JLS fans go wild as boyband announces new tour dates for summer 2024: 'This just gave me goosebumps!'

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JLS fans went chaotic connected Wednesday aft nan boyband announced caller circuit dates for 2024. 

The group - which consists of Aston Merrygold, JB Gill, Marvin Humes and Oritse Williams - person announced a Summer Hits circuit for 2024 successful open-air venues crossed nan UK. 

They are presently performing their Everybody Say JLS: The Hits Tour successful venues astir nan UK, but owed to celebrated request person announced moreover much dates for adjacent year. 

JB said: 'Ah wow! The consequence to our ‘Everybody Say JLS - The Hits’ circuit has been truthful unthinkable from each our JLSters that it was a nary brainer for america to denote summertime dates for 2024! 

'We LOVE touring successful nan summer, particularly arsenic we get to meet fans successful parts of nan state that DON’T usually big america successful nan arenas. 

Exciting: JLS fans person gone chaotic aft nan set announced caller circuit dates for summertime 2024

In concert: The set are presently performing their Everybody Say JLS: The Hits Tour successful venues astir nan UK (pictured connected October 30 successful Cardiff)

'It’s been a while excessively - different UK summertime roadworthy travel pinch your boys?! Dare you to sanction thing much breathtaking than that!'

JLS Summer Hits Tour Dates: In Full  


28th - Newmarket, Racecourse


5th - Warwick, Castle

6th - Margate, Dreamland

7th - Cardiff, Castle

9th - Edinburgh, Castle

11th - Scarborough, Open Air

12th - London, Kew The Music

13th - Cornwall, Eden Sessions

14th - Shrewsbury, The Quarry


24th - Somerset, Live successful Somerset

31st - Yorkshire, Wild Nights Live

Announcing nan news connected Twitter, nan set relationship wrote: 'Your power connected this circuit has been disconnected nan charts truthful far… And we're doing it each complete again adjacent year, but this clip outdoors!'

Fans were near reeling astatine nan chance to spot nan Beat Again singers unrecorded successful performance erstwhile more. 

One instrumentality said connected Twitter: 'Omg this conscionable gave maine goosebumps!' while different added: 'May arsenic good return each my money astatine this point.'

A 3rd instrumentality was besides ecstatic: 'AINT EVEN HAD MY SHOW YET AND IM ALREADY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE,' arsenic was a fourth: Off ffs. I americium skint. But am I excited? YESSSSS, americium I going? 100%%'

Tickets spell connected waste connected Friday November 3 astatine 10am. The Eden Sessions will spell connected waste connected November 10 astatine 10am. 

The circuit will footwear disconnected successful Newmarket successful June, pinch nan last day successful Yorkshire adjacent August. 

It comes aft nan set admitted juggling their children pinch being connected circuit is 'carnage'. 

The boyband stock 8 children betwixt them and said astir life connected nan roadworthy pinch their small ones, pinch Aston revealing that it's 'carnage'.

'In Birmingham there's a afloat connected soft play adjacent and it was absolute carnage' he said.

'Even astatine nan O2 I consciousness for illustration my boy was swinging from nan drapes. It's carnage honestly!'

Reaction: Fans rushed to Twitter to definitive their excitement, pinch 1 saying they had 'goosebumps'

JB added: 'They insist connected being pinch america until nan very past infinitesimal arsenic well. You're trying to get your caput into nan crippled and past you conscionable get 'Daddy! Daddy!'

The boyband roseate to fame connected nan X Factor successful 2008, divided successful 2013, but later reunited for a UK circuit successful 2021.

Marvin who is joined to TV presenter Rochelle Humes, is begetter to Alaia-Mai, nine, Valentina Raine, six, and Blake, two.

Aston and his woman Sarah Louise Richards stock sons, Grayson Jax, five, and Macaulay Shay, three.

Oritsé has a boy Omre, eight, pinch his ex Aimée Jade (AJ) Azari.

While JB has 2 kids, a boy Ace, seven, and a daughter, Chiara, three, pinch his dancer wife, Chloe Tangney.

Speaking astir whether location could beryllium a early 'Junior JLS', Marvin said: 'We'll see. They came retired past twelvemonth astatine nan O2. We've sewage 8 betwixt nan 4 of us, truthful that's 2 bands, truthful yea listen, you effort and extremity them from getting connected nan stage. They emotion it!'

The Beat Again hitmakers changeable to fame connected nan 2008 bid of The X Factor, releasing deed tunes specified arsenic Everybody In Love and One Shot earlier their divided successful 2013.

Iconic: Marvin Humes, JB Gill, Oritsé Williams and Aston Merrygold - roseate to fame connected nan X Factor successful 2008, divided successful 2013, but later reunited for a UK circuit successful 2021 (pictured 2011)

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