Jimmy Kimmel blasts US as ‘filthy and disgusting’ after trip to Japan, says Americans viewed as ‘garbage people’

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Liberal talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spoke connected his show astir really amazingly cleanable Japan is successful comparison to nan U.S. and moreover Europe, joking that Japanese group subordinate Americans pinch garbage.

While American cities struggling with rampant homelessness, crumbling infrastructure and crime is simply a celebrated constituent of chat successful American politics, Kimmel gave a speech Monday connected “Jimmy Kimmel Live” astir really a caller travel to Japan shattered his image of what a modern nine could look like.

“Here successful America, we cognize we person our faults. We cognize we person areas for improvement. But, overall, I deliberation astir of america judge that, compared to nan remainder of nan world, we’re beautiful buttoned-up. I cognize I did,” he said. “I spell to Europe wherever location are ungraded holes wherever plumbing is expected to be, and I clasp my activity and I go, ‘I’m gladsome I’m not 1 of these people,’ and past I spell backmost home, right?”

His caller travel changed his tune, however.

“But now, aft walking to Japan, I recognize that this spot — this USA we’re ever chanting about, is simply a filthy and disgusting place. We were successful Japan for 7 days. Not only did I not brushwood a azygous soiled bathroom, nan bathrooms successful Tokyo and Kyoto are cleaner than our operating rooms here,” he said. “Everywhere you go, nan bathrooms are clean. They don’t smell bad, and they person those toilets that lavation you from nan wrong out.”

Jimmy Kimmel successful a suit and tie, expressing daze complete his discoveries successful JapanJimmy Kimmel complained that nan U.S. was dirtier than Japan. ABC
A crowd of group stepping connected a thoroughfare successful Kabukicho territory nether a ample signKimmel said nan streets were noticeably cleaning successful Japan. Getty Images/iStockphoto

The talk show big besides noted that this is nan lawsuit not conscionable successful hotels, but successful “restaurants, bars, motortruck stops! We went to 2 motortruck stops — I committedness to God — nan bathrooms were cleaner than Jennifer Garner’s teeth.”

Even Japanese streets are astoundingly cleaner than those successful American cities, he said.

“There’s nary litter. People transportation their ain trash. There are nary garbage cans successful Tokyo,” he said. “30 years ago, immoderate terrorists put a venomous state successful immoderate trash cans. They’re like, ‘Okay, nary much trash cans. Everybody cleanable up aft yourselves,’ And conjecture what? They cleanable up aft themselves. They bring their garbage to their houses.”

He past said that Japan and America are for illustration 2 celebrated taxable parks.

“It’s for illustration nan full state is Disneyland, and we’re surviving astatine Six Flags,” he said. “I’ve been location 36 hours. I’ve ne'er felt dirtier. We are for illustration hogs compared to nan Japanese. I can’t ideate what they must deliberation of us. ‘Oh, nan garbage people! Yes, nan Americans, garbage, yes!’”

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