now points astatine Laporta

The heavy fried prawns and Spanish omelette bites were flying successful hospitality astatine nan Olympic Stadium successful Barcelona connected Sunday nighttime aft nine president Joan Laporta took his ire retired connected nan canapes pursuing Barcelona's 3-3 draw pinch relegation favourites Granada. 

At slightest that is what Radio Catalonia was reporting aft nan game. He's believed to person turned complete astatine slightest 1 tray of digit food. 

It's difficult to cognize what will person upset him more: nan performance, aliases nan truth that immoderate fans chanted against him arsenic president?

Xavi staying until adjacent play mightiness not person been nan champion idea

Barcelona way Real Madrid by 10 points and though location are 14 games near it's difficult to spot really Barcelona tin spell connected a tally of winning a decent information of those games, aliases really Real Madrid tin spell connected a tally of losing a decent information of those games.

What seems much apt is that Barcelona will spiral into further chaos arsenic they realise keeping Xavi is costing them a spot successful nan apical two, and truthful their spot successful nan lucrative Spanish Super Cup adjacent season.

Pressure is mounting connected Barcelona leader Xavi aft their disappointing tie pinch Granada

Yamal is nan leader astatine conscionable 16

It was thing astir nan measurement he didn't really observe erstwhile he scored from extracurricular nan area to make it 3-3 that drove location nan truth that Lamine Yamal plays and carries himself much for illustration an found prima astatine Barcelona than immoderate else. 

Barca's champion subordinate truthful acold this play will not beryllium 17 until June. He is nan only point they tin beryllium affirmative astir astatine nan moment, and he knew a tie against Granada was thing to outcry about.

Barcelona youngster Lamine Yamal has proved his talent pinch different blistering performance

Vinicius gets amended pinch each game

'I don't usually sprout from extracurricular nan area' he said aft his superb capacity powered Real Madrid to triumph complete Girona connected Saturday night. 

He besides doesn't usually play Luka Modric-style passes for illustration nan 1 pinch nan extracurricular of his ft that group up Jude Bellingham for Real Madrid's 2nd goal. 

He is becoming a much complete subordinate than he was past season.

Vinicius Jr scored a stunning extremity arsenic Real Madrid triumphed complete title challengers Girona

Bellingham doubly arsenic bully arsenic Zidane

The French awesome scored 9 convention goals successful 2 of his 5 seasons astatine Real Madrid. 

Jude Bellingham is already connected 16 and ought to decorativeness pinch much than double that figure. To deliberation immoderate scoffed erstwhile he took Zidane's aged No 5 garment and was compared to him successful nan summer. 

What he needs to do now is lead England to glory successful nan measurement that 'Zizou' led France. At slightest his ankle wounded is conscionable a strain and should not mean he misses immoderate much than 4 Real Madrid games. He'll beryllium backmost to meet Vinicius arsenic good erstwhile England play Brazil connected March 23.

Jude Bellingham has taken his tally for LaLiga goals up to 16 for nan existent campaign

Ancelotti and Madrid are much than conscionable history

Girona paid for a monolithic motion that publication 'Curriculum is not everything' successful nan mediate of Madrid successful nan build-up to their crippled pinch nan nine that has won nan Spanish convention 35 times.

It's existent that history can't triumph you things successful nan present and now but Carlo Ancelotti has a declare to beryllium football's finest-ever head precisely because he prepares teams to beryllium astatine their champion erstwhile it matters most. 

Girona's trading was inspired but connected nan transportation only Madrid were astatine nan level.

Headmaster Dovbyk was schooled successful Madrid

No 1 has scored much goals pinch his caput this play (five) and Real Madrid were missing each 4 of their centre-backs done injury. 

With full-back Dani Carvajal and midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni successful centre-defence Madrid could person been location for nan taking, alternatively LaLiga's apical scorers going into nan crippled grounded to muster a changeable connected target, overmuch little a header from Dovbyk against that diminutive defence.

Manuel Pellegrini's Real Betis secured a captious triumph contempt missing prima subordinate Isco

Betis still sewage groove moreover without Isco dancing

The 'no Isco, nary Disco' last day script didn't travel to walk for Betis who comfortably hit Cadiz 2-0 distant connected Friday without their talisman who's retired for a period pinch a hamstring tear. 

Manuel Pellegrini is still connected people to guideline Betis into Europe and Mauricio Pellegrino's presence looks to person done thing to halt Cadiz's descent into nan 2nd tier.

Simeone's blasted crippled misses nan point

Diego Simeone complained astir nan truth that Atletico Madrid play adjacent Saturday and their Champions League rivals Inter Milan, who they play nan pursuing Tuesday, will person played their Serie A crippled 24 hours before. 

'Inter play Friday; we play Saturday acknowledgment LaLiga and nan Spanish Federation,' Simeone said sarcastically. It's convenient to displacement nan attraction from a disastrous convention campaign. 

He has arsenic bully a squad arsenic Real Madrid and yet nan spread pinch truthful galore games near is now 13 points.

Isaac Romero has been a revelation for Sevilla since his promotion to nan first-team squad

The reply was nether Sevilla's noses

Who knows what benignant of play Sevilla mightiness person had if they had promoted B-team striker Isaac Romero to nan first squad earlier. 

He has 5 goals successful his first 7 games for nan nine and his victor connected Saturday against Atletico Madrid takes them overmuch person to safety.